An all day affair

BE ADVISED This story depicts consensual F/M Spanking play and fantasies and is intended for adult audiences. 


For my regular readers this is an older piece originally posted elsewhere. And the 2nd of 3 Fem Dom pieces.  If you’re not into such things skip it, if you are enjoy.




There is a strong sexual theme mixed in with the spankings.



It started out like most Saturday’s Joe woke up earlier than Mary and headed off to the gym while she slept soundly.  Nothing unusual 60 minutes of cardio and then he lifted for a bit before heading home.   Their lean toned bodies were usually enjoyed by each other by each other through out the week but Saturday there was a day filled with erotic possibilities and at least one spanking as foreplay if there wasn’t a discipline one to be given that day.  There had been days when each of them paddled each other for various misdeeds but most often they alternated with one topping one week and the other the next purely for erotic play.


As he stood in the large glass enclosed shower Joe was particularly horny it had been since the following weekend since they had been intimate and as he washed he began to fondle himself. Watching as he went from washing to playing with himself then back to washing.  “so I see you’re not to tired now!”  His hand freezing in its place mid stroke.  It wasn’t like she hadn’t longed for him through out the week but he was too tired, falling asleep with seeming little or no interest in her needs.


Embarrassed that he had been more or less caught in the act mumbled a nearly incoherent response about washing as she approached.  “You better stop that right now, finish your shower and come see me in the bedroom after you’ve dried off.”  Reaching in and stroking him. 


Thinking to himself oh how he loved Saturdays typically a day of listless gratification and amazing sex.  Wrapped in a towel his muscular body and cleanly shaven face and balls made their way into the bedroom.  Perhaps he had misunderstood he thought as he entered since she was fully dressed.  Tight jeans, casual heels and curve hugging blouse straining against her large breasts.  She was decked out in her casual sexy best and not sprawled across the bed waiting for him. 


Meeting him halfway across the room she walked up and kissed him then reaching behind him patted his bottom.  “Are you ready?”  She asked rubbing his hardening cock through his towel she continued “for today’s sexual adventure” he agreed and after the towel found it’s way to the floor he was led toward the bed gently by his erect midsection.  


“Over the corner of the bed you bad boy.”  She instructed pulling off his towel and watching his naked body lay itself over the edge of the bed.  She knew how turned on he got, he knew what was coming and what typically followed. 


“I said the corned not the edge.”  She corrected him and he scooted into the position she asked for.  He had never been put over the corner of the bed his knees bent one across the end the other up the side of the mattress, his bottom spread wide with his belly firmly placed on the bed.   “Almost right” she said playfully guiding his hips into the air and back off the edge then reaching for his hard cock and placing it so it was pointed downward.  He was only getting harder with the excitement of the new position and the guiding touch of her hand.


“I’m going to spank your bottom” she began her lecture he drank in the words.   “you have been very very bad today” caressing his exposed bottom with her long French manicured nails.  “and if I catch you touching yourself that way again today…” her voice trailing off as he fingers traced up his thighs, cupping his balls in her hand she leaned into him “it will be the wooden paddle with holes in it over the dining room table for you.”  He understood that meant a hard paddling not blushing pinkish red cheeks from playful one. 


She began lightly smacking his firm white ass, working it from top to bottom and side to side.  It tingled and began to sting every so slightly and after several minutes of light playful smacks taunting spanks and the continued lecture about how she had needed him especially last nigh she again began to tease his cock a finger pressing small circles into the underside of its head as he began to lose himself in the sensation she stopped and began to pepper his bottom with far more intensity than before as it turned from a slightly less than white shade to a gentle pink as it started to redden.  His arousal obvious for anyone to see hers far more hidden in both her demeanor and inside the denim she was wearing.  She sat on the edge of the bed as he stood up and again took him in her hand. 


“so your punishment for jacking off and ignoring me will be this”  she stopped stroking him. “get dressed but to save time today don’t wear any underwear.”  And with that she stood and headed out of the room “I’ll see you downstairs and remember you had better not touch yourself.” 


He was filled with lust, never before had she teased him like that during a spanking and she had never teased him to the point of full arousal only to leave him standing there naked, erect, and red bottomed unfulfilled.


After dressing he found her sitting in the den watching TV.  As he past the door heading to the kitchen “ Breakfast is in here, coffee and all.”  She called out to him causing him to abandon his planned route and join her.  Quickly spotting the food and more importantly the beverage at the far end of the couch he made a B line for it.  Reaching out and taking his hand as he past.  “was my bad boy well behaved while he got dressed?”  “Of course” he said coolly.


