erotic story

  An excellent read, which I would highly suggest to anyone who likes adult fiction. The characters make you want to know what is around the next corner. The story has real life situations, concerns and fear woven into a thrilling tale. It is totally believable as the two people […]

Sir and Babygirl Book review

metimes playing house, dress up, and all the other things that modern times requires was more of a bore than anyone could have ever imagined from watching prime time Television. Sometimes she wanted to feel young and restless and wild. It’s not that she didn’t love him, it’s not that she didn’t enjoy sex, and god knows it wasn’t a lack of desire but sometimes making love to the same person over and over felt well, nice but also so safe, routine, and boring. Sex seemed more like a rout calculation in an algebraic equation than something hot, passionate or even a little bit dirty. Even nice girls like to feel a little dirty now and again. Just like in math it’s always an unexpected rogue integer that takes you by surprise.

Week Night Sex