Fifty Pieces

Twenty-five red twenty-five blue at the beginning of the game fifty total lay on the board, strewn about now. The game is over as Jen stood looking in disbelief. The battle of the minds for who would be victorious over the others body for the day. The little shudder of anticipation and excitement that ran along her spine also ran to her pussy as she felt the wetness start.


“Do you remember your safeword?”

She shook her head yes. Jack grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled her head hack as he roughly pushed her against the wall.

“What is it you coy little bitch? Say it!” he growled

From damp to an instant flood. The sharp jerk and forceful way he tossed her around. Jen’s knees felt weak as his hot breath was in her face and his words forcing her to fight an involuntary orgasm.

“Popcorn” suddenly her knees buckled as the wave hit her. She knew he could make her cum at command but now he made her cum saying her safeword. Her head spun as he gave his wicked laugh.

“Spectacular, I have you under my full control.” Jack said with his signature sinister smile “Now let the real game begin.”

He didn’t let his words sink in to mess with her head like normal. The new blade he got just for this scene hooked into the back on her shirt, with a pull it split the back open. Jen gasped as the material fell loose then her shorts were quickly treated the same. She was left standing in just her undergarments.

“I know those matching piece are a bit pricy, so I will give you the chance to take them off before I do it for you.”

He started counting down from ten. Jen took a moment to recover but stripped quickly, no way was she losing her newest set if she could save them. As she slid off her panties, her precarious situation made it easy for the rope to be wrapped around her. Jack subdued her quickly as she was easily hogtied. Her not so gentle landing on the floor made her gasp as now she was helpless and a bit concerned. This was one of his impromptu scenes and she had no idea what to expect except he was going to do whatever was in his devious brain. Lashing her around the arms he was setting her up for the most thrilling and terrifying moment of her life.

Checking the ropes and making sure each line was tight he was ready finally. The sound of some kind of motor behind Jen made her shudder. This was totally new, she had seen him watching the fucking machine videos. Suddenly she had visions of her body spread out immobilized as the machine abused her wet pussy. She shuddered again in excitement, her juices now leaking out and over the freshly waxed lips.

The click of some metal piece hooking into place sent another shudder then the motor sound again. Suddenly Jen felt the ropes tighten as Jack checked to make sure each was secured. Her body now lifted off the ground just a few inches at first testing the rigging. A few minutes later she was swung around toward the banister her breath coming in ragged gasps as she was lifted over the edge and hanging above the floor downstairs. Slowly lowered down Jen she was at the edge of panic and excitement. Stopping her just a few feet off the ground she whimpered as Jack walked down the steps.

“So like how I rigged the place?”

Her mind was already spinning as he gave her a little push. Intelligible mutters as she swung back and forth for a minute. Jack stripped his pants as she watched wide eyed taking the blade he cut the rope the rigger had shown him. Jen fell a few inches into the final position the rope spreading her legs wide as he got into position. It didn’t take long before she was moaning and crying out in bliss.

Before Jack unloaded in her the timer went off, he lowered her to the floor to finish with her. Untying the ropes such beautiful marks had bitten into her flesh. He took her right there on the floor.

The rest of the evening we spent playing other games but it all started with those fifty pieces. It was a win for both of them.

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Finding the Edges and an Assortment of Unspoken Things

Prelude to the Evening
So it was late in the afternoon. Perhaps it was already truly early evening. Like so many things in life; when one thing begins and another ends is a matter of subtle shifts and perception. I was standing in front of the building, by the street, walking, pacing, or strutting back and forth. Again a matter of perception and interpretation. Strutting or sauntering is always a safe bet. More or less on the corner like the completely cliché whore that I am (professionally speaking) waiting for her to arrive. The imagination ran wild while wondering what she’d be wearing and no matter her choice of attire the seconds passed painfully and eternally slow. I was very covetous of having her to myself for a few hours or more. Not that she is mine to lay claim to in anyway. There are a lot of things that can be said about me, most them not very nice, some of those true but coveting time with a specific woman is rarely one of them.

Even eternity which if you think about it is an unimaginable concept for the human mind really eventually will come to an end. That eternity ended the second she pulled up, popped out of her car and threw her arms around me. Hugs are often soft, and fleeting her are always close and linger. Not for seconds or minutes, not even for hours or days. Her have the ability to be recalled in very solid detail for weeks and months with very little effort. Her dress was alluring and just short enough to provide glimpses beyond her mid-thighs. Legs that men like me probably have spent far too much time day dreaming of. The plunging neck line gave more than just a peek of the beautiful, soft and round inside edges of her breasts. A distraction that would taunt me for the remainder of the evening but more about that later.

