One Last Present

After a long hectic week filled with countless visitors, cases of beverages, entirely too much food that all too often began with mornings that started far, far too early.At the end of another long day he lounged on a pile of blankets and pillows not far from the tree but even more importantly near the fire warming his skin. The room was filled with a soft glow as the flames danced behind him casting shadows and reflection off the other decorations and small colored lights flickeredon and off seemingly randomly.

Not a sound, the house was finally silent, no loud conversations, no excited anything, just dark rooms and silence.He drank the serenity in staring mindlessly into the distance with nothing, not a thought, or a plan, or intention of any type until she emerged from the shadows.

At first he didn’t notice anything in particular, that is until her robe fell to the floor mid stride revealing the shimmering glow of her skin adorned with a glistening rhinestone chocker that led between her exposed breasts and circled her waist.She moved slowly toward him, each and every movement choreographed and suddenly why the blankets were by the fire became all too clear.

Suddenly he was alert as she drew closer her body delicately perfumed and glittered.Tauntingly she leaned over him her hair passing by, the body jewelry hanging tauntingly as her breasts mere inches from his face looked like they longed to be kissed.All too soon she was standing again with an armload of blankets.Striding away he watched her cute ass move and she knew it bending over slowly, teasingly, knowingly, his gaze unwavering and intense.The week’s fatigue had given way to more carnal desires her back still towards him kneeling on a pillow and the every so slowly unfolding the heavy blanket in front of him, positioning herself on all fours and then demurely, or perhaps not so demurely onto her stomach glimpsing back at him before rolling to her side reaching toward him and removing all of the pillows, sliding seductively arranging them.

Making her way back to him reaching down and stroking his cock through his pants and then touching herself, her pussy smooth and shimmering with her desire as her fingers danced over, between and into it at first only slightly as she longed to be touched, deeper.She loved how he watched her and at that moment it was now all he could think of as she offered her hand and he stood to take her in his arms, kissing her lips, tongues clashing passionately soon after his arms swallowing her. His hands firmly kneading her bottom and then smacking it playfully.

She kissed his neck, working her way to his chest, unbuttoning his shirt one button at a time, kissing him softly slowly and completely covering every inch of newly bared flesh with her warm lips.It was at moments like these that the hours he spent toiling at the club to build his muscles was most appreciated, visually he was always appealing but feeling his solid powerful body against her did things to her that she never dared to explain.

Unbuckling his belt she teased him through his jeans, the lowering them slowly and leading him to the blankets, positioning him just so, the fire not too far in the distance, the heat of the room growing as she kissed him deeply, drawing back and their eyes slowly met her body hovering over his barely apart until she moved ever so slightly.

He moaned in delight as she slide his cock into her, slowly, a quarter of an inch at a time, pausing savoring, moving ever so slightly, teasing him, it was so hard to resist just thrusting upward and burying himself in her completely, but she savored the slow friction as she lowered herself on him slightly more, a few slow and pain staking moments later her wet and hot pussy completely filled with his cock.Their eyes never broke their gaze,she leaned back and heaved her chest forward, inviting him to kiss her breasts, nibble on her soft flesh, using his warm mouth he teased her nipples , sucking lightly, dragging his tongue slowly across them then biting just to the edge of pain stopping at the height of her erotic delight. She began her ascent upward, as slow and teasing as he had entered her, a fraction of an inch, a small wiggle and a pause, it lasted for ever, then slowly down, and then up again, filling her fully and gently and then leaving her longing to feel him inside of her. All the while her breasts in his mouth, his hands going from her ass to the small of her back, grabbing and tracing and finally a playful gentle smack with him inside of her brought her to the undeniable edge or orgasm.

He sucked her tits a little rougher, she moaned, he patted her bottom crisply, she moaned again louder and ground into him harder, hips rocking front to back and circling in all the same motion her slow measured movement gave way to the drive for release, still far from fast but no where near ad slow the speed of her movements increased again slightly as her body tensed and he could wait no more as he came she tensed and clenched her teeth, throwing her head back and screaming in delight, her body quivering, as the waves of her own intense orgasm washed though her, completely.They finished together, and seconds later she collapsed on to his chest, still hard inside of her, the fire warming their skin, she wiggled, looked at him longingly and asked“Again?”