No Pleasure

BE ADVISED This story depicts consensual F/M Spanking play and fantasies and is intended for adult audiences.

That said the last of 3 Fem Dom pieces I’d penned and originally posted elsewhere. If you’re not into such things skip it, if you are enjoy. Will I write more if the mood strikes me, the right idea hits or some wicked friend of mine asks.

A story of masturbation, embarrassment, and finally a sound spanking. It turned out a bit long.

“and I assure you mister you will not enjoy this one bit.” She stated as he was sent upstairs to stand in the corner and get ready for his spanking. Thinking to himself that he has yet not been able to take at least some pleasure every time she put some heat into his backside. He loved the surrender, the sensations, and it turned him on. It always turned him on and this was no different than every other time.
Standing in the corner waiting with an excited sense of anticipation and a growing arousal that spiked as he heard her enter. “ Come over here” turning to see her standing next to a chair at the end of the bed he hurried over finding a hair brush, and a small round wooden paddle laid out. “Strip” she said.
A new twist, normally she would sit and lower his pants and underwear right before he went across her lap. It turned him on even more. As he laid his clothes on the dresser and stood before her naked and fully aroused.
“Now” she said making sure his eyes were focused on hers, holding his gaze. “I told you, you weren’t going to get any pleasure out of this didn’t I?”
Still wondering how she was going to do that “Yes”
“And do you understand that?”
His pause gave her just the opportunity she was looking for “You’re not going to get to fuck me afterward, you’ve been a bad boy.” Nodding in understanding, this wasn’t the first time it wasn’t a play session.
“and this time you’re not going to want to jerk off afterward.” It was the first thing she said that made him pause, he was certain she knew but was stunned at the frankness of the comment.
“oh you didn’t think I knew what you were doing after I was done with you, As you stood up with that hard on of yours then sneaking off to finish getting dressed.” Starting to blush his mind racing but still convinced no matter how hard she beat his butt that soon after he would find pleasure in it and be back to his old tricks.
“Here” handing him a small towel “you will stand here and jerk off before you get disciplined. And I’m going to watch.” He started moving toward the dresser. “No lube hand to skin only.” Although embarrassed and never having made himself cum with anyone watching before he started stroking himself, exploding quickly into the towel. She had never humiliated him like that. He was ordered back to the corner.
Ten minutes later she returned and stood next to the chair. She led him to the chair and bent him over. Smack, a wooden spoon landed on one cheek, and then the other. After each began to sting she paused. Normally he was taken otk and not bent over. “stand up” and he obeyed. Taking his cock in her hand it was half aroused and sprung fully to life again. “I see you’re still enjoying this. I think you know what to do”. Handing him the towel. His hand back onto his member and began stroking it, the head grew sore as he worked himself to another orgasm a few minutes later. After his release as he finished wiping himself off now thought it was time and prepared himself for the next part.
“who said you were done?” she said coldly. “Keep pulling on that little cock of yours until I tell you other wise.” His erection fading from his last orgasm he tried and tried to work himself hard again, changing his stroke, changing his fantasies but it took time as he stood there with her watching as he struggled to keep a half hearted erection up, his dick was getting sore, it ached and the skin was beyond tender and starting to chaff severely. Finally coming, squeezing barely a few drops out before being sent back to the corner.
A short eternity passed as he stood there, wondering what was next but soon was summoned to her side and again was bent over the chair. The wooden spoon applied to his almost still white cheeks just as before and she stood him up again checking to see if he was turned on. Not this time, at least not yet. Bent back over she spanked him fast and hard as the spoon stung with each smack all too close to the last eventually covering his entire bottom. His cheeks glowing and the sensation building she paused and stood him up to find him not nearly as limp as she would have liked and took him in her hand again. Stroking him slowly he hardened slightly again. In the last hour he had been made to cum three times. He always came at least twice in a few hours after a session so the third wasn’t all that much of a stretch.