One Demands Subsides but other urges begin to rise
It is never seamless when the time comes to change gears from Business Geek to a Sexual Being. The demands of the phone continue to call out to me, a few final things have to be dealt with until I can truly give her my undivided attention. The phone goes to silent, then airplane mode so there is nothing else but her and our time together. She looks younger than ever. I don’t tell her that, she fusses about her age but by my account seems ageless if not going backwards in years. I notice the subtle changes in her body, as if she wasn’t already sexy enough. A breeze begins and hope that the wind will take her skirt and raise it just a bit more fills the mind. I want to see more of her, I’d like to see all of her but busy parking lots near crowded streets aren’t really the best place for such things.

Into the restaurant…so I watch her walk, something I like to do. After all she has a cute little ass that I enjoy spanking so much…particularly when she bares it. Often her bottom taunts me from beneath her jeans, or various states of exposure in pictures that feed my lust. Tonight though her hips and legs are what I drink in, step after step, sway after sway. She knows my weaknesses and plays to them well with heels just high enough to be daring and sexy enough to know that they couldn’t help but be noticed. Our hands don’t meet, I don’t place mine on her back or make other physical contact. Not even the gentlemanly and seemingly innocuous offer of an arm. Holding the door open as she passes. There is fire smoldering. It is far too early for me to allow that spark any fuel, air, or friction. Even seemingly harmless friction; I know my limits. When a situation could easily become too hot for clear calm judgement.

Leaning in…often there has been criticism that I exude a sense of confidence and casualness in places that it is not appropriate. I sit back in my chair, legs out straight, hands resting atop my head confidently daring any takers. If I sit up it is usually out of intense interest, or an act of aggression. Simply put I don’t lean in…that night was an exception. With the table between us I leaned in. drawn to her, wanting to be closer, watching her every move, shift, glance, and breath.

Only looking away to make eye contact with the server as she came and went. At first she wasn’t sure how to take me but by the end she held my gaze. Eventually she’d smile nervously;  chat a little. I like to think something about me interested her on some level. Odds are though simply the young woman was afraid for a reason she couldn’t quite put her finger on.  A very good instinct indeed.

Do I make you nervous? Where was I?  Ahhhh yes. Her sweater and my roaming eyes…for god’s sake essentially I’m only a man. So how could I not look, have you seen her breasts? Have you seen them in a plunging V neck line? The soft curves, the exposed skin, the alluring call of them begging to be exposed. Her nipples chiding you, calling out to be touched, caressed, maybe even pinched as you take those wonderful and round shape in their entirety in your cupped hands?

At one point in the evening during a story a small exploration occurred reaching across the table to touch her upper arm. It was an example that fit with in the story being told, barely qualifying as tactile sensation, non-threatening…a few minutes later I looked across again, she pulled her sweater across her chest. I had noticed it a few times before during the course of the meal. Her arms would swing wide, she would draw the black cloth across her tightly holding it there, eventually letting go, in mere seconds from when it was released it would again fall away, baring the exposed parts of her chest to me. Was I looking too much, was it a habit on her part, was she cold?

Your guess is as good as mine.  What I really wanted to do is trace the neck line of that top ever so lightly with the tips of my fingers, slowly, deliberately, sliding the tip underneath the edge of the cloth, just enough to not be innocent but not so much as to be demanding. As if tracing a woman’s cleavage could ever be truly innocent. In private tracing that same neck line, or any other part of her body with my tongue would have also been fun…however I resisted. Probably smiled and did my best to keep looking her in the eye and not be drawn into yet another alluring temptation any more than I had already been. Failing miserably of course as her chest mocked me from 3 feet away.

Parking Lots, Hallways, and Lifts … through streets, the crazed interchanges, and alleyway.  Then past the gate and behind the building where my head would rest later than night. After I dared to ask for more of her time, to come in, to steal a few more minutes with me. It was selfish but she didn’t seem to mind. After some trial, error, and a bit of jostling we found a place to park that wasn’t too terribly far from the door. We cross the chasm of black top and out of the darkness and into the light. Through the vestibule around the corner and avoiding the masses in the center of the room and the main entrance darting purposefully around the furniture taking the shortest path possible to the elevators.

The ride is short but we are more or less truly alone. Something tells me I was leading the route, obsessed with something other than her. Something that needed dealt with so my mind and concerns would once again be free to enjoy the time together. Glances are exchanges. A few more long hallways, twists and turns and we are at my room. The view is one I knew she would enjoy. It is her that comes to mind every time I get a view like that one anywhere in the world. Often taking a few minutes to watch others anonymously pass by coming and going all with visions of her dancing in my head.

