Fifty Pieces

Twenty-five red twenty-five blue at the beginning of the game fifty total lay on the board, strewn about now. The game is over as Jen stood looking in disbelief. The battle of the minds for who would be victorious over the others body for the day. The little shudder of anticipation and excitement that ran along her spine also ran to her pussy as she felt the wetness start.


“Do you remember your safeword?”

She shook her head yes. Jack grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled her head hack as he roughly pushed her against the wall.

“What is it you coy little bitch? Say it!” he growled

From damp to an instant flood. The sharp jerk and forceful way he tossed her around. Jen’s knees felt weak as his hot breath was in her face and his words forcing her to fight an involuntary orgasm.

“Popcorn” suddenly her knees buckled as the wave hit her. She knew he could make her cum at command but now he made her cum saying her safeword. Her head spun as he gave his wicked laugh.

“Spectacular, I have you under my full control.” Jack said with his signature sinister smile “Now let the real game begin.”

He didn’t let his words sink in to mess with her head like normal. The new blade he got just for this scene hooked into the back on her shirt, with a pull it split the back open. Jen gasped as the material fell loose then her shorts were quickly treated the same. She was left standing in just her undergarments.

“I know those matching piece are a bit pricy, so I will give you the chance to take them off before I do it for you.”

He started counting down from ten. Jen took a moment to recover but stripped quickly, no way was she losing her newest set if she could save them. As she slid off her panties, her precarious situation made it easy for the rope to be wrapped around her. Jack subdued her quickly as she was easily hogtied. Her not so gentle landing on the floor made her gasp as now she was helpless and a bit concerned. This was one of his impromptu scenes and she had no idea what to expect except he was going to do whatever was in his devious brain. Lashing her around the arms he was setting her up for the most thrilling and terrifying moment of her life.

Checking the ropes and making sure each line was tight he was ready finally. The sound of some kind of motor behind Jen made her shudder. This was totally new, she had seen him watching the fucking machine videos. Suddenly she had visions of her body spread out immobilized as the machine abused her wet pussy. She shuddered again in excitement, her juices now leaking out and over the freshly waxed lips.

The click of some metal piece hooking into place sent another shudder then the motor sound again. Suddenly Jen felt the ropes tighten as Jack checked to make sure each was secured. Her body now lifted off the ground just a few inches at first testing the rigging. A few minutes later she was swung around toward the banister her breath coming in ragged gasps as she was lifted over the edge and hanging above the floor downstairs. Slowly lowered down Jen she was at the edge of panic and excitement. Stopping her just a few feet off the ground she whimpered as Jack walked down the steps.

“So like how I rigged the place?”

Her mind was already spinning as he gave her a little push. Intelligible mutters as she swung back and forth for a minute. Jack stripped his pants as she watched wide eyed taking the blade he cut the rope the rigger had shown him. Jen fell a few inches into the final position the rope spreading her legs wide as he got into position. It didn’t take long before she was moaning and crying out in bliss.

Before Jack unloaded in her the timer went off, he lowered her to the floor to finish with her. Untying the ropes such beautiful marks had bitten into her flesh. He took her right there on the floor.

The rest of the evening we spent playing other games but it all started with those fifty pieces. It was a win for both of them.

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Twelve Ball

“Twelve ball, off two rails and in the side pocket.” I said with confidence


Jen sneered “You don’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of hitting that shot.”

“Care to put a wager on it?”

I don’t know if it was the beer or just my usual stupidity. I had walked in with $10 and my cue stick, just another weekend hustle. I hoped it would get me enough drinks to forget the pain of her and what she had done. I ordered the first beer and watched who was playing where. I saw the Milligan boys who knew better than to play against me so I let them be in their corner. Plus start something with them and I’d have to deal with half the bar. Many of the people here were related somehow, the rest of us just came to drink and shoot pool.

As I continued to nurse my beer I felt the hot breath on the back of my neck. The chills raced along my spine and arms as I slowly turned to see who it was. My stomach turned and I felt my brain telling me don’t walk, run to the door. No warning as the hand grabbed my face, pulling my close. I knew I was in for a world of hurt this time. There was no use fighting, I let go in surrender.

The honey colored curls that fell roguishly over those sea green eyes. That perfume that melted away any willpower I had left like a hot knife through butter. The blood red lips that dripped with the sweetest poison with every kiss, and nails of a matching color that had run tracks through my back and torn out pieces of my heart and soul so many times before. I was now in the clutches of the nemesis of my willpower and common sense. My brain finally snapped on as she let go of the first kiss, her teeth tugging my bottom lip.

“Wh…what are you doing there.” I stammered as my head stopped spinning.

“I got off work early, I figured you would be here.” Gods even her voice had an effect on me, it was something between frustration and anticipation. “What are you planning tonight? Some hustle or are you looking for some real action?”

“I was going to shoot a few games and head home.” I stammered

That hissing snicker, like she knew why I was there. She leaned in close as I leaned back. I felt her tongue slide up my throat.

“What’s wrong baby, scared of playing sweet little me?”

I was doomed and knew it right there. I could feel my cock swelling as well as heat rising off my body. I hated her for knowing how to turn me on like that. Her hand grabbed my balls.

