118 Seconds of Bliss

Sexy Woman on the train tracksIt was a warm spring day when after a nice long weekend, in a home that wasn’t ours. Quarters that had been a bit to close for comfort or more accurately over run and cramped and some usually well cared for needs that I needed met in the worst way went unattended.

The first time were had been alone, truly alone in 5 days was as we hit the Garden State Parkway heading toward the airport.Sure there the normal amounts of traffic surrounded us but my hand wondered.At first just a little and then a little more until I knew I was tempting fate moving beyond playful and teasing him mercilessly as we made our way on to the interstate toward the rental care return.

Ok I was just being a bitch, a tease, and the look of frustration on his face made me even naughtier as I reached over more often and didn’t waste even a second being coy but rather got right back to business.I wanted to make sure that a million hours later that day when we did finally get home no matter how tired we were there would be a few moments of unbridled passion.A good hard quick lust filled pent up fuck is better than a good night’s sleep with no fuck at all.It sort of had an appeal all its own and up against the wall as soon as the door closed possibility turned me on just little more.My mind began really racing.

Honestly as I kept reaching across and rubbing him I wondered about on the air plane.Could we steal away to the restroom for a few minutes some where along the 4 hours flight.A cramped quarters release with a line outside was the stuff of sexual conquests and air travel legends.Do they give a merit badge to members of the mile high club?

As those thoughts danced through my increasingly horny little mind I wondered if perhaps a few salacious whispers and a couple blankets could provide a suitable alternative release.His hands were so magical, all the time in the world with no where to be, touching lightly, teasing me to the edge and back again.The knowledge that chances were he would tease me mercilessly as payback.When or if he did finally let get off I’d have to sit still, pressed into the seat. Holding back the overwhelming cries of delight being nearly silent surrounded by strangers with more than my legs quivering as I glimpsed the paradise that such a build up to orgasm could provide.

“Would you stop it!” he finally said sounding less than happy and shooting me a look that was anything but pleased. So what’s a girl to do? Grab a hold through the boy’s jeans and rub that hard little head with the heel of her hand a little more while her fingers tease his denim clad balls that’s what.

It didn’t help his mood any but it certainly got his attention, since we almost missed out exit.Despite growing up here it is an exit I’ve never missed and well one that from what I’ve heard you don’t want to miss since the part of town you have to turn around in isn’t so nice or even worse you end up heading to close to the city.

So I behaved and kept to myself, a relative term, for a few minutes.No sense in pissing him off completely. Sometimes he gets so uptight about getting where he’s going.Instead once again I found myself thinking about how long it would be before we got home, might as well be forever.No reason to have to wait that long.

We did have an SUV with tinted windows.Hmm wonder if there is a cell phone waiting lot near by we could put the seat down and crawl in the back for just a few minutes.Hell even if we had to pay for an hour’s time in some remote airport parking lot it would be very well worth it.There was plenty of time before the flight; for an appetizer.Just when you think the sex in a car years are behind you find yourself at Liberty worrying about how to put the back seat down in a rented SUV and finding a desolate parking spot.

I must have been lost in those thoughts for a few minutes too long, crying out “no” as I realized we were about to turn into the return lot.He ignored me somewhat frazzled by the signs and maze of roads leading to that point, finally asking as we pulled over the metal spikes to keep you from ever leaving the lot again.”No what?”

That was it my fantasy had been stolen.We exited the car and a breeze danced over my legs forcing my colorful wispy spring skirt to hug my hips as I walked, hair blowing in the breeze. Well at least I’d look like I’d just been fucked with all the wind.

Sometimes if you are just horny enough, a little too aroused and on the edge of becoming truly frustrated you hit a point of no return. It might be a fantasy, it might be a diversion or as it was on that sunny afternoon it might be that you get need to get some, just a taste, no matter how little to take a little of the edge off.

I had hit that point of no return.The return center was dead, at the start of the week everyone was coming into town as we were leaving.He dutifully dragged our bag toward the down escalator.

Sauntering along alluringly in front of him, of course knowing he was watching each swaying stride.

Finally inside and taking the ride down the escalator, still at that point of no return.The look in his eyes all but declared there was no chance in hell.He was too wrapped up in the hassles and minutia of travel so I excused myself to the restroom to take care of a few things and matters into my own hands before getting on the air train to head to the terminal. After all why should I suffer?

Alone with the door locked behind me, as good as the first instant and playful touch felt I knew it wasn’t what I really wanted. Sure it could hold me over.Now more than my mind was truly purring and primed it was time to tempt fate as I weighed my options. There was no need to stop yet was there? After all I was already edging on a frantic wreck and in a moment of clarity I decide to rejoin him.It was his touch I really wanted, well not exactly his touch but that would do in a pinch.

