The first opening tinny strained notes of “It’s Dark” took me back to my youth. Visions of the hot summer mornings of 1987 as I woke up next to Miss Last Night in a vodka induced haze to the sounds of Alice Cooper’s Steven from Welcome to my nightmare flooded my mind. Thirty Two Seconds later the moments later nostalgia left as the pulsating synths kicked in. This wasn’t memory lane it is the year of the alleged apocalypse and this might just be the sound track for such an event.

Review of Titans – For the Long Gone

The Man spun around and in a direct but not overly threatening way said “isn’t it funny how you can just feel eyeballs on your back?” I looked him in the eye. “Sorry man but I fucking love your shirt. It’s so cool.” He looked at me trying to decide if I was just saving face for being a dick but gave me the benefit of the doubt for the moment. “My First Wife gave it to me, my current wife says it’s trashed and I should throw it away.” I blurt out “No way, it’s too cool I’d wear it until it falls apart”

A Yuppie Fuck meets a Tarnished Soul and an Unlikely ...

I has so much fun walking down memory lane a several weeks back that I decided to make this a Semi regular feature and let the world know what me and some of my partners in crime have been perving this week. Note I didn’t claim they were all posted this week but it’s just what we’re reading. If you’ve found something great, written something you want us to take a look at or are just a shameless attention whore feel free to share it with us.

Other People’ s Kink v1.2