“Shall I rack ‘em or do you want to?”

“I’ll do it, we both know you cheat like a bitch.”

Her laugh caught me unexpectedly, and it made a few others turn to look at what was so funny. I broke free of her grip and set up the table.

“Eight or Nine ball?” I asked

“I’d rather be playing with your two balls.” She said with an evil smile.

I swallowed hard as I set up our first game. Nine ball it is. At least then it would be a challenge for both of us.

“What are the stakes for tonight” She asked as she assembled her cue stick.

“What do you have in mind?” I crooked, my throat dry as cotton.

“Best of nine games, winner gets to do whatever they wish.”

“Deal!” I said, sure I could beat her

She took a swig of my beer and winked. Prancing around the table she stroked the stick intentionally being lude. Setting the cue ball she looked up and winked. The crack of the balls colliding has always been an aphrodisiac for us both. The chill along my spine from that sound and watching as the nine ball spun toward the pocket on her break. I watched it fall as I felt like I handed my soul to the succubus once again. I stood froze as she walked up and grabbed a handful of my hair in her hand and pulled me close for a kiss. Her teeth grabbing my tongue and she bit. I could taste blood as she had caught the tip of my tongue. She let go and ran her hand along the inside of my thigh.

“Oh I can’t wait to taste our blood mixed again.” She growled into my ear.

She set up the next rack for me to break, it was on. There was no holding back as we both played cut throat and dirty. By the time we got to the ninth game a crowd had gathered watching. As she racked our last game she looked up and distracted me with her tits as I set the cue balls in place. Kneeling at the other side of the table she traced her tongue over those red lips slowly making a couple of the guys watching groan in wishful lust. I knew as soon as the stick hit the cue I was fucked. The balls cracked and rolled leaving her so many choices as she chalked her stick. Pure evil temptress that she was she ran her tongue along her stick as I could feel my cock throb in agony inside my jeans.

Shot after shot she ran the table till it was just my balls and the eight ball left. She knew it was show time for her. Sitting on the table she leaned back and just for the fuck of it she spread her legs open as she lifted them. Her wet naked pussy just under her short skirt on display for everyone to see. She giggled as she took the shot. The eight ball twisting across the table like it was possessed by her madness too, stopped just a breath away from the pocket. Pure evil glowed in her eyes as she jumped off the table and sashayed over to me.

“Good luck stud, I have such vile plans for you tonight.”

It was game time, I ran the table that she left full of boobie traps, the eight ball being the biggest of them all. In a few minutes it was cut down to just the twelve balls and the eight. The Twelve ball lines with the eight ball so I had no shot.

So here we are again

“Twelve ball, off two rails and in the side pocket.” I said with confidence

Jen sneered “You don’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of hitting that shot.”

“Care to put a wager on it?”

“If you make it you get anything you want. If you miss I can do anything I want and still have you.”

There was a no-nonsense look in her eyes as she laid out her terms. She had been planning this for a long time. I agreed knowing my soul was on the line. A perfect shot as the twelve went right where I called it, I almost started to gloat then in horror watched the cue balls drop into another pocket. Jen walked behind me and ran her nails along my arm.

“Scratch,” she sucked in her breath “Oh I have you now…”

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The haunting good time.

Halloween night has always been my favorite, no exception. The kids have their costumes with their fun but it is the adult level I have come to relish with a certain wanton desire. For one night the whole of the world can embrace their darkest and most deprave fantasy and still wake the next morning with no judgment to their character. After all it was all in the “Spirit of Halloween”

Jack, Cassy and I were heading out to the party. They were shameless as we wound through the back roads, their making out was distracting to my driving. I got get a glimpse in the rear view mirror of Jack’s hands slid under the short skirt while he fingered Cassy. Her head leaned back as she spread her legs and opened herself up to his fingers. Slowing down as we turned down the dirt road we came to the cemetery we were supposed to have met the rest at. No one was there. I stopped and turned to say something to Jack but his eyes were closed as Cassy now had her head buried in his lap. The sound of her sucking and kissing his cock made mine suddenly come to life. I had to get out to clear my mind and look for the rest of our group.


Jack and Cassy kept going while I walked around looking for the others. No luck as I finally got back to the car. Cassy was sitting on the hood with Jack pumping into her in the ghostly light. I stood and watched. My own cock ached to relief as her moans mixed with the other sounds of the night. I unzipped my pants and started stroking my cock as I watched them. Cassy locked eyes with me then looked down. The look of lusty hunger in her eyes as she called me closer with her finger.

“Baby you want to suck him while I fuck you?”

Jacks words were like tossing gas on a fire. As she pushed him back and leaned over the edge of the fender. As Jack slid back in Cassy grabbed my cock with her smooth hand and pulled me closer. She had skills as she licked and sucked my shaft. The three of us now engaged as the only onlookers were the long departed who undoubtedly had stories of their own.

It wasn’t long before Jack pulled out and shot his hot stick cum all over Cassy’s sexy ass. She never missed a beat as she sucked my harder. Her mouth working my shaft milking it till I flooded her with my hot cum. She gulped it down like a starving person. She had skills.

