The Lock

The lock dangled on the hook in the old bedroom

The gem glowing through the dust and gloom













Papers and pictures spread about on the night stand

One picture of a beautiful lass and a dashing tall man

The lass looked like my aunt back many years

The man embracing her like lovers sincere

A pile of notes and letters each in beautiful scarlet ink

Sorting through a flush of heat as my cheeks glow pink

Unbridled passion in the words and the images there

A wooden box that held a locks of black and golden hair

The golden hair in the box my aunt’s for sure

The black belonged to the man, their secret amour

The long secret she held back from us all for years

Reading the last a tear wells as now I know why

Time had passed as she aged and one day did die

His love for her eternal as he held her that last time

How they kissed in the moonlight their world sublime

His offer of an eternal kiss she had often declined

Take me to the other side she whispered this time

The PS I read made my heart jump to my throat

The lock held the last clue of a lasting hope

He had taken her with him but then now confusion

Who was in the box that whole thing an illusion

As I read how he placed a replica in the box we carried

The tears and remembrance for each of us varied

Now all a lie and the truth began to show in the dusk

Gasping as I saw my aunt appear out of a swirl of dust

A cold hand on my shoulder as I couldn’t scream

Swimming thoughts as it all seemed like a dream

Happy Valentine’s Day my dear, would you like to share

Feeling my arm being lifted slowly into the air

Sleep took over after a few agonizing minutes passed

Waking in the dark I hear their snickers, he has crossed

For you they say as I see my lass tied to a chair

Dresses and ready for me to take her right there

Shhh don’t scream, soon we will be together forever

My valentine it’s just a moment of pain to endure

I place the lock as a necklace on her slender throat

As I sink my fangs in and deeply engulf



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Jenny’s Hell – dark write

There she sat in the corner, tears still falling as the words echoed in her head. His deep ragged voice telling her there was no escape. He owned her, she was bought and paid for. But he insisted, demanded more of her. He wanted to own her mind and soul. One moment he was kind and gentle the next cruel and vicious. It had become a personal hell for her as his footfalls echoed in the corridor.


“Jenny your last escape attempt has left me no choice, I must make sure you cannot run away. I regret having to do this.”

The ball pein hammer was effecting as he broke the big toes on both feet. Jenny’s screams echoed along the halls. Now she was at his mercy for care, food, even the bathroom was beyond her reach.  A time before this was starting to become a blur after the weeks, or had it been months. She had now real idea.

The moans and howls in the night, as much beast as human, tormented Jenny as she tried to sleep. On a good night he wouldn’t come at all, the better nights he would have a rose, the nights she feared the most we would enter covered in dirt and blood. No words as he would grunt and slam her to the floor and use her flesh for his needs. The door slammed open, this was one of the latter nights.

Jenny just sat and watched in fear as his long bedraggled hair dripped with water, he clothing soaked and making his tall gaunt form seem even more maniacal. The dim light showed his crooked smile as he came closer. Jenny knew know fighting him would only add to his rage and she would suffer worse. Knowing he want she laid back of the bed offering herself to him. He grunted and spit on her. The shame of how dirty she felt burned on her face as his words only shamed her more.

“Filthy whore, your only purpose in this world is to please me.”

Jenny shuddered again as he drew back, that fist of iron had left many marks on her before. This time she laid there, not trying to curl up. Laughter began as a small chuckle till his whole body shook. For the first time she heard his laugh. This was more unsettling that anything before. Her naked body numb form the abuse laid open to him by her desire, a desire to stop her own suffering.

He climbed onto of her and thrust in deep. Grunting like and animal like so many times before till he flooded her with his cum. The sweat soaking his body as it dripped onto her. His rough kiss bruising her lips again, his teeth savagely sinking into her flesh as she only made a mutter cry and whimpers.

“Good you are ready now”

The beast flipped her over and without a word slammed into her ass without mercy. She let out he screams and howls that drove him on to his excited frenzy. His hands gripping her throat tight, her body braced as each thrust made her tiny frame shake. She could hear far away his howls of pleasure as her mind floated away. At last she was fully his and she was free.

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The Package: Caution several triggers

He opened the package that arrived, there was a note and a DVD. The note was enough to make his mouth go dry and hands begin to shake. He closed the tray that he put the shiny disk in.



I know you told me to never go out with strange men alone. I wish I had listened.



The auto play started the show for him. He heard his daughter laughing as she was hanging out with a few people. At first it was all from across the room, the person was filming her from a distance and she seemed oblivious. Several one minute flashes of her life in various party scenes. Then he gasped as she was surrounded by a bunch of guys, each one with their cock out. She was on her knees then started sucking them off, the voice behind the camera suddenly cut in. “Oh my looks like daddy’s precious little girl is a college whore”

The next scene she is at the bar but the camera is much closer. A brief negotiation to do a suck off film for $200 and no one would see the film, it was just for his personal collection. Then she was walking toward a van got in and ripped open her shirt. She giggled and bounced around as the camera drew closer. Licking on of her tits and teasing the man holding it, she batted her eyes and said she was ready to party. A bright flash as she crashed to the floor and the scene went black.