She again began to stroke him and immediately he was as aroused as 10 minutes ago she was convinced that at least he had listened to her.  Undoing his pants she continued to toy with him as they fell open.  She worked magic on him as he began feel far off in the distance the potential for an orgasm.  “but you were a bad boy.”  Continuing to stroke him he glanced at her opening his beautiful eyes murmuring in pleasure.  Fighting back her own lust and needs “and bad boys don’t deserve this now drop those pants and get across my lap.” 


Not fighting or resisting he let he jeans fall to the floor and placed himself across her knee she picked up his spanking where it had stopped just a few minutes earlier.  Smack, smack, smack her hands landing crisply on his already shaded bottom until he began to wiggle and squirm.  Firm solid spanks well spaced covered his backside and then a few more hard ones before she went back to alternating between teasing his balls and tracing her nails over his now well warmed glowing bottom. 


“Stand Up”  she said firmly and as he stood obediently next to the lap he had just been across she toyed with his cock yet again as she lectured him. “You ignored me all week and then I find you beating off in the bathroom.”   Again she held him in her hand long firm stokes the length of his cock as he stood there with is stinging bottom just wanting to ravage her right there and then.  Coffee could always be reheated.  She pulled up his pants and he leaned in to kiss her, not just lovingly but passionately.  “This isn’t going any where.  Do I need to put you back across my lap already?”  Knowing she wasn’t kidding and she wasn’t going to give in he ate his breakfast and gulped down his coffee while sitting at her side, they stared at the TV, talking just like always, real conversation mixed with casual sexual banter.   


By early afternoon the couple readied themselves to go out and take care of the things that needed done.  Drop a few things in the mail box, pick up a few things for dinner and a bottle of wine for later.   Gathering his keys she met him at the front door blocking it with all her sensuous beauty before he could open it she finally returned the passionate intention of his earlier kiss.  He knew eventually she would melt her lust got the better of her as often as his did.  Heavy petting and heated grouping of lovers all too familiar with what got the other’s engine running.  Her back against the door, hands massaging his backside and patting it playfully as a reminder of its earlier treatment.   His hands brought her to the edge of release. On the edge of surrender their lips broke apart and she said breathily in his ears.  Not take me, or words of alluring encouragement but “ I left a few things in the office could you go get them for me?”  Couldn’t it wait he thought as her jeans fell to the floor her breasts out of their bra cups the tight T-shirt pushed up exposing them.  “ I asked you to go get them, my bad bad boy.  No go and don’t make me ask again.”    So he did with his belt unbuckled, the button of his jeans undone and his jeans all but falling from his hips as he walked.  Entering the office on the desk was a large pink vibrator standing up.  As he walked over to pick it up he noticed the wide leather paddle laying behind it.  Debating whether to pick one or both he left with both of his hands full and returned to the front door to find his lover fully disrobed and waiting.


“ah see you can be a good boy if you want to” she said kissing him picking up whether they left off then taking the toy and the paddle from him Now bend over with your hands on the stairs”  Again tormenting this time by placing the vibrator against his balls, “Five to start.”  His pants around his ankles his still blushing bottom waiting for the swats with the wide and thick leather paddle/  They were hard and spaced the first was a swarm of bees by the fifth both cheeks were flaming each had landed on his sit spot  Staying in position she slithered past him and brought herself to release with the toy inches in front of him as he stayed bent over watching.   “A few more for good measure.” She added as she slipped back around him.


Crack another landed then three more before ending with one that landed with everything she had to give.  Helping him back into his jeans as she paraded in front if him pulling on his cock then stopping to be sure he didn’t cum and starting to pull on him again.  His teased taunted and stroked member was getting as sore and raw as his backside but no relief for either appeared to be in sight.  Finally they dressed and left after he used his hands and mouth to get her off two more times.




