Sex Toys

Welcome to part 3 to the He Said, She Said piece on Hand Jobs. Malflic wrote the original Male perspective and Alice King wrote the Female piece. Two Erotica Pieces Followed (Managing His Member & Not Just Another Happy Ending). In this final installment on the topic the two discussed live Hand Jobs and in typical fashion failed to stay completely on topic but here’s the more useful portion of the conversations.

Hand Jobs – Sexually Speaking, They Said

So how to prepare for the end of the world Malflic style in 6.66 easy steps. 1) Population control. Sorry but with limited resources left after the beginning of the end it just seems like a good place to start. With that in mind I’ve decided to buy 4 pallets of lubed condoms, 10,000 assorted vibrators, and roughly 4 million batteries. If the world is ending the more people screaming “OH GOD” for the right reason the better.

Preparing for the Apocalypse the Malflic Way in 6.66 Easy ...