The couple minutes of blank was just to let him start to come to terms as the next scene started. Megan was in a dark filthy room with just a cot and bucket. Her eyes were covered in duct tape, she was gagged with what had to be her panties. Other than that she was naked and her muffled cries could be heard. A moment later the door opened and a man walked in, his face covered with a mask. He snatched her by the hair and drug her out the door.

The perspective change as she was taken into the next room. Several men were waiting with what appeared to be seating off to the side so others could watch. There was a muttering as a door opened and people took their seats. The lights were set so their faces couldn’t be seen but as he watched Megan’s father felt his body tighten knowing his daughter was going to be abused. He wanted to stop watching but couldn’t bring himself to turn it off.

The “show” started as the men lined up and her gag was removed. Without a word said she was strapped to the table and the first man walked up behind her, another to her face. A moment later she was being invaded by both cock as the men pumped into her till they came. Her grunts and cries came around the cock being thrust into her mouth. One guy held his cock down till she struggled and thrashed about. A buzzer went off and he pulled out. She gasped for air.

Megan’s father felt his own cock growing despite it being his own daughter. His pants now wet with precum as he watched each man abuse her then the lights went down. A few minutes of blank scene till it came back with Megan tied to a table. Each man now walked slowly in a circle. They all had a blade in hand and when a number was called one would walk up and cut her. Each cut was to her breast, then another round as they cut at random. The final round the first man walked up and cut her nipple off and shoved it in her mouth as she screamed. Blood now started to run from the table and drip on the plastic covered floor as the men did their part.

The last two were called at the same time. One to her head and one walked to her side. A countdown began as the one at her head removed his mask and looked into the camera. Megan’s father felt sick as he saw his son’s face now holding the blade just inches above his sister’s throat. The other man started when the count got to 5 and sliced into the flesh between her legs and cut out her cunt. As he reached into her flesh to pull out her cum filled fuck hole the brother slit her throat and she shook and gurgled till she finally was still.

Looking into the camera the son said “Dad I know what you did and how you turned my sister into a whore. Now she is at rest, you can go to hell”

Megan’s father hadn’t heard his wife walk in the room, she spun his chair around as his hard cock was in his hand. In a quick stroke she plunged the blade in his crotch and twisted it. He couldn’t scream because of the pain but with a turn of her wrist she emasculated him and took the cock and shoved it in his wide open mouth. She laughed while he bled to death then fell to the floor.

The son walked in and laughed. “Too bad for him we found out what happed to Megan for her 18th birthday.”

Mom laid back on her dead husband’s corpse and pulled up her skirt.

“Come here and give momma some loving” she said.

Donor needed #horror

The ad read $500 for skin donations. Margret looked and read other ads for different jobs. She looked in the mirror and sighed, she was pretty enough but the thought of working at another restaurant for some sleaze bag manage that just wanted to offer her a position in his office for her made her stomach turn. She was let go from her last job because she refused to blow the manager in the stock room. It was her word against his and she knew she would lose in the end. The picture of her with her family on her mirror some days was all that kept her going. She didn’t want to go back, another failure in the small town. The ad seemed to draw her eyes back to it, it was vague but she knew it would be fast easy money. The knock at the door jolted her, she knew who it was and she was flat broke. The landlord was a kind old man but even he had a limit to his charity. He told her she had to pay him the money she owed him by the end of the week or she was going to have to move out.

Margret looked at the ad again and picked up her phone. A female voice answered, that was a relief. Maggie got the address and assured that it would be a one day deal. In and out the lady said, for that money Maggie would have sold her soul. With her ticket in hand she took the rail to the closest station and started walking from there. Her mind began to wonder what this was really all about. Her palms started sweating when she thought it might be some killer luring anyone desperate in to murder them. When she turned the corner on the street she began to look around. The row of nice offices with manicured lawn didn’t scream danger, in fact the large office at the address was beautiful with a white fence running around it.

As Maggie walked up the door opened slowly. For a moment Maggie almost ran for it. Her heart began to settle when the lady smiled as she stepped out to the front porch with her hand held out.

“Hello Maggie, I am Selina.” The lady said with a huge smile.

It took Maggie a moment to take the ladies hand. Mid 40’s lady dressed in a business suit with the strangest looking earrings she had ever seen. The skirt showed off her perfect looking legs but Maggie had never seen a woman so flat chested before. It was a shock for a moment as the thought of her being some high tech robot flashed through Maggie’s brain. That was quickly dismissed as the warm hand clasped hers and brought her into the entry way. The marble floor were polished in the hall as the decorations were impressive. Selina left Maggie filling out some paperwork while she went and got the doctor. Standard question, name, date of birth, next of kin and so on. Medical history was standard too as Maggie was still wondering what exactly the donation was going to be. Maybe it was for burn victims or kids. Maggie tapped the pen on the lamp shade next to her as she read the last line.