She used and old tee shirt to clean off before sitting back on the hood. Her hands now resting in each of our laps. It wasn’t long before she was stroking our cocks. She laid back on the car and spread her legs. She had a pretty pussy that just begged to be fucked. I looked at Jack.

“GO for it dude, she wants it.”

I didn’t have to be asked twice and I got up and rubbed the head of my cock over that wet smooth flesh. I teased her for a minute while I used her fluids to get my cock lubed. A few thrusts and I was in. I had fantasized about fucking Cassy many times before, now I finally had her. Deep hard thrusts while Jack got up and held her head and slid his cock into her mouth. I love using my technique of grinding skin on skin when I rammed into her. Moans gargled by the cock now sliding deep into her mouth made it even more intense.

Cassy relaxed into the attack of the two cocks. It was the first time I had seen a cock go so far down into a woman’s mouth. Jack was not just in her mouth but part way down her throat. I was hooked watching and for a moment the site of her throat swelling and collapsing with each thrust was all I could see. We got a rhythm going as we ravaged her body. It was worth missing the party for this.

I felt Cassy’s body tighten as she started cumming. Jack was now pounding her mouth as hard as I was her pussy. The clenching pussy on my cock was all I could take as I tried to pull out. She legs quickly wrapped tight as she wanted to ride out her orgasm, there was no stopping as I flooded her with my hot cum. Jack pulled out a few seconds later and shot his load on her pretty face.

We collapsed panting for a while. My cock softened while I was still in her, slipping out as my cum started running out of her and onto the hood of the car. She looked at me with a smile and ruffled my hair.

We finally went back to Jack’s place and spent the rest of the night taking turns fucking Cassy in every position together. When the morning came we sat in and awkward silence. Cassy finally broke it. Well happy Halloween guys. Last night we really had a good time, it was one night deal ok? I looked at Jack, I knew we had some things to talk about later. We had been friend for several years but this was new and I didn’t know how he would take it.


Now many years later I think back when we carve the pumpkins and remember Jack and Cassy. I flash of a smile at the memory of my friend who are still together and every year celebrate it with a reenactment of that night with whoever their lucky friend is at that time.


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The key of love

Beth looked at the box, her hands still shaking as she thought of how to give it to him. She knew she was ready, it was time for the next step. Her only anxiety was if he would step back in fear. She had dreamed of the day she would truly be his, forever. As the sun sank low over the horizon she knew he would be there in a few minutes. The low rumble of his muscle car down the street always got her engine going, as it drew closer she got that twinge and cursed herself. Her panties were damp thinking about his strong arms and piercing blue eyes. The engine came to a stop and cut off in her driveway, her heart only raced faster.

Peering out the window Beth saw him get out of his car, the long dark duster wrapped around him keeping the cold night air from his perfect body. Heath looked right to where she was looking out and smiled. He drove her crazy doing that, always knowing where she was, what she was doing. No time for that now as his boots made a familiar thud on the wooden steps and then the ring of the doorbell. She opened and sank to her knees as always requested. The smell of dirt from his boots and the leather still damp from the night made her quiver. The lazy curl of black hair fell down over one of his eyes as he looked down at her.

Beth looked up from the floor into those eyes as he reached down and tussled her hair and then put a finger under her chin. Lifting her slowly to her feet till she stood looking him eye to eye. Heath presented her with flowers like always, he met all of Beth’s mother’s expectation of the gentleman her daughter was to marry. For a moment Beth blushed as the thought of him being perfect in so many ways crossed her mind and made her even wetter. Heath smiled and kissed her. No words needed to be said as she reached down and unzipped his pants and again knelt down.

Slowly releasing his growing cock she licked her lips and began to kiss and suck him like he had taught her to do. Before him this was disgusting, but now it was a love and desire to please that drove her. Her naked body shimmered in the dim light of the room till he stopped her and locked his fingers in her hair. In a deft move she was bent over the coffee table and his weight pinned her there. A quick gasp as she felt him enter her. Slow thrusts at first till she became accustomed to his girth then he ravaged her body till releasing a flood of his seed in her.

His kisses now fell on her neck and down her spine as she felt every inch of her body was alive. He laid her on the couch and caressed her all over before kissing her soft lips again. His hand rested on her belly for a few minutes while they kissed. As he broke their kiss he left his hand in place and looked deep in her eyes.

“What did the doc…”

His words were cut off as she handed him the box. He opened it slowly and looked inside. A smile grew slowly across his face.

images (1)

“You’re serious?” He asked

“Yes” Beth’s voice shook as she replied “I have never been so sure of anything before in my life. And the doc said six week.”

“You know there are other options if you want? Of course I will support you in whatever you decide.” Heath almost stumbled on the last few words.

“Well now look who is getting cold feet” Beth chided “Come on, let’s go to the bed room and make love again.”

Heath followed her and entered behind and pushed her on the bed playfully as they now fell into a light of wild passion. She used to hold back but tonight there was nothing to worry about. She didn’t even care if the neighbors heard as Heath brought her to orgasm after orgasm in every way he could imagine. She fell asleep her head on his chest knowing Heath would love her forever.

