Caress,Touch, and Pinch

Welcome back ! This post finds us at the mid point in kink week and nothing like starting the second half of anything off right. Hopefully after this you’ll be heading off to bed but not sleep since you’ll certainly be very hot and bothered after this little tale of lust and sensation play on the audio delivered by another special guest who is an extremely talented and popular writer of her own accord The Naked Nurse.

Be Sure to visit her at her own site and to hear the audio visit or  in the pickle player above.  Her voice is really something special and I can’t thank her enoughfor taking her time to do this for me.

Standing there, exposed in oh so many ways. Vulnerable in ways that can not be seen, and could never be expressed in words. Images of his toned shirtless torso and handsome face moving through the darkness swim through my mind like a raging river. Each step causing him to dance between the shadows and flickering candle light in the distance mysteriously as he approaches me again, after what had felt like an eternity.

His eyes are filled with and unquenchable desire for me, and only me. No one else matters, no one else even exists for these all too few moments. My body already warm with anticipation melts into him as we touch, pressing every inch of my being against him, hoping that he knows and can fill my every unspoken need.

It’s a heat that soon enough will give way to a torrid embrace and overwhelming sensations as his arms swallow and draw me closer. His lips warm, and soft, and wet kiss my neck.

I taunt and tease with my subtle yet suggestive movements, the anticipation growing even faster than my arousal. His hands dance across my skin knowingly, over my sensuous hips, barely a tickle, a finger tip traces up my back, and along my arm. I shudder in delight knowing there is so much more to come.

The soft touch of his finger tip slowly fades, giving way to the gentle taunting caress of his large strong hands, moving, ever so slowly up the entire length of my legs, across my bottom and to the small of my back. I could suffer this forever fate forever drinking in his admiration, a goddess, his goddess and the all consuming source of his passion

A whisper in my ear, a few words that floated in the air just before his hand playfully smacks my ass. The echo of his flesh against mine bounces through the room and before I can savor that feeling, the tingle, the subtle sting that only heightened my sensations as I wait. And wait for another but instead his hands find my breasts he presses into me from behind. Oh those magical hands so large, strong, firm, and knowing. They move me in a way that only his hands ever could. I moan deliciously filled with delight as he teases my ever hardening nipples.

I wait for what I know is coming, what I wish he would get to. Seconds pass slowly, each sensation drives me in to ecstasy. Still he’s taunting me with his hands, teasing me with his caress and then as the excitement builds and I begin to lose hope my nipples find themselves between his fingers; he pinches. My unbridled delight escapes me lips.

Now rolling their hardness between his thumb and for finger the pinch begins to bite in such a delicious way. I grind into him and his grip tightens, controlling me with only his finger tips, my knees weaken but he’s holding me firmly. I find myself swaying, rubbing my ass against his growing lust, wanting something so much deeper instead. Moaning in delight, hoping he’ll continue, I feel myself getting wetter, my heavy breaths all but scream out to him that he’s taken me to the edge.

His hands soften and touch me gently again, in that area where my breasts meet my torso, it sends chills through me then I feel him moving away. Pressing back into him, how can he not know what I want? What I need. His hands dancing all over me, back down my legs, tracing with a finger nail here, a finger tip there just enough to make me wild with desire, a playful pat, a lick and a nibble. His body teases mine as he moves to my side.

“Close you eyes” he instructs me. And his touch is gone. But it is like I can feel him and as I steal a peek he is standing there in front of me, so strong and handsome. Looking into my eyes, his hands rest on my hips before moving across my stomach and he takes my hardness between his fingers again squeezing.

He steps backward and I follow, he does it again, and again I follow, this dance continues until we find ourselves alone in a candle lit room. Still he only teases, a playful touch, a brief rough pinch, a soft caress watching my eyes closely, seeing through them into my soul, my hopes, my lust, and my desires.

He takes my hands in his and then slowly places them on my chest. My own touch excites me even more, knowing that his can attend to other things.

“Close your eyes” his voice instructs me. And with one last glance before shutting them not only is he mine but I am with out a doubt entirely his.

“No peeking” I murmur my consent to those terms all the while wondering what he has planned. And then again his hands are gone. I can feel him, still so close. A shuffling step, a rustling sound, something sliding, every sound amplified, each sensation heightened, I am so very alive. Standing there eyes shut and waiting.

My eyes open! I’m startled as the wax hits my chest, its running over my breasts as he continues to pour I start to come. Our eyes meet and he touches me again, roughly, pinching, my legs quiver, our lips meet, our tongues dance, his hands wonder south and send me even deeper into my orgasm.

My screams of pleasure fill the silence of the night…and we’ve only just begun.

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