“Donors will not hold the clinic responsible for change of mind after the procedure is completed.” Then a line to sign and date.

“Please don’t tap the lamp shade, it is one of my favorites” a male voice said from across the room.

Maggie stopped dead in her tracks, the pen dangled loosely in her fingers as she looked at the man she could only assume was the doctor. His dark curls were wild like a young man but tinted with light grey on the sides with one falling loosely across his eyes that he would brush away occasionally. The steel grey eyes that pierced right into her as she felt her mouth go dry and her heart race.

“I’m, I’m sorry” Maggie stammered

“It is ok. Salina gave me the material to make that one, it is a rather lovely piece don’t you think?”

Maggie looked at the lamp other than the odd leather cover it looked like a normal lamp on a desk of any office.

“I guess so. Honestly I am not really an artsy fartsy kind of girl.”

“That is fine too, I guess art is sometime lost on youth.”

Maggie felt her face flush. Did he just insult her? Maggie just wanted to get her money and get out so she pressed.

“When do we get started?”

“Well first I am Dr. Stine. And we need to explain what we expect and answer any questions you might have.”

“As long as you’re not going to kill me or harvest my organs or leave me scarred then I think I am ready.”

Dr. Stine looked at Selina then back at Maggie.

“Let us show you. Selina was one of the first donors here. She gave up her skin with very little scarring in fact Salina if you would be so kind.”

Salina removed her jacked and started unbuttoning her blouse. Maggie felt a cold sensation go through her as the shirt opened to reveal a flat chest that was skin with no breast of any kind.

“You see, I have a special touch, there is no scarring left. Her breast were causing her issues and I removed them for fee of keeping the skin for other uses. The lamp you see there is her right breast and the left was in the hall as you walked in.”

Maggie went from cold to panic. She could feel the blood run out of her face as she looked at the lamp again. The leather was in fact the skin that was once part of the woman standing there. Maggie got up slowly not saying a word as she backed toward the door. Salina buttoned her blouse and took a step toward Maggie. That was it, Maggie turned and ran till she got to the locked front door.

“My dear,” Salina began $500 is for just one side. He would gladly pay handsomely for both, he always enjoys having a set to work with.”

“You people are sick” Maggie screamed.

She almost didn’t feel the prick on her arm. A few seconds later she felt the room spin and her knees buckle as she fell into the arms of Dr. Stine.

To be continued…

Shade pt4

The moon slowly rose over the horizon. Over the youths shoulder the shadows rolled and broiled waiting for the moment they were unleashed. A single command given, that for the moment no blood was to be shed. First blood would belong to their newest member. The moon light spilled over her pale flesh as she emerged from the cave. Her red hair spilling out into the night as the breeze whips around her. Her nipples erect while the chill nipped at them, her flesh real enough but her eyes were now dark pools leading whoever crossed her to the dammed pit of eternity.


Now like a fog the shades crossed toward the camp. Men now frozen in place as the shades held them like a vice. The blood suddenly like ice as the fear of feeble hearts felt the real chill of mortality creep along their flesh. Even the would be brave king’s will became like chaff in the wind before the power of the shades. As he lay ridged in his bed the guards that were posted outside were drawn in, handsome ruddy men that were now pawns in the scene. What unfolded next was a true show of the darkness that ruled this place.

The pale arm that separated the curtain was a welcomed sight as the kind saw the signet ring. Then his joy turned to confusion as she entered naked. Fully in control she walked over to the first guard. Her tongue sliding across his throat and then into his mouth, kissing him and rubbing against the cold hard steel he wore. Slowly dragging the dagger from its hilt she places it on his chest. He stood frozen as she cut away the straps and the pieces fell ringing to the ground. The blade now drug through the clothing till he stood there as exposed as she was.

She started running her nails over his body. Red trails soon followed as he could only wince and let whatever happened happen. Her fingers slowly traced around his nipples soon followed by her tongue flicking them till they were tight and his cock began to respond. As it rose to her demand the princess knelt before him, the tip of the cock pulsing before her lips and her tongue snaked out and licked the tip. Slowly sliding along the shaft she swallowed the length and then moved back and forth. The king forced to watch as his daughter showed great delight in the dirty sweaty cock she was engulfing.

Turning just as the guard stiffened from the impending release she locked eyes with the king. She let the load slide down her throat not letting a drop of the man’s explosion spill out. Letting the cock slide out of her mouth with a wicked smile she stopped as the head was trapped by her teeth. The man let out a howl of pain as she bit down, severing the head from the rest of the member. Her throat opening up as she gulped the crimson release, it was her first feeding now that she was part shade. Sucking like a hungry babe nursing till he had nothing left to give, she turned her attentions to the other guard.

