Tiny Little Lines

It’s so hard to capture that first feeling as every last stitch is removed. Then again that delightfully arousing nervousness is only the beginning. Soon with any luck you will become a living work of art, a muse, an inspiration…perhaps for something that isn’t quite so pure but will take you as close to being divine and make you feel alive in ways that words could never explain.

Your now naked flesh is waiting to become a canvas, and the anticipation is killing you as you see the rope sliding through their hands their eyes looking deeply into yours. There will be no surprise everything they intend to do to you is in plain sight. You go along willingly wishing they would just begin and stop taunting you the anticipation melts as the first wraps go around your wrists; and then another, and another until they are secured.

Snug but not to tight, your eyes meet and the intensity grows instantly as you are led across the room, to be put on display. Pulling to test what can and can’t be done, the pressure on your wrists intensifies. They look at you and laugh softly as you realize now that you are at their mercy.

You watch as the long ropes are un curled, straightened, and connected with as they run through their hands. A connection that soon enough will be felt by you as you are wrapped from under your aroused chest, breasts resting on the first few ropes, all the way down below your navel.

Each pass gripping you tightly, every line lying smoothly across your stomach next to the previous one. The ropes are drawing you in, restricting your breath…just a little, accentuating you shape. They stand behind you, their hands brushing over your skin gently, slowly working their wonderful magic. Finally the ropes reach the top of your hips and are tied off beautifully.

You wish you could see yourself, from the front and from behind. While you were feeling each pass against your skin and the sensations they cause as you breathe and twist to make them rub against each other, and against you.

Their hands linger like a knowing masseuse, keeping the connection between the two of you and the fibers you share. Standing back they admire their work on your form, you pull against your restraints…to no avail. They smile wickedly back at you knowing the peril they’ve placed you in. Breathing in deeply every inch of rope around your waist moves with you, caressing your skin, heightening your desire.

You wonder if this is the end, but it is only the beginning as they bind your swelling breasts with tight thin ropes that form perfectly round balls and then they tease your nipples…cruelly as you moan in delight from their kisses and their nibbles.

You moan again longingly as you writhe in the cruelty of a hard merciless pinch to this all too sensitive and aroused. An otherwise gentle slap sends you reeling deep inside the sensations of everything that is touching you as they continue to tease, and torment you at will.

Leading you to the edge of orgasm and then denying you that pleasure. Taking you there again and again denying you the release over and over. You struggle and pull against your cuffs in frustration, the ropes bite into your wrists firmly. You wiggle and move against your lover pleading for their touch, to return and your breasts cry out from the tightness and your torso to your hips shudders from the friction…you melt into each of these…begging to come.

Pleading for your release. As your hands are untied and soon after you’re led to the edge of a heavy oak chair. Your lovers hands circle your thighs with the first pass of rope, and then the second and on and on until a wide cuff caresses both of your legs. Now for your wrists and they draw on your skin with even more beautifully colored rope slowly wrapping and tying and fixing until a gauntlet up each appears from just above the writs to just below the elbow. Now those new ropes that are adorning your body sit there waiting to be put to use as your lover caresses you, teases you to the edge and just in the very second you thought that the tease would end in delight it stopped. Leaving you more aroused and desperate than moments before.

They guide you gently forward. And you kneel on the thick padded seat, Thighs tied to the old ornate wooden legs, the gauntlets securing you arms to the arms of the chairs and nor your are on display with your ass pushed backwards and waiting for your lovers every little whim.

They enter you, slowly and you delight in the sensation. Filling you fully, each deep thrust and the building frantic pace sending you into the sensation of their long fat cock sliding through you, the ropes dancing across your body with each breath, even the slightest move causes an entirely new symphony of friction and ecstasy. You cried out into the night and all the waiting for orgasm seems suddenly worth it.

Reaching a point of being thoroughly used and finally well satisfied. Yours arms are untied. And then your legs. You find yourself with unsteady feet with quivering legs. As each knot is lovingly undone as your lover kisses and pets you. Drowning you in gentle affection, admiration and worship. You are still swimming in the sensations, once again in a place without words.

Your breasts are unwound and with each undone pass their sensations change and morph into it’s own kind of pleasure. Your hips, waist and torso are set free and as the last rope fall to the floor you have never been so naked. So empty, so un-stimulated as you are in the moment. You are fragile, and tittering on the brink of exhaustion.

You are more naked than when you stood there fully exposed. Walking across the room on shaky legs, and with a tired soul you catch your reflection…it is you in all your glory, with a looked on your face of a sexual goddess. Suddenly you realize that you aren’t really naked the ropes have just given way to all those wonderful tiny little lines that circle your skin, that serve no other purpose than as a reminder to what you just felt for a few fleeting seconds…those marks that are decorating your flesh are real and tactile. Your finger caress them. They will fade long after you are dressed and gone but until they do they are a reminder of those few fleeting seconds of quivering flesh, intense surrender and your own fleeting divinity.

Well that and really good sex.