Three Way Kink

Threeway Kink

So in terms of a kink of the week post. Yes i have had three ways. I’ve even had twins at the same time (they did not even come close to touching each other. It was not their first rodeo.)   I have had group sex, does that count as a threeway? It was somewhat like a volleyball match in gym class without the lesbian yelling “Ok rotate”. Sex in a room with others gleefully fucking away, sex with an audience and despite all this never a MFM only configuration.  

For me a “ traditional” three was has always been me and two females.   Yea, yea i know first world sorta rich white guy problems and i have your deepest sympathies as you mouth “misogynistic asshole” under your breath.

Then again that is only unless you don’t count co topping a scene with another man and a female bottom a three way. Since i live in a world largely of my own creation. And it is a really wonderful world to live in. There is no doubt that the world of my own creation is by far one of the best. I am counting that as a three-way.  (Apologies i felt the need to do a bad Trump impression, without the comb over)

The first of such was with a guy named Bobby  (a subsequent post called “Because You Won’t” will provide the back story.)  The short version is I (mostly casually) played rough for several years with a woman he dated for a while.  

Bobby finally tried to shake the all American Boy thing. He was an awe, shucks, gee wizz kind of man.  Apparently some women dig that sort of thing. Even the husband stealing wanton jezabelle friend of mine he was dating. (i am not slandering my former lover and play friend it was her own self description) For the record i had FMF with her a number of times. Pre and Post Bobby.  

Anyhow at one point we did a two male one female spanking scene. In reality i beat her ass bright red OTK. He played patty cake for what seemed like a tentative uncomfortable eternity . And then i finished spanking her.  An odd three way kink scene  but fortunately not a typical example.

Over the next few decades I would do countless scenes with me and another male top and a (or a few) female bottoms.

Some were impact play, some were rope, and some were a mix of things. An often unstated skill is i am pretty damn good at taking a person down and ensuring they stay in place.  A talent that came from a youth as a street brawler and later power lifter Mal.  The new yoga enhanced version will ask them to stay there first. Then pin their ass in place. Note i do yoga and haven’t become fucking Gandhi despite 10 days as a vegan.  

Threeways have an interesting mix.  It depends on your partners on the ebb and flow of things and who does what.  Kink three ways are no different. Some of my favorite scenes ever were a joint effort of two male tops and a female bottom.

Which if said properly could sound like a Beck tune “Two turntables and a microphone .” three ways as the song says is where it’s at.

Vibrators – What’s the Buzz

What’s the Buzz?

Buzz Buzz Buzz go the vibrators. In fact some of the buzziest vibratos are the old school hard plastic ones which ironically were teh first ones I played and bought.  After all in those days sex toy shopping was done one of two places.  In a porn store (or Mega store if you were lucky) and through catalogues like Adan and Eve.  L

Vibrators are not really a kink in my case. Personally I get no arousal from theme as an item unto them selves.  So robably not in the classic sense but they certainly are part of my play style both inside and outside of power exchanges and scenes down to just a good old fashioned roll in the proverbial hay.

So in my usual bad form I’m going to wrap several partner’s (and the vibrators) into one post.  Starting the Chesty Blonde because well Vibrators do fact into our relationships  slightly different not only in use So let’s start with my love of wands since in this case we’ve owned both a Hitachi and a Doxy


Wand Vibrators

Once upon a time “some giant fucking pervert” bought his wife her first vibrator.  Years later that same deviant bought her a Hitachi Magic wand. Because well a wife that cums a lot in theory should be a happier more sexually inclined partner.  Then one sad day that Hitaichi magic wand died.  Said husband sprained his tongue, wore out his arms and several other body parts trying to compete with the defunct device.  Then he went off and bought a Doxy for her.   If you read my post earlier this year and had seen some of my Sinful Sunday pics from spring it featured our new wand style vibrator.  And it has been a hit with the Blonde even if she won’t rave about it at parties.