In a flash she was on top of him, a cloud of dust rose from under him as he crashed to the ground. She ripped open his trousers. She was famished as she roughly yanked at his cock. He moaned as it grew. As soon as it was hard she straddled him plunging down as he impaled her. Her shriek of wild pleasure as she rode him was the signal to the rest of the shades. As they ripped the rest of the camp to pieces she fucked her prey. The screams of the dying competed with her orgasmic release. The princess leaned over the man she had ravaged and kissed him savagely. Sliding her tongue in his mouth his eyes went wide, the kind saw his throat expand as her tongue snaked down it. His body convulsed under her as she closed in on her prize. A moment later her she shredded his heart with the razor tip of her tongue. She sucked the life force strait from his chest, all the while looking at the king with a wild gleam in her eye.

As she rose off the corpse she carried the dagger clutched in her hand as she approached the king. As she drew near him a few shades gathered in the tent. His face was wild with fear and disgust as he saw her swagger toward him, blood still dribbling down her lips. She knelt next to him, the blade cutting the royal tunic and bearing his chest.

“Now I need to make sure we get our point across, this is our woods and will be feared and respected.” She said as she plunged the blade in his chest. His eyes wide as she pulled the blade back and quickly her hand ripped his beating heart out. With a smile on her lips the last thing he saw was her lick the fluttering organ slowly then taking a bite…

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Shades pt3

This weeks prompt for Wicked Wednesday was hidden. I am pleased that the continuation of the story has a little of that in it. So without out further delay I give you part 3 of the Shade line.

knightpicture by Eric J Magie

The patrol found the scene, even they were taken back by the unbelievable sight. Armor and weapons were strewn across the ground and in the trees. Bones stripped to a bleach white color all that remained of the men who had once rode this way. A standard broken and muddied, the red splatters the only remnants of the brave blood that flowed in the hearts of the men.

Near a big tree skulls lines the base. Some intact others broken, but each peering back at the patrol riders as if death was hiding behind the tree waiting for them. The horses pawed the ground and stomped restlessly, setting the men on edge. As a rider dismounted the youth appeared before them. His sudden appearance game them all a start. One of the horses reared and upending its rider who landed in a bush. His scream of pain sent a chill amongst the rest. He staggered out of the bush; a sword shimmered in the light as it protruded from his shoulder.

The youth walked up to the wounded man and without a word pulled the blade from him. The rider fell to his knees holding his bleeding shoulder as the youth held the now crimson stained blade.

“Tell your Lord we appreciate his gift that he sent yesterday. We were beginning to worry that man had forgotten their promise to us.”

The men now pulled their horses back from the youth. Watching him with a wary eye as they companion staggered toward his horse.

“Who are you?” asked the leader of the patrol as the rest of the men murmured

“I am but a simple messenger from my master, the Lord of the dark woods. As I said before my Lord offers his gratitude for the gift of flesh and blood that was sent to us yesterday. I especially had a fondness for the fire haired one. She has a lot of spirit. If you would be so kind as to ride back and thank your lord for us, we will be willing to spare you lives.”

The men looked at one another as the leader pondered for a moment. He was perplexed by the words he was hearing and the quandary before him now. Who would dare bring news to the king that his daughter and her entourage had been taken with no proof.

“Little sir, might I have proof that what you say is true? Our lord is not as understanding as you might think, he will need to know for sure it is as you say it is.”

A smile crossed the youth’s face as he moved his hand in the air. A moment later a tattered piece of the dress the princess had been wearing appeared. Lifting it, a breath then carried it to the mounted rider, it floated and danced till it reached him. The rider knew what he was faced against and bowed best he could from his horse. He had heard tales of powerful beings in the woods, ones that expected payment for allowing man to live in peace.

“I will tell him and I thank you for your generous offer.”

As they turned the leader kicked his horse in the flanks riding like all the evils of the world were chasing him till the castle was in view. The gate keeps yelled out for them to identify themselves, they were all winded from the hard ride and an answer came too late as the arrows from the keep wall took them from their horses and pinned them to the ground.

The gate keepers came out and found the shred of the princess garment still clutched in the dead man’s hand. Another nearby gurgling in death as the only words they could understand were shade’s payment. Of course they had no idea and instead told the king that the men had been attacked by the same force that took his daughter in hopes to spare their own lives from their error.

Moments later an order for war was declared on whoever had taken his daughter. He swore that the fiends that had her would pay with their lives. The great hall now alive with men suiting up for battle as the last piece of truth that could have saved them had expired in the courtyard.