Tonight is was not a vision, it was her in the flesh. I would move quickly through my obsession, trusting the judgement of others. At first she paces, bounces, smiles. You can see the dreams in her eyes, in her smile. This view means things to her that I suspect lie beyond what she has told me. That there is a mystery or magic, perhaps even a secret. She is pressed against the glass, looking out, watching and thinking. I steal glances at her as I finally finish the task at hand.

A proposition of a bygone era is shared. I’m standing now, not more than a few feet from her, no obstruction, no barrier or obstacle between us. The ending to her tale was to me unimaginable, in fact I was imagining in very vivid detail what my answer would have been under those circumstances. It is one directly the opposite of the actual outcome. She turns back to the glass and presses against the cool of the night seeping through it. I step back and watch. Admiring the view of her there dressed in black head to toe.

I want to stand next to her. Or behind her pressing against her body, I imagine lifting her skirt and tracing the tops of her stockings, the curves of her bottom as she arches back towards me and my hand wonders between her thighs. I want to fuck her, roughly and wordlessly from behind as she braces her self against that window wondering if anyone can see her. Her breasts escape the dress and move with each thrust. Instead I keep my distance, and suggest we step out for a coffee.

In the lift on the way down I want to step closer to her. I want her to feel my strength and power with out making contact.  I want her to remember later the difference in our sizes, to understand an unspoken intent. But instead I smile, catch her eye, and imagine her on her knees. My edge is drawing closer. Restraint and reverence is beginning to lose its grip on me. Carnal desires rise…DING!

Thank fucking god!  Maybe, just maybe I can stop imagining my cock in her mouth, or what she’d look like facing the brick wall panting and sweating from being fucked in a secluded off shoot in the garage below ground.

Why is there never a booth available when you really want one…
Lounges are supposed to be dark and quiet. Coffee bars should be the same way but the first stop was too bright, too crowded, too much frenetic energy. She said it was fine, it was not. She insisted it would be more than acceptable. Options weren’t weighed, I simply told her we’re leaving. There was no deference in my answer.   The only thing right with the space in that moment was she was there. Everything else was wrong.

Our next stop was loud but dimly lit, loud but it has wonderful blue booths along the one side. High and circular and private except for directly in front of you. It would have been perfect, I could have slid close, the conversation could have become conspiratorial whispers and tawdry exchanges….it would have been against the edge or acceptable.  It could have been testing limits, it could have been too much. I may have caved and touched her just a little as I watch her face.  There is never a booth available when you really want one.

So a table it was. I took my chair and slid it around to more or less be next to her. Our conversation was polite; not heated and filled with sexual tension. It was proper not inappropriate. It was restrained and inoffensive all the while as I imaged putting her in the table in front of me. peeling off any undergarments she may have been wearing, exposing her to anyone near by. Then licking her to the edge of release denying her that pleasure forcing her to finish off her own orgasm right there in front of me while i watched.

A laugh not tied to the conversation escaped as the idea of the edges of her skirt tickling my face as I ate her pussy occurred to me.I sipped my coffee.  She checked her phone. Resolve was gone fortunately the evening reached its logical conclusion as she would make her way back home and I would return to admire the same view out the window she had hours earlier.

During an escape one rarely gets out unscathed…
I had found my edge but not crossed the line. Temptation called to me like a drug i was so desperate for but I had not succumb. Later after the madness of normal life had returned and then diminished I sat alone in the dark and she haunted me.

I tried to relax but in my mind I could only see her standing at the window. Smiling and then turning her back to me. I could all but feel her presence. My lips parted, the pill entered my mouth. A gulp washed it down. She was still there 30 minutes later as I slipped into the chemical bliss of the void. If it were not for modern science I would have sat their all night imagining the things that could have been done with…and to her.

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The Meeting

The smoke filled room delighted the senses, incense from the other side of the world were slowly perfuming the air as the drapes hung around. Naked bodies displayed writhing on beds of pillows in the dim light. Men and women alike arms tangles and intertwined like snakes with moans of pleasure giving a sexual energy to the room. There was no end to the delights of the flesh to be found here, I was copiously impressed.