Alice has a Hitachi…which she bought for her self. (My kind of woman!) ahem…   And more than once have i enjoyed it with her.  Sometimes it was a forced Orgasm scene with her tied up and helpless. Some sadistic fuck going after her relentlessly with the vibe,  Ot perhaps it was  just “you’ll stand there and take because I know you need to” type of play, or a predicament scene where it was tied inescapably to her and movedment away from it was just as bad or worse than movement towards it.

There of course have been others but a story for a different time perhaps.


Ahh that Rabbit Vibrator

A million years ago…or roughly 15 at the aforementioned Sex Toy Super Store I bought the Blonde a Rabbit Vibrator after reading about it countless times in several porno mags, and online.  It was the first time I spent over $100 on a toy ($109 plus tax to be exact). For years it was the one toy she would ask me to get out and use.   Every other one back then was fine but my choice but the Rabbit was by far her favorite.   This was pre-Hitachi.  No doubt you’ve seen a Rabbit or knock opff version of it.  Ours was Hot Pink with a vibration and moving tip, spinning “pearls” or beads though a clear section just below, long shaft and the clit rubbing orgasm inducing Bunny ears that made it so popular for so many.  Ironically she could have care less about the ears it was the motion and the beats that really worked for her..and in turn of course me.  Ok now you can quit laughing at the sticker shock I had on a $100 toy…it was 15 years go people!


Lelo and other Insertable Modern Vibrators

In recent months I’ve had several opportunities to play with Lelo’s Vibrators for the fist time in particular the SORAYA.  It actually was a surprisingly wonderful and versatile toy from the perspective of using it on a partner.   Ib fact so much so as it’s must add item to my own collection so I can see if I like using it as much with others as I did in that case.


Bullet Vibes

So I’ll call the one we use with Alice when she’s tied and has a crotch rope on as a bullet vibe on steroids.  It’s a super powerful one bigger than a traditional bulled and far more powerful than most.  That over the years small and medium bullets have factored in to both insertion play as well as direct clitoral stimulation.   We have bullet vibes for some of the dildos and butt plugs we own (or my partners own).   IN away they’re right of passage, an easily portable and concealable toy to take into a restaurant, for in a car, or to send someone off for a little mid date night get yourself ready and get back here action.   or so I’ve been told.


Remote control Vibrators

Speaking of date fun insertable remove control vibrators or vibrating panties are way too much fun.  Alternating the temp, on and off, edging her again and again,  or letting it buzz away to orgasm as the waitress take her order.    In fact I may or may not have just bought a few new ones when I saw an ad online recently for an new remote control vibrating egg toy.


Not necessarily only part of kink play but they doe have the great possibility.  MMMM maybe trying one during a rope scene could be wonderful fun.


Some final thoughts on Vibrators.

Better powered, rechargeable and wall powered all factor in for me with teh right partners.  It is certainly something I enjoy and ties into my kink of wanting to know my partner is getting off.  And yes I very intentionally chose a title that resembles a song in Jesus Christ Superstar…  So What’s the Buzz…





Titty Fucking – Kink of the Week

Titty Fucking – Kink of the Week


It’s been a while since I’ve participated in a Kink of the Week Topic. Life in the (professional and personal) fast lane has its draw backs and the topic of Titty Fucking may have been another one that I would have let go by. Yet for some reason it keeps popping into my head at the strangest times.


Is Titty Fucking a kink of mine? Generally speaking it’s not. I’d tell you I’m more of an ass man when you get right down to it but then some thoughts about recent and current relationships proves out that all of those women have ample chests. In fact it’s an act I’ve not given much thought in recent years. It’s something I’ve not actually done with anyone in any memorable timeline. Other than someone’s breasts briefly passing over my penis and perhaps a playful taunting drag or wiggle it as they pass by when starting to go down on me. It’s not something I can ever recall masturbating to though through other stimulation have used cumming on a person /pearl necklace on rare occasion has been. But that’s a different topic…


Yet have to admit recently having delusions about two of my partner’s that involves titty fucking me to orgasm. Not as the same time of course though on second that might be really fucking interesting but would need the UN and several deities to negotiate than one. One of which ends with me cumming on her breasts and is all about my pleasure and not hers.


