Reflections and Fantasy

As her legs pumped away Sandy looked over the top of the display on her elliptical, her music droned on in her ears as she passed the time stealing glimpse at the meat heads in the weight room.

She watched as the groups of men who traveled in small packs grunted and groaned with too much enthusiasm as they moved from exercise to exercise.  She had been going to the gym for months, in part to fill the largely open void in her evening social schedule and in part because of the years of stories telling how health clubs were nothing more than meat markets.  Oh the stories she had heard from her girlfriends over the years about the muscle bound Adonis that simply wouldn’t leave them alone, the suggestively laden banter and playful conversation that elevated heart rates, fit bodies and an over abundance of testosterone would bring about.

For months she toiled away watching from the distance as the people in the weight room went about their business, it seemed a strange a foreign land all it own.  There were the aging athletes, some more than 25 years older than her, high school kids, couples, the jocks and the one group of large scary men who seemed to be engaged more in some primitive ritual of testing ones strength with out killing themselves rather than anything to do with being healthy.

Over time one man in particular caught her attention. Much like her no one seemed strike up a conversation.  He was a mountain of a man who moved with intense purpose.  From time to time she would catch a reflection of his ice blue eyes and their blazing fury in the mirror as he approached his next exercise.  Those eyes gazing into hers with lust filled intensity that they seemed to project at all times.  She melted at the thought of them, gazing back at her knowingly, his strong jaw and long locks hovering over her.

Sandy was his prey, and she was more than willing to surrender to his desires.  But he was little more than a fantasy that helped pass the time of her own work outs.  It was better than just listening her MP3 player.  Lost in her thoughts of him she turned the hour long cardio work out into 90 minutes. Effortlessly stealing glimpses in the mirrors as he moved. She learned which nights he would be toiling away for her pleasure and like clock work she was watching him perversely from a distance.

Wondering why he always wore long sleeve pants and swear shirts.  Could it be that his body was not what it seemed?  After all he was nothing more than a solitary figure moving in the distance, one that no one approached.  But one night she caught the reflection of bead of sweat rolling across his brow over his cheek and finally falling free from his rugged chin.  She imagined herself beneath him.  His breath heaving and heavy as he slid in and out of her, his chest bared.  His body seemingly cut from stone except for the heat and delicate friction pressing against and into as that lone drop of perspiration danced from his handsome face onto her breasts.  She could feel him against her as he moved in rhythm with her sensing what she longed for, knowing what she desired as her back arched and her body tensed, holding on for one last second before being over whelmed with her own release.   But all too soon her time ended and she went off to the remainder of her equally unfulfilling night.

Occasionally someone would say hello to her, or even ask a question.  A litany of worshippers they were not but nice polite interaction began to take place between herself and other members who always seemed to be there at the same time.  Sandy blushed as she wondered if the others timed their schedules around a particular piece of eye candy or not.  It seemed silly but if she was doing it odds were that she wasn’t the only one.  The question continued to eat at her as she watched him move, his strides graceful but bursting with power.

Was he shy?  No one ever approached him perhaps he was the one not making eye contact.  Shyness was something at times she could certainly related to. Oh she could help him with his shyness, coaxing him from his shirt, her hands caressing his bulging shoulders and flat hard stomach as she began to unbuckle his jeans.  Each soft kiss grew deeper with the promise of what was to come.  His hands finding the small of her back and pulling her closer as she touched him though the denim, his passion had risen and was begging to be let out as she strained to stand tall enough to kiss his neck playfully and whisper her intentions into his ears.  The words caused him to blush as his heart raced in anticipation of things he had only ever imagined.

Finding her way to the locker room she just wouldn’t let the thoughts of him go as she stood in the shower water caressing her body, washing imagining it was him caressing each and every inch of her wet being. Pressing her into the wall as the warms streams of water washed over her, his touch firm his hands strong and rugged holding her as the water rushed over her chest and onto his lips as his mouth devoured her breasts, lusting after the other equally to the one currently occupying his attention.

Standing and lifting her onto him in one smooth motion, he entered her over and over, his hands guiding her motions as she worked her self onto him again and again. Each time she moved straining to feel him deeper inside of her. One arm bracing her against the wall to the side the other around his neck as she balanced her self and her motion precariously on him.

His chest pressing into hers as she rose and fell endlessly. Drifting back to reality she stifled her moans and breath as the fantasy gave way to the reality of her own touch and her growing lust, her hands touch and caressing as she drifted from the present to the fantasy and back again, imaging his blue eyes gazing into her, not her eyes but her very soul. Finally bringing herself to release, legs quivering, body tensed and shaking fighting the desire to scream in pleasure and satisfaction.  An more sound would have escaped the barely private area with in the shower, over powered the sound of running water and made her action obvious to everyone with in ear shot.

As the last wave subsided it was as if he had been there, her mind lied to her body with the sensation of where his hands had been.  Lingering in the water drinking in the release and the place where she had provided it to herself, a place while not all together public it was certainly not private.  A wash with feelings of excitement and daring she finished washing and dressed.  Heading out into the lobby there he was.  Washed and groomed in hi jeans and Polo shirt.  His eyes no less beautiful but with out the seemingly cruel vacant intensity she had come to associate with them, his face even more handsome.  His bulky sweats had been betraying the lean and strong body now on display.

His smile was wide and easy and his manner confident but unassuming as he carried on with the Jim at the front desk.  Jim was the only person there who knew Sandy by name.  “Did you have a good work out he asked?”  She replied “of course” if they only knew, and for the first time she made eye contact with the man she had watched anonymously in the distance.

As her name left her lips introducing herself to him she wondered how this would change things, would having met him kill the dream, in the end it did quite the opposite as they stood there chatting.  Finally she had a story to tell to her friends about the guys at the gym, what she wasn’t sure about was exactly how much to tell.