She woke alone in the early morning, Heath wasn’t there in her bed as for a moment she began to panic. Had he run? Her question was answered as she heard him walk back in the room. The box was open on the table She could see the shape of the key in the dim light. She took a deep breath as she picked it up and leaned down and kissed her. This time he entered her roughly, taking his lover in wild passion. Her body went into a wild orgasmic series of waves. Then she felt the cold pierce her chest as the key had been opened and revealed the blade. Heath had made it the perfect night for her as the steel cut into her heart. He leaned over kissing her as she felt her body fall into the most powerful orgasm of her life.


Afterwards Heath sat there looking at her beautiful body. He knew she was right in her choice, the cancer would have taken her piece by piece and this was her choice. He lifted the chalice and took a long drink and climbed onto her body and made love one last time to her. He felt the effects start to take him too. He smiled as he laid his head on her shoulder. His eyes closing as he would no longer feel the pain of his own terminal battle…

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Wicked Wednesday

Ted and Stephanie

They just knew him as Tex, even though his accent was more from a different southern state. He was tall with dark hair that fell over his eyes, the glint of mischief that was seen when he swept the wild main to one side. Never seen without his old dusty hat, like a trade mark, he strolled into the diner. His friend had set him up on a blind date with her. Now he would see if the friend was a good friend or if he needed to be culled from the list.

Stephanie sat there waiting. She was so excited she got there 30 minutes earlier. One look at the tan rugged cowboy and she was hooked. She had heard about him and his leather hands that were rough yet gentle. She felt that flutter inside when Kathy related a night of wild passion in the back of his pickup. Her favorite part was when he tossed her in the bed of the truck and ravaged her. He was a little rougher than Kathy cared for but just what Stephanie was craving.

As he sat down Stephanie couldn’t help giving him a once over and smiled. She hoped that wasn’t some kind of fake budge in his pants, as she shifted and shook his hand. Dinner was small talk and he sat listening to her every word. His eyes piercing into her soul as she giggled and covered her mouth. Finally dinner was over and they were just talking. Stephanie asked about his roping and riding days. He smiled with an evil grin, you mean in the rodeo or in the bedroom. She gasped at his forward statement and blushed.

Tex knew he had her in the palm of his hand, her reaction was perfect. She was shocked at how forward he was but he knew from her posture she was dripping with anticipation to know the feeling of being roped. She squirmed in her seat as he never broke his gaze, grey eyes locking with her green.

“Want to get out of here? We can talk more somewhere else.” Tex said.

Stephanie shifted and thought for a moment. Her mind screamed caution but her body was screaming for him to ravish her. The struggle was over when he stood up and took her hand. A soft kiss and she melted like wax in the heat of his flame. She never answered as he lifted her hand and her body followed. The 2 glassed of wine made her lightheaded but relaxed as she walked toward the door.

“So where would you like to go?

“The grain elevator” Stephanie said before thinking.

It was the local hang out for teens making out and for the more adventurous there were room that you could sneak into. Being a Thursday night there was almost a guarantee they would have few if no cars there.  She was shocked she said it so quickly and his expression didn’t change nor did his direction, strait to his truck. As he opened her door she climbed in and Tex gave her a light pat on her ass. His hand firm but he didn’t shove, something about it made her want him all the more.

The place was deserted and Stephanie had a moment of hesitation as they parked at the edge of the field. How well did she know this guy? Was he really some crazy person that they would be on a man hunt for one day because all of the women he had offed? The next thought started to form and vanished as he leaned over and kissed her. Her mind went blank as his lips met hers.

Tex was sure of himself and he knew this one was a little nervous but willing, she just needed a little nudge. One kiss was all it took. He felt her melt as soon as their lips touched. He hands still never touching her body till one gripped the back of her head. Gripping her pony tail firm but not pulling she became putty for him to shape and mold. As he broke off the kiss Stephanie sat there eyes still closed with a look of bliss on her face, she was his for the taking.

“Want to go in the bed and look at the stars?” Tex asked.


“Yes but the stars are probably the last thing I will be looking at.” She whispered.

He smiled as he got out and walked around opening her door. Stephanie all but jumped into his arms. He carried her around to the back. Hefting her lithe body onto one knee and reaching out with the other the tailgate fell. She just put her head into his chest, his scent intoxicating. He just let her stay there for a moment before sitting her on the back of the truck. A long slow kiss as he again took hold of her pony tail, his hat brushing the side of her face, like a soft finger. She broke the kiss this time.

“Do you want me?” Stephanie asked.

“Yes, I do. Would you like me to take you?” Tex said with his deep drawl.

“Yes, take me, ravage me.” Stephanie again blurted out things she had never dreamed of saying before there was something about him that made her lose control. Tex didn’t need to be told twice. The skirt she was wearing flipped up as he pushed her back. Stephanie saw stars for sure when her head bounced off the bed of the truck. She was dazed for a moment as her panties were ripped off by the hard hands. The next moment there she gasped as his tongue found her soaked slit. Slowly at first, testing and teasing till she grabbed the back of his head. His hat was next to her as her fingers locked in her hair. She loved it when a guy would eat her out.