The first fantasy is selfish and an act of dominance and release for me with disregard for her needs in those moments. The idea of her hands holding those full breasts tightly against my hard cock. Her hands pinching her nipples cruelly in the process. Undulating against me a looking into my eyes, a devilish grin as she does knowing and wanting what is happening as much as I do even though the act is all about my orgasm, and my marking her however briefly by Cumming on her. Making her kneel and my feet submissively while it dries and then sending her back to her other partner with her fetishized chest covered in my semen.


The second is more recent and more of a curiosity and her breasts seem to be hardwired to her pussy and can be so very sensitive. I want to know how my dick would feel between them, to know if that sensation is pleasurable for her. To have her kneeling on the bed after rubbing those tits that I spend far too much time thinking about all over my naked body before beginning to use them on my cock to build my release, her hungry and o so very talented mouth waiting until the last second before wrapping around my no longer containable orgasm and sucking me dry. My hands open and brushing her nipples and the outside of boobs with each rise and fall adding to her stimulation.


So is titty fucking a kink of mine? Generally speaking no but it’s not like it hasn’t recently been in my thoughts and fantasies not long before the topic was published. Instant flashes of desire, entire scenes in seconds of thoughts.


Prey and predator

The air clings thick as the fog wrapping tight like a cloak
A cough from and unseen man makes tightness in her throat
Shuffles and wisps of occasional figures creeping in the dark
She wished she could still the fear and pounding of her heart

alley fog

Sitting at the pub he had been waiting till she rolled in like the fog
The smell of flowers dances in the air as men looked and gawked
Leering at her over the rim of his glass, her eyes locked with his
A moment later she scurries out the door as he went for a piss

“Hey lass wait up” a voice makes her body stiffen as steps quicken
“Well hello there sailor” a reply, there is the chatter of the drunken
Slower now, she tries to calm her nerves, slowing her breathing
She says it’s all in her head as night now over takes the evening

Walking out the door there was only one way for him to go
the scent of flowers still hung in the air as he walk slow
The sound of the couple fucking in the alley as he passed
The smell grew stronger as he saw the shadow at last

She could feel someone close, her heart again races
Turning quickly to catch him off guard he was in her face
No scream, his hand over her mouth as she landed
The wooden door broke way, she knew he planned it

He was on her in a flash cuffs snapping on her wrist
His evil toothy smile and the smell of beer and fish
“I have you now my little delightful morsel”
Smiling back she was glad he was home safe from the vessel

Face Fur

As any man knows when we were but young lads we dreamed of the days we could be manly enough to shave, or at least have some form of facial hair. For me it was the mustache. Many funny descriptive names have been given to this once highly coveted facial hair of my youth. By the time I was 18 I had my well-groomed caterpillar mounted over my upper lips for the men to see and now I was part of their ranks. Of course I guess like many other men my story didn’t really start there. It started several years earlier when visiting my grandparents.


My grandfather was a clean shaven man that never needed to say a word to be understood. His face said is all. Weathered lines from a rough life of working outside doing many different kinds of work had taken its toll but he swore that every day he would be presentable to the world as he would get out his shaving kit and begin the ritual. A red and white dish (I suspected the red was to cover the blood sprinkles) that contained a round soap disk and a brush. But the thing that shook me to the core was the implement next to it. A thin folding piece of metal in ivory handles. His shaver of choice was a straight razor. I would watch in awe as he lathered up his face then gave the strap on the wall a few strokes with the razor before removing the offending whiskers. To make matters even more interesting he was sworn to make sure all the men in the family knew how to use this evil blade of death. When I was 14 he decided it was my turn to learn the art of shaving my face. I wasn’t scared, I was terrified. I will never forget the warm lather being brushed on and his hand guiding mine as she showed me how to hold and move the blade. I feel lucky I survived.