“still enjoying the though of me beating your butt soundly I see.” Her hand still working him, he want to not be turned on but her voice, her and what he knew was still to happen was too much and she took his hand in hers placed it on him and stated “Again” sitting to watch as he started to fade, she fondled his balls “ You are going to wish you ass was as sore as that raw little cock of yours when I’m done with you.” His pace quickened and he struggled in his mind to find another release and she patted him on his ass as he came. “see I knew you had it in you. Keep going don’t you dare stop.” But with the last one a massive release almost as intense as the first. He couldn’t keep himself hard, she even took him in her hand and her mouth for a moment but he stayed limp and too soon and sore to begin again.
Satisfied he was now taken across her lap and she hand spanked him until every spot was pink and shading toward red. He laid obediently across her lap. She reached for the hair brush and began to put its thick surface to work on him, slapping away mercilessly until he felt it in a way he had never done before. The pain went from a sting and thug to a burning the wouldn’t stop, in part because she was still peppering him with spanks, now at a pace that was slowed so that each one could be felt as she applied more force to them making certain that his discomfort was not only growing but intensifying. It always hurt but this time she made certain that he would remember not only what happened leading up to the trip across her lap but the spanking itself with perhaps more than a delayed sense of arousal for quite some time.
He began to struggle and she held him in place, he tried to reach back. “so you want it on you hand too?” She asked as the brush cracked his ass even harder and suddenly faster. “Fine Stand Up!” And he did quickly “hold out you hands.” She noticed he was still not turned on, perhaps this wasn’t any fun for him, just what she had intended. And placed five with the spoon on each palm. “ Don’t reach back again. or next time you’ll get 10 on each hand like I mean it. Now bend back over that chair and stay there” She positioned him until he was just right, giving an occasion smack with her hand. Finally pleased with his position and taking notice of his already bruised bottom glowing a deep red around the purple splotches.
The first one with the wooden paddle got his attention, and each of the others as he struggled to stay still and just take his beating but hew winced and eventually began to move a little never letting go and never standing up but shifting from side to side and bending his knees. She reveled in knowing that it was getting to him and continued on. Each firm swat sent a loud sharp crack from its searing impact through the room. It was building up so much he wasn’t sure how much more he could take or what was coming next. His bottom fully marked and varying shades of red and growing purple as the wooden paddle continued to be applied to his sit spot for emphasis. He would have those as a reminder for a few days or longer afterward.
She stopped. He stayed in position bracing for the next one, it didn’t come. Still he didn’t move, he didn’t dare knowing that it would get him penalty strokes and he had had more than enough a while ago. “You can stand up.” She offered. He slowly stood, ass still burning and throbbing, admiring her work walked up and squeezed it. He winced and clenched his cheeks and she squeezed harder and added her other hand to the side that had previously been neglected. Soon after she reached around taking his dick in her hand, unlike usual after a spanking it wasn’t hard, it was only in her mind mildly inflated as her hand tugged on his sore member it began to swell ever so slightly.
“That’s not fair.” He complained all too aware of what was going on in the palm of her hand.
“and just when I thought you didn’t enjoy what you received.” Her voice wicked and playful, her strokes becoming rougher as she pulled on him it hurt but he continued to grow. Playing with his balls and then touching his warm ass, slapping at it. “Here you know what to do.” She said, his heart sank his bottom still ablaze and each stroke hurting more than the last, he had never been so raw but as he thought to himself or so well spanked reliving the session as he brought himself closer to another agonizing orgasm. After he was done she milked every last drop out with her hands running them with a firm grip from his ball to the head over and over until dry.
“Still enjoying this?” She asked.
“No, not at all. It really hurt.” He said almost sharply.
“I told you wouldn’t get any pleasure out of this and I meant it.”
He just looked at her waiting to be told it was over.
“Get into position with you hands on the wall.” It wasn’t over, he paused, he wanted it to be but it wasn’t. “It’s not my fault, it wasn’t the spanking that turned me on. It was you. And your hands.” She just laughed “but it’s not fair” he continued. She added to the end of his words. “ I told you what position to get in I’m going to get your braided belt.”
He got into position and took each of the 20 well spaced strokes. Each had just begun to fade as the next was applied. She was right at the end of it all he had gotten no pleasure from any of it and he had never been so sore for so long.

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