Her moans grew louder as he continued. Nipping every once in a while, testing her reaction. When he slid a finger in she bucked like a bronco. She just hoped he would hold on for more than 8 seconds as she rode his face, thrusting up against him. He worked her good, different speeds and styles. She loved it but had never gotten off on oral alone. She needed more, she needed to be taken!

As if he had read her mind Tex climbed onto of her. She went to move but he gave a growl and pinned her hands back that told her he owned her for that moment. Her pussy quivered as she looked into his hungry eyes. Primal lust burned as his cock touched her clit, a moment later he was in her. A few strokes to get things moving and he plunging into her deep and hard. Her moans became deeper and heavier as she felt an orgasm growing. It normally took a while but the cool night air and Tex had her all wound up.

Tex felt her body tighten as he gripped her neck. She was shaking under him as in the moon light he watched. Her cunt clamping as spasms shook her, his hand now firm on her throat. Her eyes rolling back as her body refused to let go of the wave it was riding. When he released she gasped and let out a scream of pleasure that echoed off the nearby buildings.

He let her calm for a few minutes as her silver hair lay around, framing her face so angelically. Stephanie could feel him buried deep inside her. As her breathing calmed and her locked muscles relaxed he smiled. For tonight he would just ride this filly but tomorrow night he was going to break her all the way and make her his.

Clare’s Incubus

Clare laid there, her pillow wet with tears that had fallen night after night. The ache would not subside, the fear nagged at why, just why was she not good enough. Her heart floundered in the sea of despair and doubt, the howling wind of self imposed guilt threatened to smash her to pieces on the rocks of depression. The goblet lifted to her lips a long draught of the wine to lull her to sleep still did not aid in the cold night. Eyes closed tight a wish passed through her mind, it spilled over her lips, opening her eyes to the inky darkness of the room it only added to the despondency.

A silly wish for a silly girl the voice inside her head screamed adding to the internal torment. Her head now pressed against the soggy pillow as she laid there, tears forming again. A blur as the room became unfocused, the world a haze of formless images. A cold chill of reality gripping tight, she was alone in bed tonight.

A slow tendril crept from under the door, smoke weaving like a serpent dancing for the pipes of a charmer.   Growing and filling, it could feel the depth from which it had been summoned, the grief and suffering that gave life to the dark creature. A figure forming, something from a deep place of her imagination so as to be unfeared by its presence. The room now becoming a carpet of wispy fog as he approached, soft breath caressed the nape of her neck as it permeated into the flesh. Warmth flowed across the skin, the tears stopped for a moment as a long lost memory wiped a tear from her damp eyes.

An ebon wing covered like a blanket, this was no angelic being she grew up learning about though. Strong arms pulled her close wrapping like a cocoon, the other wing now encased her in a dark warm embrace. Despair flowed from her, misery of the cold lonely night fell away like bonds broken . A longing grew, a desire to know this shadowy figure that now was so close.

The breath of the dark creature ran over her again, like many fingers touching, caressing, and exciting her every inch of flesh. Longing grew, transforming to a wanton craving, her body ached for the darkness to take her, fill her in ways that could only be possible in this moment. Be it far from the nature of her incubus to not grant her that wish.

The tongue ran along her body, as she now lay back, the wings now open like a canopy over her. Nails tracing lines along her flesh as the wet flicker crossed her breast. Each breast attended to, as the wetness began to flow between her legs.  The nursing lips of a hungry creature satiating her as each thought came to life in Clare’s mind. Her soft mews of pleasure grew, a more primal sound escaped her lips as the fingers traced inside her thigh. The kisses now went lower, her hiss of pleasure through clenched teeth as the creature now tormented her. Slowly kissing and licking closer till she locked her fingers into the dark curly hair.

Clair no longer wished to wait, she wanted to feel, to know, to explode with pleasure. The forked tongue glided over her clit. It was like nothing she had ever known as it wrapped around and pulsed like a heartbeat. A finger found the entrance to her true desire, it explored the wetness between her legs, invading her. A slow exploration as the tongue worked the outer lips of her blossom, lapping off the escaping nectar like a bee from a flower.  Thrusts were slow and deliberate, building her up then stopping short of letting her explode. It was pure torment as the creature took its time with her.

The finger now left its warm cradle as the tongue forked the edges now. Clare gasped as it entered her, flickering around like a snake now twisting and curling inside her. Her hand cramped from locking in the dark curls but she would not allow the wave to fail, she needed it to crash over her, to wash her into the sea of bliss. A stroke inside her wetness sent a shock as her body stiffened. The demonic tongue had triggered the fountain of her explosion. Wracked with a pleasure till it became unbearable, wave after wave took her deeper, threatening to drown her in an ocean of endless pleasure. Then a rush of air and a calm sea, the tongue slithered slowly out, a reprieve for the moment as muscles still shook and were weakened at the moment.

The darkness again embraced her, this time turning her. Her face now against the pillow, her back exposed for the caresses of the fiery tongue. Each savoring lick sent a wave of unearthly pleasure through her body. Shudders as from her calves to neck felt the gliding forked tongue slide sensually. A nip on the neck as Clare gasped, a thick invader now penetrating her, filling slowly with each stroke. Her nails now digging into the sheets as guttural moans echoed off the walls. A deep thrust as her eyes opened wide, a filling to the depths of what she could take. It was a painful pleasure stretching as if threatening to rip her in two as she was impaled by her dark seducer.