Now oddly after I used a few conventional razors later I actually missed the straight razor and got one and for a time used it. I actually got really good and lost my fear but still had a healthy respect of the blade. Over time like men do I experimented with different looks. From clean shaven to mustache, goatee, and beards were the normal progression of some people. I finally have come to a place where I like the goatee the best for me. It fits my face without covering it all under a wild bush of hair. Shaving is still my least favorite event of the week but it’s that or look like a remake of Grizzly Adams for those who remember the show.

Guys just find what you like and that your lady enjoys. Remember that it’s all in the facial hair, first impressions and all that jazz. Let your face speak for you.

OTK Spanking – KotW

An OTK Spanking Story

A Table With Paddles laid out on it in preparation for a spankingYou’re standing there nervous and I’m already seated on a chair waiting for you. That is never a good thing but you already knew what was going to happen. The sight of me though made it a little more real. There is now doubt you are going to be getting an OTK spanking, pleading, begging and offers of anything else I want won’t change your fate. In fact it would only make things worse but sometimes you can’t help yourself. Your eyes fixate on the few paddles and that damn hair brush has been set out. Your eyes meet mine half pleading to get out of it and half wanting to get started.

I look back at you silently, watching you fidget. It is an absolutely delicious sight! You are going to be across my knee in no time at all, pinned into place and there will be no escape. It will be on your bare bottom. It always is. Whether or not it starts that way and with a hand or the hair brush are questions that race through your mind. Excitement and anticipation swims with nervousness as I hold your gaze. There is always that little something about these moments you love to dread.

“Are you ready for your spanking?” It’s not like there’s a choice.
You answer “yes sir” stepping closer, lowering your jeans and panties without being asked to and carefully position yourself across my knee. My hand rests on your back pinning you in place. In time you will struggle and squirm. Trying to behave and at the same time trying to make your bright red bottom hurt a little less. You will fail opn both counts as you’ll be held in place and spanked harder for those efforts.

The first smack lands, it was with brush…you my dear are going to have a very long night. You’re otk spanking this time is not for fun but to teach you a real lesson with a sore marked bottom as a reminder that will be with you for a few days afterwards.
Ahh the lovely games we play.

OTK Spanking and My Evolution on the Topic

Hopefully you enjoyed the little story above. I don’t write as much fiction as I use to and that little bit kind of makes me miss it. So the Kink of the WeekTwo OTK spanking paddles along with a leather strap and wooden spoon set out for a spanking Topic this time around is obviously OTK Spanking. There is something inherently domestic about OTK. Then again there is something domestic about a lot of spanking play isn’t there? As the topic suggests there are so many other things from potential age play to additional physical contact.

So I’ll take on the OTK position in general first. Traditionally I would only give an otk spanking to people that were girlfriends (or eventually my wife…often under “protest”), lovers, or others I had a long term (play) relationship with regardless of their state of dress or undress. It really stemmed from both my own interest in hard implement based play (there is a reason other than excess that so many paddles are in the collection) and also proximity/physical contact. It’s worth noting that causal and pick up lay was bigger for me once upon a time.

Still there is nothing like giving an otk spanking for that very reason, the feel of her across my knee. The moments I alluded to in the story where she willingly goes across…or not when she is pulled into place pinned down and either way gets a very red bottom. And while I’ve heard that the bottoms find enjoyment in the wiggling and grinding in some cases (ahem…Alice! Who you really have to watch for this behavior), the feeling of being held in place is what does it for others, the sensation of the Top’s strength and or arousal from it all.

Mal's Lap just waiting for a nughty girl to go across his knee for an OTK spankingSo there are a few more elements from this Spanko’s position that get worked in and that is the entire, pants and panties up/down etc. dynamic. Spanking videos seems to work in a format like a hit song the bottom goes OTK, then their pants come down or skirt goes up, then finally the culmination is their panties come down. (Sorry I know that is gender biased Male top who plays with female bottoms so forgive me but I’m sticking with what I know). So in part sure it could be a warm up and then an increase intensity with less protection. Oh it could be the “embarrassment” of being disrobed as the punishment goes on, but it could always be a dominance and submissive thing. Here’s one more to consider beyond those and pacing a scene (or punishment). The act of standing up and going back over the spankers knee may have an appeal in and of itself. The re-surrender, the ability to re position, and the reality that you’re not yet done in fact the spanking may just have gotten started. Just food for thought.