That evening the army came to the edge of the woods. Setting camp at the wood line they readied themselves for the battle that would happen tomorrow. Horses pranced on at the edge of the camp as men sat around fires and boasted of their great strength and fearlessness. They didn’t notice that the shadows seemed to multiply around them in the fading light.

For now the Shades stayed hidden, waiting till the moon rose so that the men would know that all their boasts we in vein. They would know fear before morning, they would feel the strength run from their flesh. The worms went to task and churned the earth at the edge of camp, soon it would be time and the forced of men would pay for their insolence.

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The Shades part2

The two women watch in horror as their companion screamed. Each limb ripped off her now floating torso, the screams lasted for a few moments but it seemed like an eternity to them. Then the flesh on the floating parts began to melt as if acid was eating at the victim. A gurgling sound now came from her as lips and eyes seem to be wax at an open flame slowly vanishing. No blood falling till her stomach burst open. The sound of her entrails landing on the floor in a wet splatter made one girl faint as the other vomited.

Laughter surrounded the two remaining women as the one revived the other from the ground. Wisps struck against the two remaining eager to devour them as well till a booming sound shook the cavernous place. A moment later the smaller shades retreated and it was just the youth and the beast from the thrown. No words were spoken as the women were shoved further into the cave. Ushered along roughly till the golden hair one turned and began to run.

“Such folly little snack. You would never make the entrance; you saw what the little ones did to your companion.” Said the youth “Better this than what would befall you there.”

They let her chose her fate. The image of her friend being torn apart and then consumed like that sent a shiver along her spine, the screams still ringing in her ears. This was enough to make her push on, not knowing that there are things in this world worse than death.  The path narrowed and wound around, a moment seemed to last forever as the women followed the youth and beast.

Finally they arrived to what could be called a room. Battered shields lay strewn around the room, some from a time long forgotten, and others from armies that had recently been said to have vanished or ran away.  They made for a rough table and what could be called a bed. The beast sat there, his eyes glowing as he seemed to study the women. It was quiet as a tomb now, the small shuffles of their feet the only way the ladies knew that they had not gone deaf. It was all part of how the shades broke the victims who made it that far.

A clearing of the throat and both of the shades looked at the red head in the room. Her pale skin almost glowed in the faint flicker of the walls, the only light to see by. It gave an eerie green cast to everything and matched the beast’s eyes, as if it was a part of him. Immediately she dropped her head back down but it was all they needed. She had shown a hint of courage in such a dangerous place. She would be the prize and the golden hair would be their entertainment.

The youth walked over and rent the garments off both women. Tearing material, gasps and cries now filled the room. Now standing naked the women clung to one another in hopes that they could be saved in that last moment. In such desperate moments humans did things the shades thought were amusing and for a bit they let them stand there. Their bodies pressing together but frail and weak compared to the beings that they now faced.

The youth moved toward a corner and drug out a long bench, it had a place for the hands and feet to hang over just enough so the person could be tied to it. He smiled as he walked toward them; their whimpers grew at the approach. A moment later he had his hand locked in the golden hair, renting her from her companion and tossing her like a rag doll toward the device. Her scream of fear mingled with pain froze the red head in place. Tears streamed down both human faces as the woman was then placed on the bench and tied down. A sneer on the youths face as his form changed.

A face like the beast now appeared, teeth pointed like knives and the clothing absorbed into the flesh that now was ash grey like dried mud. Between his legs a cock of sorts appeared as he mounted the device. Saliva dripped onto her face, each leavening a hiss as it burned into her flesh, then her real screaming began. A thrust ripping into her as the creature took his prize. Vicious thrusts each met with a yelp of anguish as soft flesh began to shred. The wetness that now provided some lubrication was her blood from the assault. Several minutes passed then he relinquished his position and the beast rose off his thrown.

The golden hair woman was now nothing more than a writhing mangled pile of flesh. The beast enjoyed watching the humans suffer but he also had a taste for a woman’s gift as well. As he climbed onto the woman she shook, looking away. Her skin mottled with the pot mark burns of the others spittle. She locked eyes with the other woman who stood frozen in horror knowing she was next or would suffer even a worse fate.

The thrust came with such force that the youth smiled, if indeed that is what it could be called. The yelp was not as forceful as the screams of earlier, much of her strength was now spent from the first onslaught. Thrust after thrust then the beast growled low and deep. The woman screamed as his cock expanded inside her. Flesh ripped and then the bone cracked in her pelvic area, a moment later her pelvic region exploded as her internal organs flew across the room with an acidic goo mingled in them. No more screams as her flopping body took a few moments to still from the sudden removal of the life it once held inside.

The beast reached inside her chest and ripped out her heart as it fluttered its final beat. Tipping it like a flask to be drank from the blood fell into the open maw and now sizzled on the evil tongue. As the beast got up the lower half of the woman was still attached to his cock, reaching down he severed the spine and let the legs stay in place. The red head was trapped now as the floor had come alive and sucked her feet down while the beast approached.