Sharp gasps erupting with every stroke till she became accustomed to the girth, then he held her. Unmoving as she felt a pulse inside her core, it matched pace with her own heartbeat. Drawing from her soul a new wave was building, breath failed as her body shook. A silent scream of release as every muscle in her body locked and shook, every nerve alive and absorbing the most minute sensation. le petite de mort it is called but to Clare it was being reborn, a moment when the world around her was gone and she was somewhere else, safe from the cares and concerns.


Breath finally flooding her lungs as tears now streamed down her face. The pulse and thrust continued as her body felt weak but invigorated. The demon took her body and filled it, exploding deep inside her. It caused her to join him in that boundary between the two worlds her head tossed back in a primal scream. It felt as if he had run her through, that at any moment she would see him protruding out of her opened mouth. Fiery release filling her till it spilled out, she collapsed completely spent, falling into the depths.

As the wild sea of bliss calmed she felt the ebon wings wrap around her, encasing her as she fell into a blissful sleep. Nothing but a calm peace and he kissed her neck. Clare was happy now.

Lay back and Relax

“Just lay back and relax, it’s all in your mind how this will be.”

Her soft soothing voice did little to help calm the butterflies that were dancing in my stomach. I had been thinking about this for a while and now it was show time. The electric hum from the next booth over was as exciting as it was terrifying. I tried to get comfortable on the table as the cool air made me all that more conscious of being almost naked. The leather felt like ice till it was warmed from laying on it.

Tattoo Chair with Electric Base

“So this is your first time?”

I shook his head yes

“It’s ok you can talk to me, I won’t bite, well not much” she said with a giggle.  

“I have been wanting to do this for a long time, I just finally got the nerve.” My voice just above a whisper

Her hand touched softly and I jumped. It felt odd having a stranger’s hands in such an intimate area like the inside of my thigh. She looked as I blushed trying to hide the growing erection. It was a losing battle as she shaved the hair, taking care to not cut me up in the process.

“That’s a nice cock you have there” she said as it waved in the air like flag demanding to be seen.

As she turned to get the instrument her long black hair caressed the tip. Accidental or on purpose I might not ever know but it made me let out a soft whimper. She looked again and her mischievous green eyes said it was intentional.

The noise from the next booth stopped and a moment later a man walking into through the black curtain. 

“Need me to stay behind and help you close?”

“No I got this but thanks. This one might take a while and no since in you being here doing nothing.”

“Ok good night” and with that he turned and left the room quickly followed by the sound of the front door chime. 

“I’ll be right back if you don’t mind.”

I shook my head no as she left me in the room waiting. Pictures and various things decorated the room. One wall had a series on blades, from daggers to a few full length swords.

“Well now you locked in here with me.” Her voice a slightly evil giggle to it that made the hairs on the back on my neck stand up.  “Don’t worry, the pain is worth it, yes it will hurt but you will love the results. Now relax”

The staccato electrified buzzing began in the room, for a moment it was all I could hear as she drew closer. Her hand again touched my flesh as I tried to focus on breathing. Stinging pain for a moment as it grew and flowed along my flesh. The room began to spin for a moment then after a few minutes I felt this strange calm rush over. 

“Is it getting better now?”

“Oh yes, much better” I moaned

The vibration was running into my flesh and doing something strange. I could feel it like it was inside me. My cock was the hardest it has ever been as she continued her torment. The stinging that would be followed by the cool wipe to clear the blood and color away it was amazing. I had always wanted a tattoo on the inner part of my thigh and now I was there doing it.

I shifted around when she wiped, this table was not made for comfort. After one whip she laid her hand in a position just on the edge of my balls. I thought I was going to go insane. I could feel her breath on the inside of my thighs as she got close to work on the detail. I watched as she licked her lip a few times before catching her lower lip and biting it while working. She looked so damn sexy.

She sat up for a moment looking at her work then at my cock. Precum was running down almost like a river now. She grinned as the bent over and went back to work. This time she turned up the machine. I fought to be still as she was now torturing me deliberately. I was caught between heaven and hell, the pain was more intense but the feeling in my body had grown as well. It was like having a vibrator on the inside.

‘Stop please, I need a moment before I…”

I didn’t quite get the words out before my cock exploded the first shot landing on her arm. She dropped the wipe cloth and stroked my cock as I let out a scream of pleasure. My back arching toward the ceiling as I bucked in the air like I was fucking as succubus.

“Wow that was quite intense” she giggled. “Good thing I was at a stopping point.” 

“I’m sorry” I said my face now crimson as she just giggled devilishly.

“I expected it, and I rather enjoyed the show. So let’s get you cleaned up and see what you think.”

A few wipes later and some ointment to help keep it from getting infected and I was looking in the mirror. Her breath on the back on my neck as I stood there looking at the new tattoo and my again hardening cock.


“I’ll tell you what, lets got something to eat, then we can’t talk about your next sitting and anything else that comes up.”

I couldn’t refuse this offer as she ran her nails down my back. 