Now about the age play bit when it comes to otk spanking. As I mentioned earlier in the post OTK spanking has a particular domestic feel to it and that in and of itself can lead to an age play type feeling even if that’s not the intent. Once upon a time I had a bottom who liked otk spanking because they made her feel young and naughty and like a bad girl who should be spanked. It worked for her in a BIG way and no doubt she had some age things going on in her mind.  In another case a partner absolutely hated them for the same reason but it wasn’t part of her fantasy that worked she found they often tripped triggers and sent her in the wrong direction.

Then there’s Alice who if you sit still too long she’ll end up over my knee and be like “aren’t you going to spank me?  Oh come on I know you want to and I’ve been a very good bad girl?” Which leads me to my softened position on well the position.  Granted I’ve known Alice for quite a while but she is very much a spanking bottoms which takes me to the final section of this post…


OTK Spanking And This Aging Spanko in General

Mal Pulling the naughty Girl over his knee for a good old fashion OTK spankingWell this brings us to the final chapter on OTK. Look I think I’m 18 but more than double that in reality. And as I age how I play has become more about having a connection even a brief one than intensity and an OTK spanking seems to offer that to me and I’ll dare say a lot of other spanko’s. And like it or not it’s become clear that my ever more salt and less pepper hair has an appeal I could have never expected.  That said I get that I have more of a “daddy” appeal; like it or not. So I’ve accepted it both in kink and everyday life.

And the kink part of my life has slowed down. So out of the small handful of new people I’ve played with in the last few years all but one have made their way OTK; if not in the first scene then certainly shortly there after.  In part is is the physicality, the often flesh on flesh contact, and perhaps just maybe because of where I’ve stopped playing. Suddenly I have an urge to go to an event again…only time will tell if i do.




Strap On Tools Kink of the Week

So when I first saws Strap Ons were the kink of the week topic my mind literally flashed to a Picture Penny  put up earlier this year.   I know, I know a typical straight white male reaction naked girls jumping on a bed and strap on dildos imply perhaps something more. And you know what I’m not sorry and won’t apologize.   A lot and I do mean a lot of my favorite porn early on was girl on girl with every type of toy and strap on imaginable for that era.   What was better than watching sex? Watching two girls have sex!   Yep typical male. What’s better than that?   Two girls and me.   I know misogynist bastard.

My second thought after clearing that picture from my mind…which may have taken a few minutes to be honest about it. Was that I really have nothing of value to add to this one. My references are porn, a few scenes I’ve watched (F/F go figure), some coors light girls Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll party shenanigans once upon a time (never underestimate how muck coke a little beer jockey can do. Also don’t underestimate how not sexy you are when they find out not only don’t you do drugs but that you also won’t buy them any) , the occasional femdom pic that slips into my twitter or tumblr feed, and the occasional post I’ve come across on pegging.


I know there are guys who like strap on play, pegging, whatever. Sometimes it appears to be sensation based, sometimes it is a D/S thing.   That’s great for them but this is a case of your kink is not my kink. I have no moral objection to it. If you and your partner are into it then great but there is no appeal to me in the least. What I’d image also to be strap on heavy – Fem Dom erotica…yep not my thing the only scene I’ve ever read in its entirety have been part of e lust judging. F/M strap on play to me is like C Span…somebody is probably getting something really awesome from it but I’ll be passing right by. F/F I’ll watch with mild curiosity at this point but even that often doesn’t do much for me.

The piece starts off cavalier and reads like a stereo type. So I tried to take an enlightened approach and eliminate some of the potential sticking points.   Am I homophobic, afraid of penis shaped things that aren’t my own dick, or anything similar? No on all accounts.   Is it because I perceive strap on play (F/M) as a submissive act?   We all see that type of thing on kink sites from time to time but even removing the D/s implications and making it pure good old fashioned fucking I have no interest. This one just doesn’t work for me.   It would be a hard limit if asked.


