Battle of the mind

Fallow mind, hollow images floating through the mist of thought

Intense emotions that jerk at the well of tears, down they are fought

Faster and faster, spinning images, whispers for times near and far

Blending into a lake of surreal life that is dangerous wade out to far

Ilk of past misdeeds and sins of the father like and oily coating

Sticking to the flesh as in the calm moment gently floating


Stroking through trying to get to the shore so rest can be found

The tar of confusion starts to churn and drag me down

A lashing tail of a creature that lurks in the depths strikes blindly

Pain unexpected causes recoil in the limb as I thrash wildly

Teeth now latch on, the venom of memories injected into the flesh

Numbness spreading slowly as wild fighting makes a pathetic splash

Little by little making it to the shore of sanity till at last the shore reached

Laying gasping, baked now in the blinding sun, now sinking in the beach

The wet sand of realities that shift under the weight of a still body

Strength drained from the battle to get to shore, I sigh, yes I am ready

Laying in hopeless filling the void fills the mind taking me captive

Dragging the sun no long bakes as the cool refreshment is placid

The oily sheen leaches out the poison as dark images spin again

Ever trapped in the tug of war between a beginning and the end

Fallow mind, the seeds of impurity slowly growing for the dark delights

Images of blood and violence grow and soon seep into my heart

Longings growing from the darkest places, so many shadows faceless

Flesh blood and lust move about like tributes to be taken so helpless

The Lock

The lock dangled on the hook in the old bedroom

The gem glowing through the dust and gloom













Papers and pictures spread about on the night stand

One picture of a beautiful lass and a dashing tall man

The lass looked like my aunt back many years

The man embracing her like lovers sincere

A pile of notes and letters each in beautiful scarlet ink

Sorting through a flush of heat as my cheeks glow pink

Unbridled passion in the words and the images there

A wooden box that held a locks of black and golden hair

The golden hair in the box my aunt’s for sure

The black belonged to the man, their secret amour

The long secret she held back from us all for years

Reading the last a tear wells as now I know why

Time had passed as she aged and one day did die

His love for her eternal as he held her that last time

How they kissed in the moonlight their world sublime

His offer of an eternal kiss she had often declined

Take me to the other side she whispered this time

The PS I read made my heart jump to my throat

The lock held the last clue of a lasting hope

He had taken her with him but then now confusion

Who was in the box that whole thing an illusion

As I read how he placed a replica in the box we carried

The tears and remembrance for each of us varied

Now all a lie and the truth began to show in the dusk

Gasping as I saw my aunt appear out of a swirl of dust

A cold hand on my shoulder as I couldn’t scream

Swimming thoughts as it all seemed like a dream

Happy Valentine’s Day my dear, would you like to share

Feeling my arm being lifted slowly into the air

Sleep took over after a few agonizing minutes passed

Waking in the dark I hear their snickers, he has crossed

For you they say as I see my lass tied to a chair

Dresses and ready for me to take her right there

Shhh don’t scream, soon we will be together forever

My valentine it’s just a moment of pain to endure

I place the lock as a necklace on her slender throat

As I sink my fangs in and deeply engulf



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Cold like a knife

Cold like a knife cutting into the flesh makes visible the mortal breath

All who have tread the path of life seek more but find only death

Reality colder than a thousand nights in the tundra forever remains

As there is but not to do that lick the wounds and cry in pain

The fabled lake of fire would be a blessed gift by any compare

Now but a worm writhing on the hook, trapped in tormented despair

Fiction dances in the dreams, lands all but forgotten as the body fails

Never before has it been so, and never again in this ones travels

A moment, a splinter of not more than hope, less than reality

His scream now rips the dark and they look on in a saddened pity

Madness they call it, for he is indeed mad, a rage that burns deep

Robbing him of the moments of peace and a slumber so sweet

Tormentors vile as his flesh has aged, no more the spring of youth

Hands wrinkled in times grasp from their deeds, actions and use

Circling overhead the call of the carrion waiting to pick his bones

Prepared to divide the spoils of the flesh as they squabble and crone

A flash of desire, a spring of hope, once again a passing beauty sighs

The longing once a burning flames is but a smolder in the thighs

Frustration becomes rage as the smirk appears crossing beauty’s face

Cutting out the heart of the vane creature that lost in this twisted place

Draining the blood and marrow then crushing the bones to a fine dust

It infuses the ageing mad one with new vigor, if only in his wicked lust

He laughs as the flashes streak all around in the moon lit night

He is now twisted on the floor forever free of the tormented life.