Walking to the changing area just by the door there was a place to change and shower, in effect to let go of the stresses of the normal life and enter the world that was on display just beyond the wall. Dull black work boots slid off with a refreshing feel as I began the conversion. I heard the crack of a whip and I removed my pants and underwear, I felt my cock jump at the sound. As I removed my shirt the coolness of the room made the flesh come alive. The shower made it a complete transformation with the Egyptian musk soap giving a deep earthy scent. Finally I put on a toga so I would have some form of cover as I felt something deeper and darker wanting to be released. The sitar music gave a perfect touch to the night. 

Exiting the opposite side where I came in I was greeted by a “guard”. His oiled body shimmered in the dim light and the ripple of muscle under the tan flesh made a hunger begin to flow. He asked for the password, and I told him the word I had been given by my friend at work. The man smiled “Ah you are new here, that is the password that is shared to those who are interested” The man made a wave of his arm and a woman appeared, thin vials covered her face making her even more alluring as I followed her to another room. The glints of light off her outfit drew attention to her waist and ass. Her bare midriff trim and muscular showing her potential to be one of the belly dancers my friend had told me about.

We arrived in a room with a desk and a couple of chairs. I was asked to sit as I was explained the rules. “So what do you know about this place?” her forward question as direct as the way she looked at me with those cat green eyes. I was mesmerized for a minute as her raven black hair spilled over perfect shoulders. In that brief moment I imagined myself behind her my hand on her shoulders as I took her in a slow seductive scene. She cleared her throat snapping me back to reality. “Ummm just that this is a BDSM theme club. Each weekend there is something different to enjoy.”  She smiled at my answer “It is that and so much more. I need your name and if you wish to be on our mailing list please let me have your email. That way you will have an idea what each weekend will be and we can give you a password so you don’t have to come and see me.”

I didn’t mind seeing her at all, but I was also excited to get out there and see what I could get into. A few minutes later the paperwork part was done and I told no matter whom I saw or what was going on, what happened inside these walls stayed inside these walls. I understood that, no way did I want to have someone blabbing about they saw me here, I wanted to have fun and not think about if my actions were going to be talked about later. She gave me the quick tour and explained that the men standing near the doors were the DM’s or dungeon masters. If I had a problem or issue I should get one of them.  The side rooms were invitation only, many of them were rented out by private people for their own particular kink for the night. “My name is Jasmine by the way, if there is any way I can assist you please feel free to find me.” With that said it was like she vanished into the smoke and atmosphere.  

I walked around for a little bit, watching and being the voyeur I often am. A woman surrounded by men caught my eye for a while. I watched as the men filled all her orifices with their cock as she moaned in delight, quite the sight to behold. A hand on my shoulder made me jump. “They call that air tight” a rich male voice said “I hear women really get off on it.” His smile was very disarming as he asked if I wanted to get a drink.  “So what brings you to this land of debauchery? Looking to live out some wild desire?” He was blunt for sure, I gave him that. He led me to a makeshift bar and I ordered a rum and coke. “Wait, don’t let him drink that swill” my new friend said “Give him the” he paused and looked me over as if trying to judge what I would drink by my appearance. “Ouzo for my man here, and use the back bottle I brought if you don’t mind.”  I felt a bit odd letting another man order me something to drink but I am always game to try something new.

4 shots were set on the bar and he lifted one in a toast. I raised my glass being polite “To adventures with new friends” I repeated the words and tossed the drink back. Holy mother of penguins and frogs! “That should have come with a warning” I said as I gasped for breath. He laughed heartily and patted me on the back. “What was that? It tasted like liquorish” “Its ouzo from a friend of mine who just came back from a trip in Greece” We tossed the next shot back and I took it a bit better. I leaned back on the bar and looked around for a moment before being pulled by the arm to a pile of pillows and people.

“Everyone I would like to introduce our new friend” said the guy who had developed a sudden attachment to me. A round of “Hi new friend” came from the men and women all sitting around a hookah. I watched as they took turns passing the end around, each one taking a deep drag and holding it. A few giggles as one of the girl’s started kissing her own arm. The group started to touch one another, kissing and fawning each other. My host brought me to a seat between him and one of the women. Almost as soon as I had taken a seat I became the focal point for the people around me.

illusionwaltz / / CC BY-NC

A soft kiss on my neck and the smell of perfume and warm hands began to rub my back. A strong hand took hold of my arm and pushed me back. I just let go and the ouzo took effect. I felt like I was floating on a cloud of air and wisps of fingers and lips glided over my skin. I felt a hand sliding into my toga and taking my cock in its grasp. I looked down to watch a man and woman get close to watch, their faces just inches from the tip as they looked at one another before sticking out their tongues and kissing the head and one another at the same time. I have never enjoyed something like this before but I didn’t want it to stop. They took turns sliding my shaft into their mouths, licking and sucking.