Nipples Three Way

Well its kink of the week time once again and of course I’m up against the deadline. So let’s get straight to the point of this trifecta on nipples.

First up my nipples.
So a few fun facts about my nipples…
1) They are even by male standards very small. I suspect that somewhere in the future if males evolve to not have nipples my blood line will be on the front end of evolution.
2) I pierced them myself at 20. It didn’t last long as the damn rings kept getting caught in the sheets when I’d sleep (of course I always slept nude in those days). I had not considered the sexuality aspect of such an action at the time. It was merely for decoration and to be shocking. Once upon a time I had a body that was mostly naked, most of the time. This was at the height of that period. Barbells were a foreign concept, nipple piercings were only rings in my limited world view at the time.
3) In my world it is often if not always a bit Nippy out. Mine are usually erect when it’s cold (no surprise) when my heart rate is up (high beams while lifting and running go hand in hand for me), or when my testosterone levels are high. T shirts under dress shirts are mandatory for this reason.
4) Most of my lovers have never thought to pay any attention to them. And until now it never occurred for me to ask.
5) I’ve never played with my nipples while masturbating. It doesn’t fit the movie in my head where bad things are being done to you that I use to get off. Well that and like number 4 I never really thought of it.

So with those facts stated really my own nipples are truly more of a running joke about etching glass, impaling people and others very similar than a regular erotic zone. When the Blonde pays attention to them it’s a nonverbal cue that has developed over the years that she wants me to spend some or a lot more time with hers in the immediate future. Which takes us to the next section

Secondly nipples, nipples, and orgasms other my own.
As if the end of the previous paragraph wasn’t enough of a hint put very plainly the amount of time some people’s nipples spend getting attention from me almost always end up in my mouth, between my teeth, being rubbed, caressed, squeezed, and pinched. The Blonde can be brought to the edge and occasionally past it with the right type of nipple play. It is the one almost failsafe way to get her soaking wet eveytime. The nipples are the one area of her body where she is most verbal about…want to make her moan, pant or even scream and not hold back? Yep figure out what works on her nipples on that given night. She will try to muffle her orgasms from vibes, fingers, fucking and just about everything else but the nipples for some reason or another make her let go of herself…in a very good way.

She’s not the only lover I’ve had that loves nipple play which takes me from the vanilla to the kinky…

Nipples and Ds
1) Pierced or Not – In context of a scene whether they are pierced or not doesn’t matter to me but it does change what I do, how I do it, and in some cases the amount or type of stimulation applied. That dais I do have a special thing for ones that are pierced. Visually it makes them extra appealing, I always like the acknowledgment that a person is into something and for the most part other than my stupid younger self most people with these type of piecings do so for erotic reason (or so I have found). An indication that something about them really works for you.
2) Clamps, clothes pins and clovers – all in the toy bag depending on who, what and when. Everything from the harmless little rope nooses connected with a chair that are mainly for stimulation to brutal clamps with weights.
3) hot and cold – Wax play for me and others has basically been nipple centric all along. Sure the breasts get included, occasionally other body parts get drizzled on but it has always been about candle wax on the nipples long before it go put anywhere else. Cold use to be an occasional part of play, even vanilla fun and by that I mean using vanilla ice cream on them. Ice cubes are fine too and less messy but nowhere near as tasty. I like to literally make her part of dessert every so often.
4) Liquid latex – it was a few different pairs of nipples that first inspired me to buy a jar of liquid latex.
5) Pinch, pull, and bite – simple put yes just in a different context than this type of play in vanilla sex.
6) Popes and wheels and begging oh my. They’re engorged, ultra sensitive, and maybe even marked and sore; bring out the wheel and let the real fun begin. Beg me to stop, beg me to continue. Tell me how it hurts, how it turns you on and what else you’d like to have done to you.

In conclusion
Are nipples a kink for me? That is a tough one. The initial reaction is no. While they are something I’m fond of, have spent a fair amount of time stimulating, torturing, and what not and while I certainly like nipples for various reasons I’m not sure they’d qualify as a kink in and of themselves. But on second thought maybe I just have too much fun with them to not be a kink.

