Black capital M on a red back ground - M is for Malflic
And She Danced” is the first appearance of another person beyond me and and the other previously discussed in my short post series.    In many ways it was the foundation for my earlier People and Their Place and a forth coming “UnEquipped for Poly” post.   Mal   And […]

And She Danced

While the third piece in my series of short unedited posts it was actually the first written.   You can Read a Poorly Timed Delay and also Mine – UnRightfully Possessive if so inclined or for additional perspective.  The last sentence of the piece was added after the original draft to […]

Sad and Raw

Places and People   This is one of those. In many ways deeply personal and probably only really relevant to the few its words touches. Relationships are infinitely complex things. And no matter how free and open if there is any lingering intentions or planned future beyond miss last night […]

Places and People

Classic b and w of Mal 2
Note: this was written months ago. I am publishing it with out updates, additional insighte, or additions.  It was one that was never going to see the light of day but with Sinful Sunday prompt of “Changes”  that i have chosen old words and new images for. With all the […]

What Are My Limits