So here I am a few weeks later, almost closing time as she is looking out the window at me with a wicked smile. It is time for my next sitting as I open the door. She is grinning from ear to ear.

“Lock the door behind you, if you don’t mind. We have some work to do….”

*note* I do not have that tattoo and I wish I could have given credit to the artist but could not find the information on it. Though I do want one like it as well as a few more 🙂

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Quietly sitting here coffee in hand the sound of the washing machine making its own rhythm going through the cycles I am taken back in time. I can almost smell the cut grass and turned dirt, the warm sun on my back, and the smell of her sweat. I loved to watch her work in a tank top as the heat of the day would make us sweat and how it would cause her shirt to cling to her cute breast. She wasn’t some big breasted babe, in fact she often blushed when men noticed she had breast at all. She wanted to be one of the guys and bucking hay, tossing feed onto pickup trucks and that kind of thing made her feel like one of us. Not today though, her worn out work gloves gave the strings of the hay a chance to rub blisters in her skin. The foreman noticed her favoring her hand at break and took a look, she was told she was done for the day and would be driving the truck. If you never have seen hay being hand tossed from the field it is a sight to see. One lucky person rides around with the truck in 1st gear going through the field while 3 people were tossing and stacking. We got 10 cents a bale and on a normal day would toss 2000 bales (That included stacking them in the barn too)

River Road Barn
TumblingRun / / CC BY-ND

Yesterday had been a great day; we had gotten the call from a large farm and headed out before the sun even thought about kissing the sky. 9000 bales and we had gotten the first field closest to the barn. Those Tennessee summer days were long and great for things like that. That day we were on the back field and it was not as smooth plus a light rain the night before made the hay feel more like slinging bags of wet cement. A few busted bales that we don’t get pain for were scattered around. Now Rose was in the driver seat and our team was switched up. It threw off our rhythm as Jimmy who the driver now was a thrower. He sucked and we all knew it but a nice guy with a young family. Steve kept yelling at him to throw it higher so it would land right. We finally got the load done, took our place on the back in the back of the truck and headed back for the barn. We were all counting what today might bring us at this pace and it wasn’t looking good at all. Rounding the corner there was a little dip and we all felt the truck drop in the front. Steve was yelling for her to stop and it was too late. We jumped out of the back of the truck as fast as we could, just barely escaping the wall of hay that was heading out way. It was a disaster movie in slow motion. The sound of glass shattering as the back windshield was busted out then everything came to a rest. We knew we were dead in the water now. We dug the truck out and could hear an approaching tractor, the farmer with a stern look on his face had a flat bed trailer in tow and we retrieved what could be salvaged, the rest we cleaned up and tossed to the cows that were very happy to get the fresh greens. The ride back to where we all parked was quiet, just the wind from the broken back glass and a lot of hung heads. Rose was nursing the red welt that was turning to a bruise on her forehead from the bale smacking her head first into the steering wheel.   No one faulted her, it was a hard turn but damn it Jimmy should have been driving, he would have made it, at least that was what I was thinking. Steve gave us all our share, $25 a hand, a far cry from the $225 the previous day. I told them I was heading to the bar if anyone wanted to join me and took off.

The ride to the bar was 5 minutes; I was between mad and hurt. I had finally got the bills caught up and it was looking good for pulling ahead and putting some back in the bank for the slow time. I had been doing this for 3 years now and knew there were good days and bad, this was the worst day ever. As I sat down at the bar I ordered a beer and then turned and looked to see who all was here. Billy and his team were at the pool table drunk off their asses, they blew the engine in their truck and were probably done for the season, and it would be a hard winter for them. The sound of the door made me look and in walked Rose, she looked like her dog had run away and best friend told her to get lost. I did the only thing I knew to do, I bought her a beer.

“Shitty ass day” she started as she sat down “one little hole in the path and I got to hit it” I knew she was upset but she was taking it way to hard. “Remember last year when George and his boys flipped a load into the creek and they spent the day picking up their load?” She laughed at what I had said because she kept telling them they needed to get a better driver. ”Karmas a whore” she said as she smiled and took a drink. I started laughing, Rose tried to play tougher than you all the time but right now it was failing. We opted to play some pool and drink a few more. The more she drank the mouthier she got till she was in the face of one of Billy’s guys, she was going to kick his little skinny ass. A snicker from one of the other hands on his crew sent her over the table as I grabbed her by the shirt collar to stop a fight. The sound her tearing cloth made me instantly regret my decision. She spun around with a look of shock and anger and punched me in the face. I felt the blood start flowing out of my nose as I fell back. She kept watching as I crashed onto a table blurry eye and off balance. “Serves you right!” she yelled “I can take em all on” She walked over and helped me out the door and I heard a few rude comments behind us. I was in no shape to drive now as she tossed me in the back of her truck. I had no idea where we were going. I sat up so I wouldn’t get sick as she went around town a few times jumping over the tracks and bouncing me like a rag doll in the back. Finally we pulled up to her place and she stopped. I could see her leaned over on the wheel and I thought maybe she had passed out or something. Then I heard it, she was crying. I got out carefully and walked to her door. I gently opened the door and waited.

