Teaching Him a Lesson

BE ADVISED This story depicts consensual M/F Spanking play and fantasies and is intended for adult audiences.

That said for my regular readers this is an older piece originally posted elsewhere. It is also a FemDom work which is very rare for me. If you’re not into such things skip it, if you are enjoy.


“That’s it!” She began in an irritated manner. She was tired of him always slapping at her bottom every time she walked by. Once in a while it was fine, even flattering but how many times had she asked him to stop today alone? Too many she thought to herself.

“You think smacking my butt is fun so now let’s see how you like it.” He smiled back and laughed it off. After all Joe wasn’t very worried. What was she going to do smack his butt as he walked past. Soon a lazy Saturday afternoon was going to take a surprising change of direction.
“I’d stop laughing if I was you. Since you find a way to work the word spanked into every conversation possible I figured it was time to address your interest.” He was now sitting up and taking notice, she had his attention but it might not exactly what he was thinking.
“I’m going to turn your bottom bright red.” He started to protest, to explain his actions and stopped just short of admitting that he thought about spanking quite often. She was not amused.
“Stand up right now!” There was something in her voice that told him not to disobey. “Go into the dining room stand in the corner and think about the spanking you have coming.” He looked her in the eyes she wasn’t kidding, this was not her playing. As he sheepishly began his walk through the house it was clear in his mind that she wasn’t going to back down. As he rounded the hall more instructions and another requirement was given. “And you had better be perfectly still with your nose pressed in the corner when I get there or you will really be sorry mister.”
Joe stood in the corner for 15 minutes waiting, thinking wondering what was really about to happen. He had been curios about spanking for years but never quite knew how to bring it up. Although until a little while ago he never expected to truly be on the receiving end. Mary entered the room and remained strictly business
“Joe you can come out of the corner. Close the drapes and come over here.” The chair at the end of the table had been moved away off to the side something he couldn’t help but notice as soon as he turned. He closed the blinds and pulled the drapes. Finally making his way to the end of the table where she was standing waiting for him.
The tone of her lecture made sure he understood why he was there. She added all the things that he had failed to listen to her about in recent memory. His stomach nervous and filled with pounding butter flies but there was also something sexual to him about what was going to happen.
As she finished her lecture the time came to start. How bad could it be? He thought to himself until she said. “I’m going to discipline you just like I was disciplined growing up the only difference is its going to be your own belt that gets used on you. Now take off your belt.” She instructed him. He knew she had been “well spanked” as she would put it growing up but he didn’t know what that really meant. Now it seems like something that he should have ask years ago.
It was a formidable piece of leather was over an inch wide, thick and well worn it had been the belt he used every time he worn jeans for years and years. Still not knowing exactly what was coming he told himself 3 maybe 5 licks at the most with the belt over his jeans. Not a problem no big deal.
Mary on the other hand was determined to make an impression. She wanted to teach him that listening to her and considering what she wanted every once in a while was expected.
As the belt slid though the last of the seven loops on his jeans he folded it over and handed it to her she noticed a little more bulge in his jeans than was usually there. This wasn’t actually exciting him was it? She was going to spank him, it had already been set in her mind but now she intended to make sure he knew he was being punished.
“Are you ready for your punishment?” Asking she watched for his reaction. Nervously he admitted that he was. She mistook his nervousness for indifference. Turning him she stood between Joe and the table and began to unbutton his jeans, slowly one button at a time. She ignored his erection and he was told what to do. “step back and lower your jeans and your underwear to your knees” He did so slowly but without protest.
“Lean forward with your hands on the table and don’t you dare stand up! Understand?” He understood and she moved his feet closer together and pulled his bottom further backward giving her a much better target.
“Smack, Smack, Smack” She began with her hand, landing slap after slap on his bottom then paused. “Since you seem so interested in spanking I’m going to beat your bottom just like I used to get. First mom would spank me with her hand.” She peppered his now tingling bottom with her hand as she continued. “I asked you at least eight times in the last two days to stop so it will be eight with the belt.”
His hand spanking continued on until his bottom was getting raw and sore as she smacked from cheek to cheek completely covering his backside but he remained set and stoic. It wasn’t the first time he was spanked it was just the first time as an adult that it wasn’t just playful, a slap and tickle that led to other things. He was determined that she wasn’t going to get the better of him.
Pausing she picked up the belt folding it in half it met his blushing bottom with a moderate swish that stung different than her hand. He didn’t flinch so she swung harder with the second lick but still not a reaction. The third was a full swing and the fourth she had put even more effort into. His legs finally tensed moving ever so slightly. The next four were well spaced and hard and his bottom was welted and glowing.
Knowing that the eighth had landed he began to stand up. “Who told you, you could stand up mister?” swatting his bottom sharply with her hand. “but that was eight” he answered. Two more crisp smacks hit in the same place as the last one as he placed his hands back on the table. Her hand again smacking away at him and after about a minute she paused. He stayed in place hands on the table his seat hot and glowing.
Mary was almost convinced that he had learned his lesson. She was certain that he wouldn’t be sitting comfortably for the rest of the day and maybe even tomorrow. She lectured him about respecting her requests, some where in there he just didn’t seem contrite enough. Sure he answered the questions correctly but what else was he supposed to do.
She sent him and his still bare and shiny rear end back to the corner. He could hear her walking through the house, rummaging around going from room to room. Upon her return he was standing in the corner just like she had left him. “Do you know what day it is?” she asked. “Saturday” he replied.
“yes it is Saturday. Do you know what happens on Saturday?” Her question left him perplexed and he admitted that he didn’t. “if mom used the belt on us at all during the week after lunch on Saturday we got the paddle from dad for acting up.” Suddenly he realized it wasn’t yet over.
“Now get back over here.” She commanded and as he shuffled his pathetic little shuffle, his pants long ago at his ankles and not his knees. “you mister have the misfortune of being paddled on a recently spanked bottom” In her hand she was wielding a half in thick a cutting board.
As he assumed the position he had learned earlier again his feet were repositioned his legs brought closer before starting she centered her aim but tapping the wood on his butt.
CRACK! The first swat landed. His reaction and the buckle in his knees afterward gave her a sense that this really had his attention.
CRACK the second landed and the undeniable mark of a wooden paddle began to show on his already well reddened backside.
The third and fourth followed spaced apart well enough that the full effect of each had settled in. The next left him starting to bruise. She wasn’t swinging that hard but then again it was having the desired effect as the second five left him struggling to hold position as he danced in place trying to ease the intense discomfort. After 10 he was told “stand up, pull up your pants” which he did gingerly “after you’ve thought about why you were spanked open the blinds and go back to your day.”
Nothing else was said until a few hours later when he was lying on the floor watching TV and Mary entered the room not at all regretting what she had done and asked with the sternness of her voice from earlier gone ”did you learn your lesson?”
Joe looked up “yes I did.” She smiled satisfied with her results he was after all laying on his stomach and not sitting. She became convinced that this is something she should have acted on a long time ago far beyond a few playful smacks. He deserved to be treated like a little brat when he acted like one. Until as she left the room he added in a confident tone “ I hope you know that this is a two way street.” She unfortunately knew exactly what he meant and that it was only a matter of time.

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