Discussing a lifestyle event with strangers

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Look by day I may have an edge but I don’t exactly take the tools of my wicked little trade in my carry on luggage as I head out to the airport every week. Which reminds me of a story about a weekend trip to Mexico and a suitcase filled with toys…I’ll save that one for another time but the moral of the story was the woman in Mexican custom’s was very embarrassed and it was my suit case.
Even if I did walk around with an assortment of sadistic little things there’s a chance I could be a sales manager and the numbers are down but no where near as low as you’re going to be when I’m finished. Sorry got distracted back on topic.
Recently on a flight I fell into a conversation with a nice average looking couple who asked where I was headed and why. My mother told me never talk to strangers but sitting there I ignored that advice and told them Business and blah, blah, blah so I asked them the same question. “We’re coming from a lifestyle event” she eagerly offered.
Well if you’re like me the minute you hear lifestyle event only one or two things come to mind. So immediately I’m interested, I start to file through my brain for events that I know of that are big enough to travel to that might be going on.
Shibaricon – no can’t be it not until May (ironically it starts the same day as my kink week posts start which is pure coincidence)
Beat me in St. Louis…nope not currently going on.
Perhaps an Austin Rope event…Nothing comes to mind. Maybe they’re swingers might be something who knows how many events they have.
Nice people but I start to notice in those few seconds that passed that they aren’t giving off the sexy we like to fuck swingers vibe at all. No I’m not stereo typing but the lady wasn’t eyeing the pretty brunette walking down the aisle and yes I know for a fact that all swingers aren’t Bi. But let’s face it any swinger straight or Bi that I know would have been eyeing her. Hell most of the people on the plane noticed her she was that pretty.
“Oh a lifestyle event” my voice somewhat dismayed as to where to go from here…after all we’re three sentences in to a conversation before a 4 hour flight I don’t want to freak the nice people out by coming right out and asking too many questions like “Oh what’s your Kink?”, “Straight, Bi?” “Top, Bottom, or Switch?” “Rope, Pain, or both?” “Full swap, Soft swap?” you get the picture.
The wife spoke (She was wearing a ring but it is at this point just an assumption) “It was the most amazing weekend, we had so much fun”
A generic enough answer so I inquire “what made it so much fun?”
“We’ve never been to anything like this before.” She pauses, blushes a little and fumbles for words. I think it’s about to get good. Now I know how I’d answer the question in the situation, generically.
“It was a couple’s only event.” She finally admits. Now unless I’m wrong couples Vanilla and Kinky do on occasion go away for the week end. A few nights in a hotel, new places, old and new friends, too much wine, a few clubs, perhaps a couple of games of chance, or other games. I’ve also been told there are museums, fairs, antique road shows or what ever it is that all the couples do who aren’t out getting liquored up and partying when they go away.
Needless to say there was nothing wrong with a couple’s weekend event. So I Pushed a little…”You said it was a lifestyle event.” I should have stopped “what kind of life style?”
What are the odds that I’ve met a kinky couple on the plane…low right? But I had to know. “Well” she said her husband by now staring mindlessly out the window, which is never a good sign.
“It was to reenergize our relationship and bring back the romance by including the lord in our marriage.” From there she just went on and on. I’m all for threesomes, foursomes, and all out orgies but that was one Ménage trios I wasn’t expecting. I was dying to ask if she now considered her relation ship to be Poly…but figured I’d have to explain it. And then spend the next three hours and forty five minutes with her saving my soul.
Isn’t there a law about people using the term lifestyle event? No? Well there damn well should be. So I sat and listened to her and how much fun it was, the spouse lacked the same enthusiasm…bet it also was a three way he never dreamed of. Odd are he’d have rather spiced things up with the little brunette I mentioned earlier who was still walking up and down the aisle.
Is there a secret hand shake or special way of lacing up ones shoes so I know other like minded people when I see them…you know like guys with rainbow stickers on the back of their cars. I know what that means what do they kinky people have other than lords of acid t shirts, the occasional otk bumper sticker that makes it look like you dig the beach? It might have been better if I listened to my mother and didn’t talk to strangers.

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