A much needed evening

The house was dark as she pulled up. It was quiet as she entered.  No screaming kids. No barking dog. No car on the other side of the garage.  Was there something that she had forgotten? Somewhere she was supposed to be?   Nothing came rushing back to her as she entered the side door. She walked into the kitchen and noticed two candles flickering on the table. A sweat-filled glass of white wine sat next to the candles.

Dropping her coat and walking toward the table, she sipped the wine and read the note instructing her to head upstairs.  Taking her time, she took the glass in hand and made her way slowly to the bedroom.  It was empty and dark but she could see a faint light from the bathroom and she heard his shuffling steps.

“Hello,” she called out.

“In here,” he replied.

Making her way to the door, she found a well- warmed room.  The tub was drawn, and the sweet smell of her favorite bath oil lingered in the air.  With a deep ‘hello’ kiss, he wasted no time in unbuttoning her blouse and kissing her chest as he bared it completely.  In another 30 seconds, her skirt hit the floor followed by the release of her stockings. Already, he was teasing her damp pussy through her panties as she murmured with delight. “Where is everyone? she asked. “How long do we have?”

  He smiled wickedly and replied “Long enough, my love. Long enough.”  Such a vague answer concerned her.  Had he forgotten their planned night out was Saturday?  What about tomorrow with their friends?

“How about until brunch on Sunday?”  ,he added to put her mind at ease.  His hands caressed her body as their tongues chased each other.  Picking her up, she ground against his firm but still fully-covered cock until he set her down by the tub.

She reached to unbutton his pants, wanting him then and there … without any sentiment and without waiting.  He moved behind her as their shadows danced together through the candlelight. The light caught the blue water in the tub. She pressed into him and leaned forward as he held he hips.  She was certain he couldn’t resist, but he stepped back and smacked her bottom playfully. “Not yet. I want you to wait for me. Now would you please get in the tub?”

She sat on the edge of the tub, her legs spread shamelessly wide. He wasn’t going to fuck her that instant, but she knew he was watching her closely as she as turned and slowly entered into the water, dragging her finger along the top of the warm, shiny water.

He barely finished saying, “ I have friend for you to play with,” when her mind began swimming in the possibilities of who he had invited over to join in the action.  Was there another couple waiting in the next room to be brought in to join them?  That’s when it caught her eye. Something new was sitting in the basket with the spongers and the soaps. It was the pink ducky from the catalog.

That’s when she knew what he meant.  She loved to make her herself get off in front of him. The tease would play with herself and have him watch as she would work herself into a frenzy with her own hands and whatever toys or items happened to be near by.

“Since you seem to want to wait, I guess I’ll have to find a good use for that little duck,” she smirked, turned to pick it up, flipped it on and plunged it immediately between her legs. He calmly sipped his drink and sat down on the counter top to watch as she moved it over her lips. She pressed the toy against her clit as it buzzed away beneath the warm water that was lapping at her chest.  Her fingers ran over her own thighs and across her chest.  She let herself go into the thoughts of what was coming next. Soon, he was standing next to tub and next to her. Tonight, she could tell that he wasn’t in the mood to watch for long.

Not one to miss the opportunity, she stood up, immediately turned to him and grabbed his throbbing cock, stroking it until it was as hard as she had ever felt it.  “Now… are you finally going to put that fat thing in my pussy?”

He simply smiled.  When her mouth was at its the filthiest, she was at her very best.

She loved his cock –  it was so thick and long – and filled her in a way that made her want scream with delight almost instantly, though she had never quite told him that.

Her wet arms wrapped around his neck, working herself onto him, the head of his cock pressing into the edge of her, then deeper and deeper.   With one fabulously orchestrated motion, he slid into her until he had filled her. There wasn’t anything left to give.  He paused to feel her pussy straining against him and knew that she still wanted even more.

With her slippery body, she began sliding over him. Again and again he filled her, her wet legs wrapped around his hips.  His hands were on her dripping ass and one rouge finger toyed with its hole as she arched her back so her shoulders were braced against the wall. A hand was now firmly rubbing her clit as she held on with the other.  Her hips were rising and falling, the hardness of him throbbing inside of her with each motion.  She was getting closer and closer to cumming., She held it off and let it build, until her body tensed and she couldn’t fight it.

Her legs still quivered as her feet again touched the water-soaked floor. She noticed that water from the tub was now all over the bathroom. “Looks like your cock still needs some more attention.”  Her hands stroked its length slowly at first. Back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. With her thumb rubbing the underside of its head, her touch alternated between a soft and light stimulating caress and moved to friction- filled tight grasped pulls that seemed like she wanted to desperately to jerk him off.

“I know I was just in the tub, but I feel like a dirty girl.” Her hands were lubing him up, She now clenched the ducky in a death grip between her legs as she worked to intensify the vibrations.

He took a step back and opened the closet door. From a box on the top shelf,he first removed the biggest vibe in their collection and one small, but powerful one.

Just as she had done earlier, she turned her back to him and stood against him, moving her ass against his cock until he was fully erect and she could felt the heat of his body against hers as she ground away.  His hands cupped her tits as he pulled and pinched her nipples.  She moaned in delight, as he placed a toy on her stomach and inched it down slowly.

She was dripping wet at the thought of how soon it would be buzzing powerfully against her. He rubbed it between her labial lips, pausing on her clit and then pressed it against her as the toy entered through her entire length and the intensity increased.   Her hand took the toy from his. Purring with desire as he kissed her neck, his cock bulging into her as she came again.

“Mmm, still feeling dirty, maybe even a little dirtier than before.”  She felt insatiable, both of his hands pinching her dark nips painfully hard now.  She melted into the sensation. “My pussy is so empty and it need to be full.” The vibe was still pressing on her clit as she bent over the counter and two of his fingers slid in.  His hand moved through her with a quickening intensity, her hips pressing backwards into his motions to increase the force and depth of each thrust.

Finger fucking her to the point of breathlessness, he could anticipate that she wanted still more, so he slid the large vibe in.  His cock was fat, but the toy was thicker and longer than any man she had ever knew.

“My tight little pussy”  she pleaded. “Push it deeper.”  The buzzing end was straining against her. “ Fuck me faster. Fuck me harder,” she instructed. Her voice strained as he increased the pace to meet her demands. Harder was an unspoken given.

A few moments later he had had enough of watching, so he drove himself as deep into her as he could, over and over again.  His hips smacked off of her cute little ass with each powerful thrust, the sound of flesh meeting flesh.  She caught her reflection in the mirror.  Her tits bouncing feverishly as he filled her again and again. One of her arms was still wet and was outstretched to brace herself. Her other arm was still thrust between her legs with the vibe in hand as she came endlessly while he exploded inside of her.

It was exhilarating. She hadn’t been bent over and pounded that well in quite some time., Not that she was complaining, but every so often a good hard screw is just what the doctor ordered.  Catching her breath before she stood, he placed the large vibe against her ass.  It buzzed slowly as she looked back at him.

“You said you were feeling dirty,” he said with another wicked smile, “ but I wouldn’t want to wear you out for tomorrow.”

Heading into the darkness toward the bedroom, she looked toward where she knew he stood. “Oh, you can put that in my ass, but you also have to put your dick in my pussy at the same time.”

He smiled back at her, “Or… the other way around?”

Turning the corner around the door, she replied playfully, “Now, you really have my attention.”