The woman next to me leaned over and began to run her fingers through the hair on my chest. Her lips not long in following as she gave each one a playful kiss. Then she bit gently at first, then harder and harder till I gasped. The pain of the bite and the pleasure of the mouths sharing my cock sent all my senses into overload.  There was nothing but sensation as I closed my eyes and let them have their way. A whisper in my ear caught my attention “Have you ever been with a man?” Through the hazy fog I shook my head yes. The attentions increased as more hands and tongues ran over my flesh.

The woman next to me got up and moved the hookah to a side and then knelt. I was told she was mine for the taking as she bent over and turned to look at me. Her lithe body given as an offering while I was dropped from the mountain of pleasure. I crawled up behind her, kissing her sweet flesh before mounting her. My cock slid in her easily as she pussy opened hungrily taking my first offerings to her. Deeper and deeper with each push, not rush as all time stopped. I felt hands upon us and knew we looked much like one of the scenes I had witnessed when I had first come in. A strong hand on my arm and I felt something warm against my ass. I wasn’t sure what to expect as a toy pushed in slowly, stretching a little at a time so I would be able to accommodate something bigger.  

A few minutes later I felt hot breath on my back and hands on my hips. I was being taken by a lover as I took the one under me. I half expected the searing pain but there was none; it was just a deep filling and pleasure. I felt the intrusion hit a place of immense pleasure and I could not hold back as my cock exploded with no warning. Waves of pleasure crashed over me as I flooded the vixen beneath me. The lover who had taken me pulled out and I felt the heat of his seed landing on my back. Moments later tongues licking the salty fluid off my skin. I let go of the sweet temptress I had just enjoyed and fell back on the pillows. She was pushed back as my cum was licked from her dripping pussy. I just lay there watching, letting it all sink in.

A few minutes later my host took me by the arm. I put the toga back on and we went to see one of the guards. The dark hair and steel grey eyes I knew from a long time past. My new friend started to speak “I want you to meet my new friend” he said beaming. I bowed in a gesture of respect “Hello father” My host trembled suddenly “Did he say father?” The older man shook his head yes. “My son, it has been a long time, I guess now you met you half brother”…

Cum and see what other wickedness awaits

Wicked Wednesday... be inspired & share...

Other People’s Kink February 2013

Other People's Kink Logo




Malflic’s Pick

“Abandon Jade” includes some of Mal’s favorite people (Jade & Mr. Orge) plus rope and the wonderful bonus perspective of “W” who is one of her partners.  The post is lovely series of pictures, a beautifully written description of the location and events.  Plus it gets you to her new site that encompasses her, kink, poly relationships, and writing.


Ignored Dad’s Pick

Ignored Dad offers two posts on the topic of gang bangs  this month as his pick since the post “Planning My Gang Bang” by Kendra Holiday of The Beautiful Kind was the main non-kink related topic of his boys night out this past month with Mal and a few others.   And well “Planning the Gang Bang” offers wonderful insight in to how things are proceeding and made us all the boys here just a little bit envious.



Surprising  & Touching

Tender is the Night by Rachel Kincaid simple put it’s a beautiful piece that is truly a standout on love and sex throughout our lives.




Our old friend and one of Mal’s muses The Naked Nurse has published a collection of 25 delicious and erotic poems.  The book is available in both kindle and hard copy from Amazon. Look for a post and some other fun related to this very topic in the coming weeks.




Ever have an implement break in your hand or across your backside?  Sure who hasn’t right?  Here’s a fun and semi scientific look at why.   Oh and the answer isn’t “because I shouldn’t have been using wood on your bare ass in the first place”



Just Plain Hot

Waterfall Nymph by Penny of Penny’s Dirty Thoughts is both beautiful and artistic.


Bed Side Reading

A little poetry, a little real life obstruction, a tease, and an alluring red bottom is what you’ll find in “Inappropriate Places for Orgasms



Blogger Round Ups / Meme’s

Mal was honored to be included as part of Silverdrop’s Toybox round up this past week.  Also worth a mention is the E Lust is back and bigger that ever.


Events and Cons

Frolicon is coming up in Atlanta March 28-31.  Lord Raven and Alice will be there so if you’re going be sure to find them and say hi.

Mal will be going to to the Sex Positive St. Louis Event – Hustler BDSM Store Tour and Demo March 27th.

Also in play for a few of us here is Bondage Expo Dallas.  Mal & ID are looking into arrangements and possible companions for the event.



