planning a scene

So while my lovely wife joked about me being uptight in preparing for a scene I’d like to point out that in truth it depends on the type of play that I’m getting into. So yes if I’m planning to do some type of bondage I need to think about restraints and what type, rope, what and how much, who I’m playing with, where. Etc. After all there is nothing worse than wanting to tie someone to the bed post for whatever illicit purpose and having to trash your NiN shirt, or the bath towels for make shift restraints. It might be hot but you can’t see that tour ever again. That gets the how, the who and the where out there but let’s not forget why are am I playing at all? Art, Sex, I had a shitty week at work, just because I have an elected official in arms reach and think they need beat…whatever. That said I’ll offer my standard disclaimer. I’m not an expert, this is what works for me, it might not work for you. Either way I’m open to hearing your ideas. More fun and less prep sounds like a great idea.

Preparing for a Scene – A Top’s View – ...