Clues Hints and Requests (Part 1)

BE ADVISED This story depicts  consensual M/F Spanking play and fantasies and is intended for adult audiences.



Gina had known Jeff for quite a while even before they began dating.  He was everything she had ever hoped for in the person she loved…well almost everything.   He was successful and athletic.  He might have been the only man who actually listened when she talked and made it a point of following the conversation.  Gina knew that she talked; a lot.  Breathing at times seemed optional for her.  Even though they had been together for a few years she would still melted just looking at how handsome he was.

Gina was the kind of girl that most men dreamed of also.  Her lean and long frame was accentuated with sensuous curves and a sexually playful curious nature.  Gina knew she wanted something from him that she just couldn’t muster up the courage to ask for so began her quest into tempting him into fulfilling her well know but yet unspeakable desire.

At first she tried a sexy strip tease, gyrating in a room bathed in candle light. There was not doubt by Jeff’s reaction that he was enjoying her performance, standing there in just heels and a thong, barely and arms length in front of him, her hips moving slowly with the music. Gina asked after smacking her own bottom gently if he would like to help.  Jeff helped her alright and while she admitted that his attention on her pleasure was delicious except that he didn’t figure out the one thing she was hoping for.  Not one smack or a pat hard enough to make a sound, just gentle caresses from his firm hands.  She felt more frustrated than before she began, Jeff remained clueless as to her real desires.

A few weeks passed and Gina had come to the conclusion that perhaps it was her fault that he misunderstood her desires.  After all most guys don’t go to a strip club hoping to smack a dancers butt, they went to ogle them, perhaps a lap dance.  Convinced she had sent the wrong message it was time for a different approach.  Perhaps cooking together might give him a chance to tempt him into the spanking she wanted.

It was going to be an all day affair, making sauce should be done the old fashion way leaving ample time for other things.  So as Jeff assembled the pasta machine Gina bent over to get towels out of a bottom drawer looked up through her long hair and suggested that “why don’t you get the wooden spoon that by me and find something to do with it?”  Jeff walked over and she wiggled her still turned upward bottom at him.  Smiling he picked up the spoon, first holding it in his left hand and then his right.  Stepping back from her slightly, she tensed with excitement thinking he was finally picking up on the clues and was about to give her a good swat with the spoon.  As she readied herself floating in what she was sure was coming but before she knew it glancing back Jeff was stirring a pot of red bubbling tomato sauce.  He proclaimed proudly to her “I think we caught it before it started to burn.”

The only thing burning was Gina in frustration at having two wooden spoons cover with tomato sauce and her bottom without the slightest hint of red.  The pair spent and entire afternoon cooking together. In truth it was great fun, talking and listening all the while Gina did her best to tempt him into what she desired.  Despite all the bending and potential things to be spanked with the day ended with her sitting comfortably during a nice long dinner.  Sipping her wine she was already calculating how to tempt Jeff next.

A few nights later showed she showed up in the media room while he was watching TV.  She was dressed in a tight baby doll T, boys shorts with the lower part of her bottom fully exposed and a hair brush.  “Can I see that” he asked as Gina approached him.  She wanted to hand it to him and just lay herself across his lap.  “Would that be too obvious?”  She thought to herself.  He brushed her hair for an hour, while nice Jeff was still not getting the hint.  As she seduced him later that evening in the height of passion her long hair dangling down beside her face asked “ is there anything you would like to do?”  As she filled his ear with suggestions one of which was “do you want smack my bottom?”  He did once on one side and then on the other.  Not hard but just enough to make a little sound. Gina murmured in delight, trying to encourage him but that was the extent of the activity.

She finally came to the conclusion that he was not going to take the hint, a more direct approach would be needed.