An LA Escape – An Erotic Tale

This is based on one of my new favorite places, while the events are fictional, the setting however is worth checking out for a little mid day or evening diversion, a great view, cheap valet, free parking if you want to save 3 bucks and don’t mind walking 50 yards, and perhaps something a little spicy that’s not on the menu if so inclined.  Oh yeah if you are looking for something spicy that is on the menu they have that too!



High above the noise of the freeway and on the edge of east LA but not all that far from Pasadena her big black Benz rolled up the impossibly steep incline cresting the hill to the Valet stand on a sunny clear day.  So sunny and clear that it was all the talk every where, no haze, no smog, nothing that often obscures the sunshine and beauty of the place.

Her heart races as she took careful steps up the long garden lined walk way to the large wooden doors.   A stride that couldn’t help but be noticed by the half dozen valets lingering and waiting other guests as she walked away from the comfort of  the obscenely sized black German thing she had arrived in, a car that only accentuated her diminutive size.  In a few decades she would be a little old lady straining to see over the steering wheel but today she was a sensuous beautiful woman straining to do the same thing.

Her body language didn’t indicate that she was anything but composed.  Her skirt flowing in the gentle California breeze, her blouse accentuated one of the rarest commodities in the area, not wealth, fame, or stardom but genuinely large, full, firm natural breasts.  Her heels clicked in rhythm against the concrete and past the yet un lit luminaries that lines the sidewalk before coming to rest momentarily at the foreboding weather worn wooden doors.  Doors so old and heavy that looked like they should have led to an ancient venue that had been almost forgotten by time in the Basque countryside that intended to keep intruders out and not a structure that at best would be considered new there.

Gathering or desperately attempting to gather her thoughts   She and her small frame heaved the heavy door open wide to reveal the filled nearly to capacity entryway and despite the serene and picturesque exterior the place bustled and buzzed with the frenetic energy of the region and people filled with a purpose, a story, and over abundant self importance.  Like every where it was filled with some of the beautiful people and every stereo type there is about life here. The building was literally alive, a growing microcosm of everything that was right and wrong with life in LA.

  Her mind raced at how in the world she had ever gotten to this point breaking the thresh hold resembled a mental point of no return so with a heavy breath and tentative step that was so unsure that anyone who had been watching would have noticed, not that anyone even did.  After all she was far too old for the foolish behavior that had been planned, pushing past the line of people waiting for a table, past the glaring looks and aloof posturing evading the dozens of truly unimportant conversations occurring at a million miles per hour, an aging man in an over priced ill fitting suit screaming into his phone about something that he was so certain would bring the world to its end if it was not corrected immediately.  Finally with a shuffle and a scoot she made her way past the hostess stand which was manned by young dreamers who found their way from the flat lands in the middle of the country to pursue fame and fortune because of their excessive beauty which was all but lost in the shuffle here.

They were just another kind of pretty face with a smallish ass and tits paid for and otherwise not the lauded ravishing beauties they had been back home as the corn princess and county fair beauty pageant queen.  They were no longer the biggest fish in the smallest of ponds but they were guppies and bait fish here for the bigger predators.

Still these nameless young ladies had adopted the all to common trait in Southern California.  They had become women a complete disregard for the man’s soul, his honesty and admiration of her.  Instead to even have coffee with a gent he had to be rich enough with the right house in the right part of town. After all if they themselves couldn’t achieve all of their dreams there was absolutely no reason why they could land a rich man to prove their ambition was not a failure.  These young ladies had come so far from where they were blowing members of the football team in the darkness of a deserted country lane in those early awkward and desperate encounters.  All of that had given way to blatantly yet selectively fucking men for possession that they could make their own. They saw the difference even if no one else ever did.

She smirked as she passed having been a bait fish once herself but like most things in life all the talent and desire in the world won’t replace hard work and good timing.

Speaking of time she was nearly 5 minutes early and not her customary 10 minutes late,  miracles may never cease but all morning her lunch plans loomed over her, causing more trepidation than anticipation.  A normally cool demeanor gave way, unable to focus, her typically laser sharp mind wondered away from the present to the not too distant future.  The one that was down the Terracotta tiled hallway, as she descended the last 3 steps and turned right to the enter the room he was sitting there in the booth against the back wall just as promised seemingly with out a care in the world..