Rose looked up at me tears covering her face and for once I saw her in a very different light, she did have a soft side that didn’t include bar brawls and being the best man for the job. She looked at me and apologized for breaking my nose. “I had it coming” I jibed “think I am the last guy in town that could brag you hadn’t broken my nose yet”  She gave a little laugh “Come on hayseed, lets got some ice for that” she said as she got out of the truck and headed toward her trailer. We got inside and it was the first time I had ever been in her place. It was early American junk meets PRCA. Silver belt buckles in a case from when she was in her teens hung in a case on the wall. There was a picture when she won the woman’s division for calf roping, she had been all guts and glory and now she was one of us, forgotten cowboys just scratching out a living in the dirt and sweat.

I followed her to the kitchen as she got a little towel and put some ice in it and put it on my face. The swelling had already started and she pushed me back into a chair. I watched as she turned and took off her shirt, her back looked like silk smooth skin in need of a strong mans touch. She sighed as she looked at the new rip from my intervention. She turned and I forgot all the ways she was like a man, her breast looked so inviting as she started to walk to the back to get a new shirt. I got up and she looked at me, I am sure she could feel the hunger now radiating off me. She pushed by and raised a hand “This aint no 8 second ride here, and I will make you wish you were on the meanest bronco if you try it” I walked up behind her, never saying a word just getting close and smelled her hair and then leaned down and kissed her neck. She froze in place, taking it in. I let my lips do the talking as I kissed slowly around her neck and then on her face. I wanted her; I just hoped she wanted me. She turned slowly and faced me, not a word said as she locker her fingers in the back on my hair and pulled me to her and kissed me. We stood there for several minutes like that, tongues circling and caressing till she pulled back enough to bite my bottom lip and pull me along to the bedroom.

“Not a word of this leaves this place, understand” She said “I don’t need the others thinking I am some kind of whore that will give them a cheap ride” I shook my head yes as she pushed me back on the bed. She was kneeling over me and slowly undressing. Her bra slid off and the dirt line made her breast seem even bigger. Her nipples so dark looked like candy for me to lick and suck and she leaned over. I let my tongue slide over them as she let out a sigh and worked with her belt.  She got up for a minute to shimmy out of her jeans and panties then crawled back on me. I continued to play with her breast and run my hands over her body. I wanted to fuck her brains out but I knew if I did that right now I would never have a chance again with her. I let her set the pace as she slid her fingers along my body.

“Have you ever tasted a woman before?” Rose asked. I shook my head no “Would you like to? I think you might really like it, I know I would.”  “I will try anything once” I said with a grin. She got up and I started to but she pushed me back and straddled my face like I was a saddle. I was confused. She told me to lick her pussy just like I had done her nipples. I could smell her deep musky smell and it made me wonder if I was going to like this or not. I felt her slowly unzip my pants as she told me to just start with my fingers and play with her slowly at first. I slid my fingers on the soft flesh, I liked the way it felt as it moved and responded with the slightest touch.  I slid my finger slowly along the side and then into her, it was amazing how wet her skin suddenly became. I let my fingers slide in a little deeper and a sigh escaped her lips. As I grew more comfortable with what I was doing. I realized she was lowering herself closer to my mouth. I put out my tongue and for the first time I got a taste of sweet pussy nectar that was now covering the entire region. I was found I actually liked it and gave another lick and another till my tongue was lapping like a dog at a water dish. She started to wiggle and squirm till she whole body tensed up, she slammed down on my face and I thought I had sent her into a seizure or something bad. She ground down against me and I was starting to freak out. Then she relaxed and came back to earth. “Are you ok?” I asked. She moaned “I am fantastic” then she leaned down and started to lick the tip of my cock. I had heard about this but never actually had the pleasure. I tried to get a look but she had me locked down and I wasn’t moving, in fact I got the feeling she wanted me to lick her pussy some more.

She was even wetter than before and I was getting quite a taste of what she had to offer. I felt myself getting close to the edge and about to cum, I didn’t ever give her a warning as my cock exploded in her mouth, I figured she would like what she got as much as I was enjoying her sweet taste. She gagged a little as I shot a load the size of Texas in her mouth. Then she started to shake again and came on my face, this time I kept licking her till she was begging me to stop. I did what I was told and she rolled off me after a minute. She looked deep in my eyes and smiled. “It’s been a while for us both hasn’t it hayseed?” I shook my head yes and she laid her head on my chest.  She fell asleep there and I did too.

The next morning we woke to the sound of the horn outside. I ran and got my boots and pants on, then out the door. She just laid there in the bed not getting up. I ran back in and she rolled and looked at me and said she wasn’t feeling well and needed the day off. I went on with the crew as we bucked hay all day in the hot sun. We got a guy off Billy’s team to help us and made a really good run of it. When we got back that evening there was a note on her trailer door for me. “Thank you Hayseed I will always enjoy last night but I need to go and find something more fitting for a lady to do.” I never saw her again after that. I was a bit devastated and a might bit heartbroken. She set me on the right path though; I learned to not fear a woman or her body.

The buzzing of the dryer snaps me back to the here and now. I have been married a few times and live with few regrets. The one thing I wish I knew is what ever happened to Rose. I hope she found what she was looking for…

Lord Raven


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