The Bet


Another night at the house, we got board and decided to go out. We laughed at the way we each could pick up a date with little to no trouble. Then the dare came out, to pick up a one night stand. The first to do so would txt the other who would give up their hunt and head back to the house and hide in the closet to watch. It was a Wednesday night and all the clubs would give a bit more of a challenge. We spied one and decided to place our bet there.

Walking in Alley grabbed my arm and smiled, telling me how I was going to get to watch her fuck a total stranger tonight. A few guys watched us come in and the ladies noticed too. The darkened smoky room gave an air of mystery to the place as eyes lingered on us. We had never been here before but by the stares I could tell that we weren’t an unwelcomed sight. I sat at the bar and got our drinks as Alley headed to the dance floor, I could feel the electricity in the air as I started my hunt. It was all fair game for us as I watched her dance with men and women. One guy dancing with her seemed to be in the bag, when he looked my way I playfully blew him a kiss and his face reddened as he figured out we were a package deal.

She floated back to the bar and whispered no more cheating, she knew what I had done. If I had been a lady then it would have been good to go, but a lot of guys freak when they think another guy will be there too. I got out on the floor and did my best but it’s often said correctly I am too white to dance. It’s not that I don’t like to but I do much better in the ball room than the modern stage of bodies writhing to the techno beats. I finally surrendered to my place at the bar next to a sailor who was sipping a beer. He was young and cute, his dark wavy hair just long enough to make you want to ruffle it. He watched me as I took a seat next to him. He looked so nervous his blue eyes so piercing but full of questions too. Hum had I found my mark?

I introduced myself as we talked for a bit. He told me how he and his lover had split, that another tour at sea was just too much for them. I consoled him in this loss, but inside I felt my predator side drooling. I watched as he lifted the bottle each time and took a swallow, the way his lips took the top in…

I was snapped back by a txt coming in. Alley was getting frustrated. She wanted to leave; I told her 10 more minutes I was working on someone. He watched me txt and just looked down. “Your lover?” he asked. I was a deer in the headlights, I would never lie on Alley and our rule was to be honest. I looked him in the eye and asked if he wanted to get some fresh air, dodging the question. He perked back up and said sure. Walking across the floor I caught sight of Alley she had a cattish grin, knowing it was going to get interesting tonight. As we walked outside he lit a cigarette and took a drag, blowing it out he almost made a sigh. “I figured you to be strait” he came right out and said it. I was taken by his brazen words but turned on by them as well. I wanted to show him I wasn’t afraid of being with a man either. I took the cigarette from his hand taking a drag and after an exhale I leaned toward him and kissed him softly on the lips.

I heard his breath catch, and I backed off. “Sorry” I said but I was far from sorry, his lips were soft and sweet. I didn’t expect that from a sailor but I wanted more. His face was blush with the boldness of my move. But he hung just where I left him, then he moved toward me. “What about that girl you came in with?” he asked in a whisper. “She and I go out a lot” I started “but she was about to go home for the night. What would you like to do?” the flash of hunger in his eyes took any guessing away. He kissed me pushing me back to the wall with the force of a dominate man that knew what he wanted. I pushed the button on my phone to snap a quick pic and he didn’t even notice. I sent it to her as I wrapped my arms around him, knowing I wouldn’t need to send a txt. I saw her leave and take the car, she was on her way and now the game was really afoot. “Let’s go back to my place and get out of the night air” I suggested. He was all for that.

We got in his car and on the way we made a bit of small talk as I found out his name was David, he hated the navy but it was better than other job offers he could have been stuck with. I asked him to stop by the store as I ran in excited to txt my Alley of the present I was bringing. I got some beer and a box of condoms, headed to the front and checked out. Alley’s txt came back with one word “GOODIES” and I knew she was going to enjoy tonight, she always liked watching two guys go at it. We got to the apartment and I flicked on the light, he was on me in less than a second. I told him that Alley lived here too and I would rather go to my bedroom just in case she was around. David didn’t have to be asked twice. In a flash we were in “my” bedroom. It was actually mine in the fact it looked like a guy’s room, but we slept where we wanted and made love on everything in here and the rest of the place, OH MY GOD the washing machine and spin cycle…but that’s another story.