Cemetery with old gravestones and moon

It Was Only a Kiss

It was only a kiss…

It was only a kiss, as the song said.
It was on my cheek at that, nothing sensual, sexual or lurid.
Yet it shocked me.

It was unexpected,
Innocent and filled with joy.
My heart jumped, pulse raced and just perhaps
It was all so unexpected that I suddenly felt young again.

And maybe somewhere deep down,
Hidden and unacknowledged
I had wondered what it would be like to have her kiss me.

But it was only a kiss.
There will never be another like that one.
Yet I will savor it.

A Little Happiness Dancing in the Madness – a bemused poetical account

a lonf endless hotel hallway turned sideways
Sideways isn’t always so bad

She is not making it easy. Flooding his thoughts in the quiet moments that are usually just his. Memories and fantasies of her are whispering to him like a ghost even in the raging frenzy swirling about.

This is not his style, he is not one for flights of fancy,  simple seemingly innocent day dreams.  He is cold, detached, and calculated…brutal, heartless, cruel…except with her. Odds are she doesn’t know that it’s special, that it’s different and rare in his world. She of course wouldn’t after it’s all in the perspective.  For some unexplained reason he lets her in in ways very few others ever have been. He wants things beyond his typical lurid desires, simple things, pleasant things and like the fool that he is has thoughts of her when considering somethings far beyond what one would expect.

His touches are meant to be connecting but not demanding. He finds the desire for simplest things like his arms wrapped around her, their bodies just barely touching, her curling up on his lap thoroughly intoxicating. And the idea of her nestling in for  a simple kiss something he can savor and drown in for days…if not longer. A beautiful distraction in the throes of the madness and uncertainty.

So as storm rages around him, as complicated and course altering things threaten to take him to the depths.  He just smiles and wonders when he can steal away with her for a few more hours. Determined to make the most of whatever this is for as long as he can.

And while by just existing and being who she it is not making any of these other things easy there is that joy in the simple things, the attraction and desire, the escape she provides just by the pleasure of her company. And no matter what there are no regrets… well other than he’s not with her right now.

True power

Note: last night a storm went through and knocked out the power. It was 3 am (I think) when I got up to write and this is the result. This was from the back deck over looking the dark neighborhood as I sat with a candle.


Restless eyes robbed of sleep as the cold night watch stirs

Called back to life from slumber deep from a time that is a blur

Cold soft breeze licks the flesh, the old heart of iron revived once again

Do what is needed to close the span, and the shelter the retreated

Harkin the glow and the morn creeps our way once again

The pale horizon testament to a day coming in the end

Teach the ways, show the next how to answer the need

Teach the scared heart and share what is believed

Morning starts dance in the sky Draco smiles down on me

Bidding love, giving hope to a world so hard to see

Trapped between both, a child of neither realm here I am

No more to the universe than to the ocean is a grain of sand

NGC 5907, NGC 5866, NGC 5905, et al
DJMcCrady / / CC BY-NC-ND

Life is a brief gulp of air to fill the lungs then exhale

As if a creature of the deep, like the mighty whale

A porpoise with little purpose unless purpose is proposed  

A life lived in dreams as the sand rapidly flows

The old days of knights lead on holy crusades

Blood flowing on holy ground openly displays

Now faded memories as again the steel is sharpened

Man learns not from the past as it is death he harkens

Blood of the poor and innocent flow like water across the lands

Payment to the greedy specters that hide in the buildings so grand

Power again restored the light of man overpowers the soft hue eons old

Man speaks as a child in his clever arts so pious and bold

Nature and the universe sigh in a single breath

There is only one true power that is life, the precious gift

Fails the strength of men once again as if only for this night has shown

People torn, made to think deeper still in the darkness that was shown

True power, raw and natural as this world is far from tamed

In the end we are sand cast into the ocean, only the waves remain.


Vision black as the night
Limbs encased in a silken embrace
Desires unleashed as I await
Each moment an eternity
Yearning for your manipulations
Breath afire inches away
Sweet ecstasy attained
After burning affirming
Skin aflame with a hue anew
Moans escape…
All-constraining pleasure….
Awaiting your tender command
“Cum for me!”………

~Alice King~


There she came walking to me in the night like a dream

The shimmer in her eyes made mine glow green

The red dress she wore made her form so alluring

Leaning onto me her voice almost was almost a purring

“So what does a girl have to do to get a drink here?”