Dirty Panties KOTW

So let’s see if this KOTW can be a little more coherent than the last one shall we? it will however be fairly brief. No pun intended…well maybe a small one. Breifs get it? Small ones…

Since I can’t remember when panties the sexier, more daring and down right sluttier the better were of interest to me. Dirty Panties though are something I’ve never thought about as a fetish for me.

Sure I’m aware of it as a kink but not one that pertains to me any more than selling my own socks after a long run. Yes I know it’s different, I get that there is a huge market out there for such things but it’s honestly not one I understand.   It’s not appeared in any of my real life activities or even in my fiction. When I see the occasional tweet or post about someone selling their worn panties and never gave it a second thought beyond “oh that’s nice. Hope they make a few bucks” capitalist pig type reaction. It’s not one that causes a reaction or aversion of any type it simply just doesn’t trip my trigger.

There are a few pairs of panties in the bin of wickedness that have been given to me over the years as mementos…all of them were laundered. It never occurred not to do so.

So admittedly I have very little to offer on this but am curious as to what others take on it is; both male and female.

Tongue Tied

10/17/2015 After the fact inserted comment.  This post took me a lot of places, it is jumbled, random, and in truth took and went places I never expected that were in the end edited out.  It is possibly the worst piece of writing shared in recent years. I have fixed some typos but otherwise opted to let it stand as is. 


his is the fifth rewrite of this post. So let’s be frank. I learned to go down on a woman thanks to two lovers a long time ago. It is a skill i traded on as my reputation as a man worth sleeping with grew. Facts being fact I don’t have a giant cock, am probably a better than average lay (or was once upon a time) and despite that used other skills such as cunnilingus to round out my portfolio.   Without them and their dedication to this act odds are I’d still be fumbling through eating pussy like some self indulgent 80’s porno which was where my skill set came from before Kathy and Steph gave me some much needed guidance.  And well practice makes perfect right. And they both liked the practice.

Now with proper swordsman’s acknowledgements out of the way let’s get a little more personal. This is one of the few acts that I can tell you the number of people I’ve engaged in it with. Granted it’s not a modest amount compared to “the average number” of sexual partners government stats and academics like to publish but still a memorable amount.   Why’s that? Well it is hard to say? In general fucking for sport is easy fun and yes not really all that personal. However cunnilingus was something I  only par took in with lovers whose pleasure was a priority for me.  I tend to think I know(knew) them better but the fact of the matter is there may not be a guy who doesn’t like a good BJ but a lot of women (unfair broad generalization don’t hate me. ) seem/are uncomfortable with idea of someone going down on them.  Look seeing as I have a penis it’s not my place to judge.

In fact by focusing on them and their pleasure  this way is probably one of the few acts I consider to be intimate. Yes i know I’m fucked up thank you for your concern.  Ironically it is more likely that I’d fuck you casually than kiss you sensually. A topic for another time.

Learning about a person’s orgasms is a powerful thing, helping them reach that release also can help you learn to focus on the small changes as they get ready to cum.  Nuances in their thighs, the motion of their hips, their breathing etc.

As for DS thing

I have seen the entire “is engaging in mainstream sexusal acts like oral a submissive thing” debate in recent years. Can it be sure?  So can cooking dinner or any other thing but it is intention and dynamic that would define that.   I have done some very toppy things to women while going down.  After all I haven’t always owned a Hitachi or known the term “forced orgasm” but sure have played with it using my mouth.

So for a final thought on this subject. I know this dis disjointed.  a reread my previous draft of made it clear that the tone was overly serious and sounded like something i did out of obligation rather than enjoyment. So i didn’t hit publish. That said I am neither prone to sexual dreams and even less prone to dreams of any type that can be recalled in the morning. morning at 4 am i woke up to vivid memories of a dream where cunnilingus had played a very hot role in a three on one exchange.  And that is the beauty of kink of the week now to decide what rd do with those ideas.