The beast reached out is free hand and clasped her face. A nod and the youth came with a flask a moment later then poured some of the contents in the now still heart. Her head now tilted up and mouth forced open the liquid was poured in. a moment later she was on the floor gagging and choking as they both took a seat and waited.

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Dark Christmas

A brief warning, this is not for the faint of heart . It is probably the darkest I have shared to date. It is also pure fantasy and not related to any true events

“You better watch out you better not cry.” That stupid song was playing for the 100th time on the looped sound track. I thought I was going to puke. I was strapped for cash but even prisoners don’t have to suffer this much torture. I took a job at the local mall as an elf to help with the Santa booth. The advertisement said earn a little holiday cash, yeah they weren’t kidding, if it wasn’t for Connie I would have walked the first day. She made an elf suit look good.

I stood there listening day after day to the spoiled brats and a few good kids list off their wants and desires to our detoxing Santa. Yeah his rosy cheeks from years of gin and beer made him the perfect candidate for the big red suit. Top it off he was a pervert but what’s new? I think deep inside we all would have rather had some of the mommies on or over our knees rather than the kids, and he was loud and proud about it when we were all to ourselves.

Connie would just smile and blush as she turned away his advances like “Hey little girl you want to see my north pole or how about you come and sit on Santa’s lap and we can talk about whatever comes up” he was a dirty old fuck and the job paid shit but like I said she made it all worth it in the demeaning work.

Our final Friday and the checks were being handed out; the mall crew was tearing down the stage and boxing everything for next year as we said a few goodbyes. Everything was closed and the security lights were all the illumination there was. As usual I walked Connie to her car in the dark lot, when she turned and looked at me.

“Why haven’t you asked me out yet?”

I wasn’t prepared for the forward question. Yeah I wanted to.  I wanted to see if those tits looked as good out of the suit as they promised. Each day they threatened to fall out of the tight white shirt they gave her to wear. I knew why the dads in town brought their kids to our mall. She was a red head pale skin sexy elf and she was worth looking at.

“I…I don’t know” I stammered “Guess I figured you had enough being ogled over by the rest of the guys that you needed a friend.”

Her smile lit up the parking lot as she unlocked the car and got in.

“Come on friend, get in”

I looked around and got in. I felt my cock jump at the thought of what I might be getting for Christmas. I hoped she would at least jack me off. The car roared to life and she hit the gas with no warning. Across the parking lot like a demon she sped as I held on for dear life.

A few minutes later we pulled up to a dark house, it looked like something from a horror film as she opened the door and jumped out. She ran toward the door then stopped and turned. She squeezed her tits together then disappeared inside with a giggle. I opened the door slowly and gathered a little courage to follow her.

At the doorway was a pair of pink panties on the floor. A little further the green jacket that she wore. I walked on feeling my excitement grow. A creek from the end of the hall led me to where she was waiting. Kneeling on the dirty floor next to a mattress her green eyes sparkled in the light that came in from the window.

“Don’t you think it’s kind of dirty in here?” I asked

“That’s kind of the point, I don’t want you to be a gentleman, I want you to let loose. It’s my gift to you for being a good guy.”

A hard swallow as all kinds of ideas ran through my head.

“I see how you look at me, your eyes undressing me. I want you to do whatever was running through your naughty mind.”

I walked forward and kissed her softly, she pulled away. Pushing me off as I tried again and the same thing happened. I was confused.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? You’re being a cock tease.”

“Come on you know you want it, come and take it.”

The internal struggle grew as my cock was urging me to take what I wanted, what little control I had vanished as her shirt ripped as she pulled away again. Her pale flesh in the street light made her glow, her pink nipples hard with the excitement as well. She knelt looking so innocent except that evil smile on her lips, her tongue slid slowly over her lips. I shook; my hands trembled with the tattered remains of her shirt dangling. The conflict became more of a one sided losing battle as lust and desire grew. I need to take her, to consume every ounce of what was offered even though I had no idea how far it would take me.

Grabbing her face in my hand her eyes opened a little wider. Pushing her back the dust rose like a cloud of impure thought, her body crashing into it. Pouncing on her there was no feeling but lust, wanting all of her. Unzipping my pants my cock sprung from the obnoxious green pants. My hands now forcing my candy cane into her mouth, for a moment she tried to keep her lips sealed. I lessened my grip and she bit me.

“Fucking bitch” I barked and a slap marked the side of her face.

I was shocked; it was like a beast had started taking over, but even more than that, I liked it. Green eyes narrowed, she was pushing my buttons I managed to force her mouth open. A moment later she was gagging and coating my cock with her saliva. Hard thrusts, I could feel the back of her throat as sinister images ran through my head. I held her as close as I could for a minute, her throat having no choice to open. Her hands clawing at my pants and shirt till she went limp.