I asked what she wanted, she smiled her desire was clear

“Something red she replied” I ordered a wine for us

Then to the corner we went there was as seductive hush

Lovers talking and touching as we walked by adding heat

We sat as she reached over and slid close in the seat

Her tongue was on my neck in a second flat then my ear

“You taste so sweet” she growled “do you mind my dear?”

The racing of my heart was second only to my mind

What were the odds of me being lucky out of the blind

Her hands went to my chest unbuttoning my shirt

She was more aggressive than in imagined or a flirt

Her lips went to my nipple as she gave the ring a tug

The sharp pleasure sent chills as if on a great drug

I took a sip and pushed her back, my time to play

As my hand went down to her thigh and there it lay

Her eyes flashed a hunger in their light grey hue

It had to be a dream but I hoped it was ever true

My lips touched her flesh, so intoxicated by her

Kissing and nipping she moaned my mind caught in a whirl

I wanted to continue on in a more private place

As if reading my mind her soft hands went to my face

Turning my head I saw others engaged in various acts

There was no need to be shy I continued my attack

Her zipper slid down with ease as I exposed her breast

Her nipples hardened at the feel of my lips brush

Each sweet and decadent as I sucked tenderly

Her fingers locked in my hair it was a sight to see

She let her dress fall off only a pair of panties remained

All inhibition at this moment from me was drained

She unzipped my pants and took them off quickly

The next few minute were a little tricky

I found myself wanting to taste her sweet nectar

Kneeling under the table soft licks to what I adored

I found wet delight draining from her as I kissed

She moaned as I drove her further into bliss

She started to shake as pulled me close as I continued

Licking like a starving man that ordered the whole menu

She pushed my head back and told me her turn

Her lips soft and sweet as her fingers hot like a burn

She took me deep in her mouth and started to hum

The world faded as again my mind began to swim

She worked my cock like a toy in her masterful grasp

The edge neared as I was worried it was too fast

She took every drop and lick trying to get more

Then climbing in my lap she whispered “make me yours”

Words that caused as resummoning of my strength

Feeling her wet heat as she slid down my full length

Her legs wrapped around me as she rode my cock

I held her close as together into the night we rocked

Moans from other places added to the magik of the night

A group in the corner of my eyes made quite a sight

6 guys and 4 girls put on quite a show as they took pleasure

Each trading making the others feel as if a treasure

Lovers on the floor and on tables all over the place

She again took my head and I looked into her face

I wanted this to last forever as I stood still in her

Putting her on the table going till I was a lost in a blur

Her nails raked along my back drawing blood from me

I leaned over and clamped a nipple she let a slight scream

Pleasure on her face as she went over the edge again

She pulled me close as she whispered don’t let this end

Pulling me to her and kissing my throat I felt a sting

Then a weakness fell over me as if falling into a dream

She pushed me back with ease as I felt blood run down

There was a gash in my neck I was dumbfound

Then with her nail she cut the inside of her thigh

“Do you want to live then lick or else you will die

Clam me if you dare, be my lover forever my pet”

I licked the crimson trail this forever beat death

Then a hunger for more as I sucked greedily from her

Life faded as the night became home to this cur

She pushed me back and snapped a collar on my neck

Hers forever I submitted to her as a pleasurable pet

Now we hunt together in the night and make love forever

Do I regret it you might ask, I tell you I never had it better…Indulgence

An Ode to Spam Comments

I’ve decided to address all my recent spam comments that will never see the light of day with a little prose. So put yourself in a X rated Dr Seuss mode

Yes I have no SEO and this one thing that I know,

I like boobs, that oh so classic tits and ass;

And porn, and bondage but don’t do scat

  I’ve decided to address all my recent spam comments that will never see the light of day with a little prose. So put yourself in a X rated Dr Seuss mode


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For dirty stories, lewd pictures and, things that rhyme with wink, wank and spank


I’m sure you’re magic but can wait to see

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And my cock while not world class seems to be just fine

It stands up when I need it to even after far too much wine

Is it small? Well that I’ve not heard!

So keep it a secret and mum’s the word.


As for traffic and I might not get

So what who cares?  Not me that’s who, not one little bit!



Where is your comment I dared delete?

I replaced with a pic of rubber slut licking my feet.

It’s about the money, in case I need some you thought I should know

Well I’d rather have something that uses the word job preceded by the word blow


Oh so my words are useful, helpful, and oh so swell

I might make smut but for spammers there’s an even hotter place in hell.