David sat in the chair just feet from the closet door, I could almost hear her breathing in anticipation of the view she would be getting from the slats in the door. I walked towards David and kissed him. No warning, no small talk, there had been enough of that earlier. I was after one thing, and he was the prize. I ran my tongue along his neck as he tipped his head back, letting it slide in his ear, his moan let me know I had him as putty in my hands. I caught his ear lobe in my teeth as I leaned back and playfully toyed with him. Reaching down I wanted to know what my prize was tonight. The slow seductive slide of the zipper was always a rush, tonight was no different as I knelt and slid it down with my teeth. I had him move his chair just a little more toward the window, I gave a lame excuse of that soft light of the street lamp lighting his cock, it really was to give Alley a better view.The Bet

His boxer frustrated me; I despise them to no end myself but hey if that’s your thing then go for it. I finally found the access I was looking for, his cock sprung free I gasped, and so did Alley, thankfully we were at the same time. His beautiful cock was uncut and shimmered like a trophy pointing to the heavens from his pants. I took out the strawberry flavored condom and started to put it on. He looked puzzled but I told him it was to make the pleasure last longer. He smiled as I slid it on with expert hands the tested it with a kiss on the tip. I ran my tongue all along the shaft, and his soft moans started to grow. I reached up and undid his belt and slid off his pants, freeing him and giving me better access to all of him. His balls so smooth and shaven offered me a wonderful place to run my tongue as I stroked him with my hand. His breath was ragged as I knew it had been a long cruse. It took me sliding him in my mouth and down his shaft for a minute for him to find his release. His hands locked in my hair as he pumped into my mouth; he knew what he wanted and wasn’t afraid to take it. When his balls were greeted my soft caress of my hand he lost it and exploded, waves of his cum filled the raincoat that kept me from drowning a river of his liquid love.

Once he regained his composure he stood up and pushed me on the bed. He wasted no time in ripping off my pants, and putting on a banana flavored condom. His mouth was on me and he made it feel so good my eyes rolled back into my head. I looked as saw the door cracked open, so I shifted myself so Alley could get a better view. She jumped and the door clicked shut. David froze, he looked back at the door and then at me. I knew this looked bad but he smiled and went back to work on my cock. He really made extra effort to display all his moves, putting on quite a show and had me squirming all over the bed. When his finger found my balls he gave them a tight squeeze, pleasure shot through me. Then he moved lower and pushed a finger in my ass, I nearly passed out as I came instantly. Once I settled down he got up and walked to the closet, opening it and saw Alley standing there, her wet hand attempted covering her panties which were soaked so much I could see it from where I was. “So this is your dirty little secret” he said to me. I flushed but was still too weak to reply. He took her by the hand like a gentleman and led her out.

He sat her down next to me on the edge of the bed and we looked like two kids in trouble. David gave the most disarming smile as he said “Naughty  naughty of you two. Now just what are you to up to exactly?” his piercing blue eyes cut through me and I confessed our game. His smile turned into an almost evil grin as he licked his lips. “So you want to play a game do you?” his tone alluring but something danced behind his eyes that made my heart race.

He took a chair and sat down; his air of authority suddenly changed the tempo of our little game. He ordered me to strip Alley as he watched. I had no idea what was in his mind but I could see she was excited at this prospect. I did as I was told like a good sub would have done and followed the Masters orders. Slowly removing her shirt and bra I stopped long enough to flick my tongue one her nipples, making them rock hard. Then sliding her out of her skirt and panties; she stood their nude in front of both of us. “Now lay her on the bed and take her for your pleasure.” The shocked look on both of our faces must have been obvious, he repeated himself with more force. When I hesitated he picked up his belt, twirling it in the air. In a flash I pushed her back on the bed to half protect her and to follow the instructions given.

I slid in her wet tunnel in a single thrust, she moaned with a pleasure of my abrupt move. She ran her nails down my back leaving a trail of red welts, I hissed in delight at her willingness to let me follow through this. We had watched the other fuck different people before but never had we been the ones being watched till now, it was a huge turn on. I start to move slowly dragging myself in and out; she gave a pouty look as I enjoy my slow torture. The sudden sting of the belt on my bare ass gets my undivided attention. “I said take her” David growls.

I start to go for it thrusting harder and deeper like a wild animal into Alley’s tight pussy. Animalistic growls escaped us both as there was no letting up, another wave of pleasure crashed over Alley, then another till she could not catch her breath between them. As we fucked David moved behind us. I felt his breath on the back of my neck as he move right over me, the heat of his flesh like the warmth of the sun on my back. I had no idea what he is up to till I felt his cock at my ass. I flinched but he told me to relax. I shivered at the thought of him taking me while I am taking Alley, it was a fantasy I had never spoken of, not even to her. His strong hands gripped my shoulders as he gently pushed in. I felt the pleasure of being invaded by him as I slid along her soft wet walls. The feel of his hot breath on the back of my neck was intoxicating making me fall into a different world . I couldn’t stop as waves of pleasure broke over me. He continued to take me as he made me slam into Alley, I could feel her stiffen as she started to cum under me her nails now digging into David’s back as she pulled him harder into me. Her moans echoed off the walls as the wave of pleasure continued to crash over and over like a single extended orgasm. David came right after her; I could feel the pulses of his cock throbbing in me, as he groaned with satisfaction. We fell across the bed and lay there for a while. Finally David leaned over and kisses me and thanked me for a wonderful evening and walked toward the door. He turned and said he will miss us as he is leaving for a 6 month cruise but looks forward to his next coming back…



