Hemp Rope

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I have said countless times I’m not qualified to teach. In many ways it’s a selfish statement and in others it’s a total fucking lie. It’s selfish in that if I’m showing others what I know I’m in theory not learning myself, it is also a reflection that I don’t consider myself an expert by any means. I’m still a knot challenged rope enthusiast, not different, nothing more. The part about it being a lie is that if you asked me to teach you something after a proper disclaimer I’d teach just about anyone just about anything I know if they really wanted to learn.

A New Found Respect for Bondage Educators

It might seem like an odd question after all I don’t know of any large public companies or for that matter even most businesses on main street seeking out that type of exposure. After all most of America doesn’t like to admit that it likes sex let alone kinky play. I think prime time TV tells a different story but that’s a topic for another day. Still I think companies would think twice about handing out items with their logos on them to every Dom, Hick, and Hairy if they knew where they really ended up. Here’s just one example.

Is your Corporate Logo in a Dungeon?

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Malflic once again finds a reason to get out his rope bag and pseudo justify buying more new rope the he actually doesn’t need. Still he convinces the Chesty Blonde to play along as he tried to answer the question for the ages when it comes to bondage…Hemp vs. MFP rope. It’s more fun than science as he reviews six tied he conducted on his willing partner and the perceived differences that natural fiber rope gave him as the rigger and the Blonde as the stunt bunny DuJour . Over time Malflic who is only human became distracted by his sexy partner who was set on seducing him into non bondage related activies before he eventually tells of how he introduced a series of nibbles, kisses, pinches and smacks into to the process along with nipple clamps and sex toys.

Rope Bondage Hemp vs. MFP