A moment of clarity made me pull back and lay her down. Her breathing shallow as my mind raced. Fear mingled with the rush of power, a wicked roller coaster of emotion her eyes fluttered open as she gave a faint smile.

“That’s what I was talking about” she said just above a whisper “Don’t stop, fuck me!”

A flash of raw animalistic desire ran through my body. Pulling her skirt up I found her cunt soaked, the head of my cock ripped into her cunt like a hot knife through butter. She moaned and writhed around. She wasn’t going anywhere as I had my hands locked in her hips. Those legs I wanted to see more of now braced against my shudders. I pounded her harder than I knew possible. A wave started in my testicles and grew then her body tightened. Her soaked pussy gripped and milked my dick till I exploded.

“What..what..what the fuck are you doing?” she gasped

“I couldn’t help it, it felt so good.”

“You bastard!” she wailed “Now I got you fucking cum inside me!”

She was furious but I wasn’t about to let her get up. My cock was still hard and I was going to fuck her like she deserved. All the humanity and restraint was gone, a total savage animal now ruled by my flesh. A hard slap across her face, a red trickle came from her lip staining her pale flesh.

“I am not done with you yet whore” a voice growled. It was my voice and I felt like I was just along for the ride now as whatever had taken over was not letting loose. Rolling her over, she tried to fight away but I had her pinned.

Adrenaline flooded and pushed, my cock had never been harder as I got back on top of her. Finding a target I forced in, her screams distant. Something about her ass being torn, her screams were like fuel. No stopping, no mercy I was taking this whore who had just begged me to fuck her, there was no stopping.

An elbow to my ribs did nothing but piss me off. Grabbing the arm I forced it up, a snap like a wet branch another scream, more fuel. She still struggled making it difficult for me as she had wiggled to the edge of the mattress. Putting my arm around her throat to hold her in place I let loose the season of insults on her body. Time and the world disappeared there was nothing but her body to take out everything on. That fat ass bastard that called me elf boy, the snickers and jokes. Everything came into a moment of insanity. I could feel another wave build, I locked my arm as tight as I could when it hit, and this cunt wasn’t fucking it up for me. She was playing and I knew it. Her body was a limp rag doll now, absorbing all the fury as a primal scream unconstrained exploded.

Pulling back she pulled her to her knees as I released. Her head fell limp sideways her face a purplish red as her tongue lolled out. The moment of reality flooded back, a wave of shock and fear crashed in. Nausea from the moment or knowing and the adrenaline crash made me vomit on the floor. Her body limp half on half off the mattress the red smeared across her lips as the color of her flesh had begun changing to a light hue of blue.

Sitting there for a while the smell of urine and her bowels permeated the room. The skirt still half covering her body, carelessly covering her thigh, I knew I was dammed as it turned me on. My cock growing as darker thoughts entered my mind. Rolling her onto her back now as a surreal calm flooded over me. She was as beautiful in death as she had been in life. Her cunt was still oozing the mix of our fluids as I began to use it as lubrication. Kissing her lips I knew she was the best fuck I had ever had.

The next day the paper read about the junky that had died in an abandoned house fire. I read it with a smile then went to the freezer to look at her Christmas gift to me. Her pink fuck lips on ice for the moment till found how to preserve them better.

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Civic Duty

Kathrin had always talked about the importance of doing civic duty, how it was for the good of more than just the individual but for the people as a whole. So when she got her letter she was actually excited, there was no use in running anyway. The penalty for running was to be dragged out into the street and shot in the head with your body left in the ditch to rot.

Things had changed after the war and for those that survived it was always a struggle. A tour in the service at least meant  you got to eat twice a day where the rest of the people only got a ticket for a single daily ration that was just enough to keep starvation from claiming the entire population. Karen smiled as she went to the train station. Finally she would show everyone she was not just all talk.

The train lumbered along the track, other men and women standing there waiting with their ticket in hand. Some tearful goodbyes as it was finally time to board and be on their way. There were no seats as the box cars, 4 in all, were loaded, comfort was a long forgotten item. Holding onto over head ropes was the best way to remain standing for the several hour trip.

Goose Hill Junction
Ingy The Wingy / / CC BY-ND

The creaking and clacking as the train moved over the rough track made Kathrin feel a strange tingle. It was a kind of excitement as she was in the corner. After a while of this tingle she reached down and touched herself and the rush of her hand on her skin made her instantly wet. She almost wished she hadn’t, almost that is. A man standing against her had noticed as he gave a knowing smile and a wink. Did she dare, it was such a risk with everyone around.  He leaned over and whispered

“I won’t tell if you don’t tell”

She smiled and slid her hand inside her ragged pants. She was soaked as she continued to rub her clit, the man watched. He turned a little and pulled his cock out of his own pants so he was facing the corner, slowly stroking it as they watched one another. There wasn’t quite enough room for more than what they had in their little space even though she wanted desperately to feel his cock invade her. A heavy jolt in the track sent her off balance as she grabbed desperately for something to support her. She caught his neck as somehow managed to get in front of him.