Other People’s Kink V3

After a short break we’re back with Other People’s kink. As always if you’re writing or reading something great and want us to know about it drop us a note, @ reply, FB comment, or DM and we’d be happy to give it a read. Remember just because we’ specialize in finding great smut doesn’t mean we don’t want and need your help.

Other People’s Kink V3

After a short break we’re back with Other People’s Kink.  As always if you’re writing or reading something great we’d love to know about it so drop us a note, @ reply, FB comment, or DM.  The salivating bunch of perverts here would be  happy to give it a read.  Remember just because we’ specialize in finding great smut doesn’t mean we don’t want and need your help.

First  Off – It’s Pride Week in St Louis.

Mal’s position is clear.  He & the Chesty Blonde openly support gay marriage, believe that it is not the role of any government agency to stop consenting adults from marrying and think all the bible thumping  Jesus freaks should shut the fuck up and go to hell. (Ok the last part was all Mal) If we fail to support other people’s nontraditional choices in their sexual preferences it will only lead further imposition of their values on our own.  It may not be our orientation but that doesn’t make it wrong or anyone’s business.  Now back to your regularly scheduled perving.


Malflic’s Picks



The Chesty Blonde’s Favorite

Does Size Matter

Alice’s Pick

Well she hasn’t submitted a pick this month.  We should probably spank her very soundly but she’d like that too much. In fact so much so she’s probably never have a monthly pick hoping to be taken to task again.  So instead maybe we’ll have her get ready for a long hard spanking, lay out all of the meanest implements, send her out shopping for a special spanking outfit has to wear for her punishment. Then we can put her in the corner with her cute ass out in the breeze for all the world to see and then not so much as pat her on the bottom.  Oh who are we kidding…like she wouldn’t end up with the sore butt she wanted if we did that.

Lord Raven’s Choice

A Fetlife write by Master Dennis on Resistance Play.  Sorry but you’ll need to be logged into Fet to see this one.


And the Qumran of deviants says… go read these.

Events & Advice

Post Con and Party Advice on Drop



When It Is Too Late for Sorry



or Fem Domme (there is a debate on the correct terminology and lacking a female top the vote is tied).  It’s a new category for us and may not be here all the time but since we came across a few really great posts that fit we added it.

Dinner Party Entertainment


His First Crop Spanking



I know wait you talked about Erica Scott in the first edition of OPK.  You’re right but in her Erica vs. Paddles post and the playful shots it takes at tops literally had Mal laughing so hard the Blonde went into his office to see what the hell happened.



This Happy Birthday Heat was made by Heat Seeker1 on Spanking tube.  It has some great elements to it that are hard to find in videos.   Part 1 features a fun OTK scene that is his “present” and in true top manner part 2 has Sarah taking Heat’s birthday spanking (hmm and some of us thought Mal made up that rule).  Plus it has a wooden paddle.  A few of the tops around here have a special affinity for wood even if their bottoms don’t.  Secondly the scene is truly light hearted.   Sure it’s not a brutal session with all kinds of hard core imagery it’s just a playful setting but still leaves the young lady squirming a bit and with a cute red ass.


Upcoming  Events

The Last Saturday Strip Pride Show – Mal’s become a semi regular audience member at these shows.  Charlotte puts on one hell of a review and has such a vivacious personality mere words can’t do it justice.  This time around he’ll be absent as he tend to some wickedness back in east that involves a few sets of clamps and an electric cord.  BTW get there early if you want a seat.  Last month Mal & WBRCO were there 20 minutes after the doors opened, the place was jumping and they had to charm a pretty  lady just to get a seat.


Circus of Sin Tour w/  Zoog from Angelspit during Conspiracy July 7th at the Crack Fox.  After years of trying to make it to Conspiracy he’s got this one nailed down on his calendar.  Look for Mal he’ll be the guy in black boots…all kidding aside he will be there and the Chesty Blonde is tentatively scheduled to make a rare public appearance with him.  SO look for the grey hair perv with a gorgeous blonde.