Please join me in welcoming Lord Raven to the site as a regular contributor. LR comes from a diverse kink back ground and took a somewhat more traditional route than many of us myself included into the kink community. He began as a member of a house and transitioned both his interests and role over time. LR offer you his skills as both a talented writer but brings new kink based interests and style of play that are quite varied from my own. I hope our reader will enjoy, learn from and if the itch needs scratched maybe even try some new things.

A New Flavor of Kink on Malflic as I Extend ...

Hemp vs MFP Rope Bondage Pod Cast Art 30
Malflic once again finds a reason to get out his rope bag and pseudo justify buying more new rope the he actually doesn’t need. Still he convinces the Chesty Blonde to play along as he tried to answer the question for the ages when it comes to bondage…Hemp vs. MFP rope. It’s more fun than science as he reviews six tied he conducted on his willing partner and the perceived differences that natural fiber rope gave him as the rigger and the Blonde as the stunt bunny DuJour . Over time Malflic who is only human became distracted by his sexy partner who was set on seducing him into non bondage related activies before he eventually tells of how he introduced a series of nibbles, kisses, pinches and smacks into to the process along with nipple clamps and sex toys.

Rope Bondage Hemp vs. MFP