Sliding into the circular booth the benches covered in a cliché emerald green vinyl that shared it’s cool temperature with her warm flesh as she sat. The oddly shaped table with corners and rounded edges both looked to be the darker bastard tree off spring the magnificent doors that guarded the entrance.  The waitress arrived with drinks in hand and reassuring her the orders would be out in a bit. He just set there smiling, not a word, or even a sound escaped from his lips. Rather he just sat looking out over the bustling mid day dining room filled with dozens of people and an amazing view.

His hand touched her thigh.  Her heart began pounding again.  Breaking the silence “We’re not really going through with this” she inquired, her voice filled with doubt edging on protest.   His touch never wavered eventually she readjusted herself to get more comfortable. His hand then went from tracing the from outside of her leg, long lines, fingers filled with a soft caress, or resting the broad warmth of his palm temptingly before continuing down her leg to the tip on the knee and back to the lowest point on her hip finally moving to the inner thigh her thigh and back to the center and out again. Eventually his relentless onslaught of tactile sensations worked itself perfectly between her legs the caress moving her long flowing skirt along with it as it draped itself conspicuously off his hand and forearm under the table. He brushed her damping pussy ever so slightly, a touch that felt like more of a whisper, something that while there might fade for ever with out indication or warning, it was reminiscent of a gentle tropical breeze.

He toyed with her, that nonexistent touch gained her attention more and more as the desire it alluded to began to build upon itself.  The appetizers arrived.  She placed her hands on the table and sweetened her tea but he still sat silent and seemingly motionless next to her working that magic he had always possessed.

“Seriously stop it”  she added reaching for the chips and Salsa., eating might be just what she needed to take her mind of his touch that was beginning heighten her arousal.  Instead he slid his and between her thighs, keeping it there, tracing her lips from front to back across her soft legs and back. Brushing her panties aside his hand met her smooth soft flesh in earnest for the first time, small delicate circles, teasing, taunting and tempting her. She wanted to protest again but each slow soft ,friction filled motion, each painstakingly slow and well choreographed advance lessened her desire to stop, eventually it led to her wanting to give in. She knew these hands too well as he stopped and changed direction toying with her yet again and then slowly entering just a little more, rubbing the entire time with the precision of the fine Swiss time piece on her wrist.

Was anyone watching?  Did anyone know?  The thoughts flooded over her dancing with the sensation and the thrill began to take hold as she wiggled in just such a way and spread her legs a little more inviting him to continue.  She could feel herself getting wetter with each passing second as his hands entered deeper but the heel of his hand continued to press and stimulate her swelling clit all the while..  The room buzzed and buzzed people came and went with in a few feet of them as they sat in silence looking into the abyss of the valley from the top of the hill.

She bit her lip, he pressed into and against her more firmly,  she grabbed his arm holding it completely motionless.

His fingers persisted rubbing up and down to the very edge of being out and then back in again never losing their insane rhythm circling inside of her filling her nearly perfectly.

Instead his hand pressed against her more.  Her body tensed.   A group of 8 were walking by, holding it in the sensations over whelmed her, more and more, until her legs quivered as she fought to hold them still, her hips began to rock and she came so intensely that a slight murmur escaped her lips, giving way too a stifled moan that bordered on the most repressed of screams in delight and ecstasy she had ever emitted.

The waitress upon hearing inquired if everything was all right.  “Oh yes” she replied.  He was still touching her toying with her, bringing her almost instantly to the edge again.  This time she let it escape,  First as a slight “AH”   which gave way to an audible UMMM” that he pushed directly into a  “My god” and briefly after that to a legitimate but quiet little scream. The kind of scream someone in a place like this might create in a show of over exaggerated delight, hers however was completely genuine as she closed her legs on his hand with the force of a vice.  Her eyes met his and were silently pleading for him to stop if not there would be no lunch the only thing that  would be devoured was him.

A passer by commented that they must try the empanadas since the sounded so good.  Finally his touch subsided and then instantly disappeared.  He sat smiling and she sat glowing.

Their meals were placed on the table a few seconds later, the timing had been absolutely perfect.    As she cut into her meal he looked over, kissing her hello and added “it’s nice to know I can still make you scream.”

She thought if he only knew!