I tucked my thong in my purse, just to make things a little more accessible later.Besides they had sequins on the front triangle and the top of the back and god knows if they’d set off the metal detector.All I needed was the tactile sensation of a pat down by a stranger to make things worse.

He waited patiently by the door and now making our way up to the train I wished I hadn’t stopped.Too late to turn back now.It was empty as we made out way toward the platform…”the next train will arrive in4 minutes”the annoying red letters called out.I don’t know why but I made my way past the security person, past the benches and billboard to the far end of the station.As a few people milled about I stood shielded from their view, threw my arms around his neck and pressed against him.Perhaps the situation had been underestimated, my hand slipping between us to find a growing interest.

His eyes still said “no”, actually they looked more like they were saying “quit teasing me you cruel bitch, I will get even with you.”Not that his look in particular didn’t sound like fun either.

The train pulled up, the door opened and instead of entering the car right in front of us since there was some one in it I headed a few cars down to an empty one.Empty cars on the air train almost never happen let alone at 4:00 in the afternoon.He trudged along toting our bags.I sat on the open seats. He stood just inside the door.

Looking to be certain no one was too close before spreading my legs, lifting my skirt and flashing him.I just had to flaunt my silky smooth moist pussy.Sometimes I am such a shameless tease.It is amazing how a little kitty shot always gets his undivided attention.

“The doors are about to close and the train will be departing shortly” blared through the speakers.That’s when the most mischievous once in a life time opportunities came to me.Speed was of the essence.

I jumped to my feet, quite literally…we were still alone.

Pouncing not in his general direction but literally right at him our bodies collided as the doors began to close.We were all but guaranteed a few minutes of privacy.My hand on his zipper and the look on his face was so priceless as I lowered it.The train pulling away I whipped out a very erect member past his boxers and jeans just as we left the station.

“Fuck me” I pleaded with my most desperate of bedroom eyes and slutty tone as we cleared the station. Bending over to grab the silver railing in one hand and throwing my skirt onto my back with the other.

I almost came as he touched me there, entering not with a fevered desperate passion but with a slow, frustrating deliberate move.I drove myself onto him forcefully.”Harder” I cried out as he moved through me and back out again

Still playing slowly!Didn’t he know that the moment wouldn’t last as I looked up and out over the tarmack, the planes, the workers, all buzzing around in plain sight as he slid into and back out of me like we had all the time in the world.

As the Train began to slow I savored the view of the all the planes and people I could see and wondered if anyone had seen us.Not that I cared, as a matter of fact I hoped everyone we passed had caught a glimpse of what was going on.Being so daring excited me even more.All too soon I found myself tucking his fat cock back into his jeans and hoping for a few more seconds alone with him.This time we were joined by a host of people moving from one terminal to the next.Standing in front of him so we were touching but not obvious I waited and as the train pulled out I “fell into him” just a little.

I squirmed and wiggled catching my balance of course and brushed against him each time the train shifted.He leered and whispered into my ear “you’re going to pay for this”.I smiled and certainly hoped so.

One more stop and as the last person in the car with us left and the doors began to close he calm demeanor of before faded.No sooner than our car passed the station he attacked me.I was only too willing to welcome the not so subtle advance.A fevered fast and hard pace caused me to hold on for dear life as he fucked me savagely.I loved it.

Pounding away in those few moments I gasped, he only moved harder and faster.I moaned in delight at the sheer force he was exerting and panted from my own efforts.As we rounded the last turn not 30 seconds from the station I came so hard screaming in sheer delight.I didn’t care who heard or what they were wondering.I hope the heard and I hope they were wondering. He joined in the guttural sounds soon afterward exploding in a final series for hard deep thrusts to complete out little tryst.

We’ll have to look for this one on the internet he kidded as we headed down the escalator.Mumbling something about security cameras and that our little performance would make the best quickies of the year back in the TSA screening room.It could have mattered less the idea of being seen by people passing in cars and riding on planes was already a turn on but having it immortalized and watched over and over again made my blood boil with wonder and anticipation.

As we bordered the plane he grabbed a few blankets “Here you’re going to need these since I owe someone a little pay back”Grinning like the devil and I did he teased me mercilessly the entire flight home.

Why 118 seconds of bliss?Simple that is how long we had together alone on the train between terminal B & C,I wouldn’t trade those fleeting seconds for all the time in the world.

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  1. damn that is an awesome write! 118 seconds that would be remembered a lifetime. Think I need to go attack someone now 😉

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