Later that day as the last bag was carried into the house and placed on the cold stone counter Mary was waiting for him with a wooden spoon in one hand tapping it tauntingly on her open palm She didn’t say a word. Based on the earlier events she didn’t need to. Their excursion out had taken them several hours and in her mind she was now way behind schedule and the entire time she was distracted as she day dreamed about his next little interlude With out being told Joe waited to be told how to position himself as he dropped his pants with out being asked. “Over the butcher block table and make sure your delicate little bottom if facing the kitchen.” She instructed noticing his already mild arousal.
After taking away the chair and positioning himself Mary admired the marks she had left earlier, evidence of his three previous session already that day. No one too long or intense but when combined they had a nice effect. After putting away the last of groceries not needed for that nights meal she approached Joe and tapped sore cheeks with the spoon.
“Here let me help you she said again guiding his hips a little farther back and taunting his cock with her touch as he started to grow harder once again. “Is my bad boy ready to have his butt reddened again?” Joe still reeling with the lust from earlier in the day answered yes only wondering what was next.
“since its almost dinner or it will be when you’re allowed to stand up I want to make sure you remember this meal.” He didn’t like the sound of that not one little bit and she went to work on his sit spot and only his sit spot landing the spoon over and over twice on one side then twice on the other alternating sides until he was dancing in position and stinging like a swarm of bees before placing it on the table next to him. “Stay right where you are.” As she sat the spoon down next to him and walked back into the kitchen as started cooking. Each time she had a few minutes between preparing the meal she would come back over and tease his cock with her hand, fondle his balls playfully as she reached around him her hips pressing in to his back side. He was glad it was only pasta and salad and not a turkey dinner since he hadn’t been told he could move. One minute trying not to moan in pleasure to ignore her touch as she roughly handled him then minute next struggling to hold in position as she peppered his bottom some more with the wooden spoon.
The table was set and his cheeks were fully a glow. Removing the cushion from the wooden chair Joe was told. “ Now sit that bare ass of yours on the chair and if you squirm through the meal I’ll use a little more spoon on you until you do” She wondered if this was ceasing to be fun for him but not a complaint so far, well at least not one other than about his backside. Joe ate quickly, Mary took her time and told him to stay there while she cleared the table.
Joe was sent ups stairs. No other instructions were given so he stripped completely and positioned himself over the corner of the bed like earlier in the day. A few minutes later Mary followed expecting to find him lounging about watching TV and relaxing. Perhaps with a glass wine and the room bathed in candle light. Instead she turned off the over head light and took the liberty of lighting a few candles. Joe was instructed to stand up and face her. “ Now why were you treated the way you were today?” she asked her tone more playful than it had been “was it because you decided to Jerk off rather than have me.” He nodded in agreement. Well then I think it is time to finish your punishment and put this all behind us.
She had him lean forward and put four mild swats with a small paddle on each side. Counting out loud “1,2,3,4 on one and 1,2,3,4, that makes two.” She again began to tease his raw cock bringing him to full mast as it stained to grow even harder. He hand circling the head pressing on the underside and then stroking its length. She held one hand open and slapped his dick against her hand just like she had done with the wooden spoon. “ Look now you bad boy now I’m spanking you cock.” Joe stood silently completely aroused but uncertain when or if she would continue or was it to be like all the times earlier in the day when she brought him so close to orgasm and then went to work on his now ginger backside again. She continued to tug on him, he had never been so sore before as she continued. Circling around him smacking playfully then teasing him some more.
More swats with the small paddle then back to his front. 12 friction filled strokes with a firm grip and them more smacks with her hand. “almost there my bad boy you are almost done. She kissed his neck, dragging her nails across his red ass then swatting him with her hand as he stood there a willing recipient. Most of the next day would need to be spent in loose pants lying on his stomach.
“Do you still want to jerk off?” she ask. “No” he replied. “ Well all day it has felt like someone needed to beat off. I bet those smooth soft balls of yours are aching to explode.” She didn’t wait for the answer. “have you learned your lesson?” again he agreed.
“Well just to make sure kneel down over the foot stool at the end of the bed.”
As he positioned himself across the stool Mary disappeared into the closet. Lying face down he feared the worst, another implement, perhaps the riding crop. She had taken it from him several times but to that point he was never that brave and at this point of the day he was glad he never got around to buying a cane.
He heard her coming back into the room his cock pressed downward and still raging with lust. She liked seeing it, she knew it was hard for her even after all she had put him through today, that he wanted her now more than when he first walked out of the shower in a towel. “Just a few more Love” She told him encouragingly as she stood in front of him in crotch less panties and heels leaning over and patting his bright red ass. He winced with each tap, gasped with each smack and moaned with each caress. Finally after 10 more minutes of torment she helped him to his feet. “now my bad little boy that part of your beating is over with.”
The wording struck him as odd. As she sat on the foot stool guiding him directly in front of her “now you can touch yourself” She said putting a small amount of lube on him, sliding her hand over him again and again the coolness soothing as her hand glided over him.
“Hold out you hand.” As he did she put a few drops of lube on it “Now finish what you started this morning.” Not taking his cue she instructed him “I want you to beat off right here right now and I’m going to watch.” She had just taken him somewhere they had never gone before and as he began by turning him side ways and placed his now lubed hand on his member. He stood between her legs as she sat on the foot stool, a small paddle in her right hand spanking him with quick crisp blows and a vibe on his balls in her left.
With each smack he winced as he struggled past the embarrassment of masturbating in front of her and the pain of the swats made it had to concentrate as he tried desperately trying to finally get off long and day filled with the build up to that moment. Finally bringing on a gushing orgasm the vibrator cranked to full against his balls as his legs quivered in exhaustion and his red and bruised ass getting the last smack of the day.


Now it was time to tend to her needs as she laid back kissing her exposed parts, lapping at her she moaned in delight.