His cock was just in the right angle as he wasted no time; time was not a luxury as they would be arriving soon. A thrust that pinned her thin body against the wall as his cock invaded her wet pussy. Kathrin was glad he was not as endowed as her last lover or this would had been more painful than pleasurable. He pumped hard and savagely but that was what her body was craving, to be used much like the first boy she had been with that knew little of how to please a woman.  It wasn’t great but it was enough as she felt her body begin to tighten and shake. She bit her lip to keep from making an audible announcement as to their activities. 

As she gained her wits and he pulled out, wiping himself clean on the side of her pants, the train began to slow. Finally it came to a slow halt with a mild rock that knocked several people over. The loud speakers made announcements for what to do next.

“Please have your papers ready as you proceed to the processing station. Blue papers to the left end of the platform pink papers to the right. Thank you for your cooperation”

DWCC at Night
ibarra_svd / / CC BY-NC-SA

It was no secret that the blue was for the men and the pink was for the women. People disembarked onto the platform, papers in hand as they went their designated directions. Kathrin felt a light smack on her ass and turned to see the man who she had just had sex with. He mouthed thank  you as he walked the other direction. She couldn’t forget him now as his fluid was now leaking down her leg with every step. She only hoped she would be able to find a place to relieve herself and clean up before they got to the exam room.

A woman began crying and dropped to her knees. For a moment Kathrin felt a flash of pity but it was only for a moment. Two men in black uniforms walked up to her and ordered her to join the line. She put her face in her hand and shook her head no as she wept. They lifted her one under each arm as they carried her off to the side. Kathrin watched as the older man drew his pistol as he told her she had one chance to join the line or else. The woman was frozen as she looked up in fear. She put her face back in her hands and shook her head. The single shot echoed off the walls as the body fell and flopped around for a few moments. Compliance to civic duty was mandatory and refusal was dealt with harshly and swiftly.

Kathrin followed the line as they walked in a door and waited. The place was all white except for the ropes that hung as dividers for the line that were black. It was chilly as one by one they were taken into the exam room. Kathrin felt her nerves growing again. She was ready for this; after all she knew it was required. It was better to be of service even if it meant death rather than be a rotting corpse on the side of the road that the people would desecrate in various foul ways. Finally she was standing at the door, she could hear some kind of conversation for several minutes then another door open and close. The door in front of her opened as she was told to enter.

The cold sterile setting made it feel like a hospital room that she knew as a child, well minus the antiseptic smell.  The woman stood ridged as she held her clip board.


Kathrin handed over the papers her hand shaking slightly

“I see you requested the military service”

“Yes ma’am I think it is important to serve to keep the country strong”

The woman almost made a smile as she looked at Kathrin

“A wise choice, we always need more meat for the grinder.” Her words cold as a icy chill ran down Kathrin’s spine. 

“Now strip and put on the paper gown handing behind you as you head to processing”

Kathrin pulled off the rags that were what constituted as clothes and tossed them into the pile of other discarded things. The woman noticed the wetness that glistened on Karen’s thigh.

“Wait a minute? What is that?” She pointed to the leaking fluid that Kathrin was unable to take care of earlier.

“It was a parting gift from a friend” Kathrin tried to play it off as the woman glared as her.

“You better be telling me the truth” she said as she pulled out a testing kit.

It took a few minutes for the test to be run as Kathrin felt violated from the cold metallic deice that was inserted into her. The woman glared at her the whole time making her being nude feel all the more like a piece of meat rather than a person. Finally the machine made a buzz and a green light came on.

“All clear now put on the white gown and someone will be with you shortly” the cold woman said

With that the door on the other side of the room opened and Kathrin exited quickly into the waiting area. White gowns draped clumsily like hospital gowns as the green trucks rolled in to the dock. Each truck was labeled with the name of a town and there were several labeled for the military. Everyone watched the trucks back up to the docks.

A door opened as several men walked out with masks and rubber gloves on. They had hoses in one hand and a brush in the other. People were ushered toward the walk ways as a quick wash and rinse was performed. Kathrin stripped off the paper gown as the man ordered her to. She was surprised the water was actually warm and not ice cold as she had expected. She followed the directions into the next room. That was where the processing was taking place. She was amazed at how efficient things seemed to work.

She barely had time to know someone had grabbed her and slit her throat as her legs were secured in the hanger. The burning pain of the metal hooks going through the back of her feet between the bone and tendon would have made her scream if she could have. Then she was hung upside down. Kathrin’s final thoughts were of her life and how she was proud to be part of the system. She never regretted turning 40 even though she would have to do her civic duty, but it was for the good of the people.

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