Battle of the mind

Fallow mind, hollow images floating through the mist of thought

Intense emotions that jerk at the well of tears, down they are fought

Faster and faster, spinning images, whispers for times near and far

Blending into a lake of surreal life that is dangerous wade out to far

Ilk of past misdeeds and sins of the father like and oily coating

Sticking to the flesh as in the calm moment gently floating


Stroking through trying to get to the shore so rest can be found

The tar of confusion starts to churn and drag me down

A lashing tail of a creature that lurks in the depths strikes blindly

Pain unexpected causes recoil in the limb as I thrash wildly

Teeth now latch on, the venom of memories injected into the flesh

Numbness spreading slowly as wild fighting makes a pathetic splash

Little by little making it to the shore of sanity till at last the shore reached

Laying gasping, baked now in the blinding sun, now sinking in the beach

The wet sand of realities that shift under the weight of a still body

Strength drained from the battle to get to shore, I sigh, yes I am ready

Laying in hopeless filling the void fills the mind taking me captive

Dragging the sun no long bakes as the cool refreshment is placid

The oily sheen leaches out the poison as dark images spin again

Ever trapped in the tug of war between a beginning and the end

Fallow mind, the seeds of impurity slowly growing for the dark delights

Images of blood and violence grow and soon seep into my heart

Longings growing from the darkest places, so many shadows faceless

Flesh blood and lust move about like tributes to be taken so helpless

Cold like a knife

Cold like a knife cutting into the flesh makes visible the mortal breath

All who have tread the path of life seek more but find only death

Reality colder than a thousand nights in the tundra forever remains

As there is but not to do that lick the wounds and cry in pain

The fabled lake of fire would be a blessed gift by any compare

Now but a worm writhing on the hook, trapped in tormented despair

Fiction dances in the dreams, lands all but forgotten as the body fails

Never before has it been so, and never again in this ones travels

A moment, a splinter of not more than hope, less than reality

His scream now rips the dark and they look on in a saddened pity

Madness they call it, for he is indeed mad, a rage that burns deep

Robbing him of the moments of peace and a slumber so sweet

Tormentors vile as his flesh has aged, no more the spring of youth

Hands wrinkled in times grasp from their deeds, actions and use

Circling overhead the call of the carrion waiting to pick his bones

Prepared to divide the spoils of the flesh as they squabble and crone

A flash of desire, a spring of hope, once again a passing beauty sighs

The longing once a burning flames is but a smolder in the thighs

Frustration becomes rage as the smirk appears crossing beauty’s face

Cutting out the heart of the vane creature that lost in this twisted place

Draining the blood and marrow then crushing the bones to a fine dust

It infuses the ageing mad one with new vigor, if only in his wicked lust

He laughs as the flashes streak all around in the moon lit night

He is now twisted on the floor forever free of the tormented life.

Cemetery with old gravestones and moon

Prey and predator

The air clings thick as the fog wrapping tight like a cloak
A cough from and unseen man makes tightness in her throat
Shuffles and wisps of occasional figures creeping in the dark
She wished she could still the fear and pounding of her heart

alley fog

Sitting at the pub he had been waiting till she rolled in like the fog
The smell of flowers dances in the air as men looked and gawked
Leering at her over the rim of his glass, her eyes locked with his
A moment later she scurries out the door as he went for a piss

“Hey lass wait up” a voice makes her body stiffen as steps quicken
“Well hello there sailor” a reply, there is the chatter of the drunken
Slower now, she tries to calm her nerves, slowing her breathing
She says it’s all in her head as night now over takes the evening

Walking out the door there was only one way for him to go
the scent of flowers still hung in the air as he walk slow
The sound of the couple fucking in the alley as he passed
The smell grew stronger as he saw the shadow at last

She could feel someone close, her heart again races
Turning quickly to catch him off guard he was in her face
No scream, his hand over her mouth as she landed
The wooden door broke way, she knew he planned it

He was on her in a flash cuffs snapping on her wrist
His evil toothy smile and the smell of beer and fish
“I have you now my little delightful morsel”
Smiling back she was glad he was home safe from the vessel

A spot betwixt

There is but a spot betwixt life and death

Between least heartbeat and final breath

A rushing of forever sleep claiming it’s prize

Flutter of angelic wings or demonic eyes

End of a waste or a waste to be mourned

In still of night or shredded in battle torn

Weep not for the dead for their dance done

Weep instead for the living who live on

Tout words a reward for the specters’ kiss

As the worms gather to feast on the flesh

Durst you walk across the soil fresh tilled

A young maiden her warmth now chilled

Pluck a flower and place it on yonder grave

A warrior who lost in battle his life he gave

Kiss the stone where the moss now grows

A grandparent who knew the aged woes

However creatures that rip the breath away

Vile things proudly parade treachery on display

Watch as the last spark leaves see it?

You missed it, grab another you shit

Don’t fumble place the knife just like so

A quick jerk then watch as the life flows

No it’s not a scream, just a gurgle sound

Watch in the eyes it will yet come round

Ah there you saw it then didn’t you friend

We ok now we’ve so many prisoners to end

Executioner now next on Grimm’s long list

In pools of blood falls and breathes his last

Vaporous being trapped in animated dirt

Or is this life something much more curt

Bodies writing in throws of passion explode

In the spent energy a new thing now grows

A shock of existence in this realm to pass

Is it wonder and amazement or just like gas

No matter the answer there is a truth indeed

A pending death awaits for each new born seed

The Crone waits with her sheers in life’s web

A final moment as the spark flashes and is dead

Yarn of life now lay crumpled on the floor tangled

As the worms now work and arrange new angles

Tell me Grimm, whisper to me, my eternal lover

Hast thou yearned taking souls on your endeavor

Or is it tasked you like that thing called a burden

Ever shackled till the last spark is doused within

A kiss from those lips and this world is lost

Into the vastness a hapless soul then tossed

When thou kisses me make love to me too

Let us see what happens, will life be anew?


The Master

An inconsequential meeting at the club she thought he was intriguing

The way he looked at her like her soul was bare her thought bleeding

He walked over asking if she mined his company in this sea of humanity

He let her lead the conversation she told him things she couldn’t believe

His aura seeming like that of a long trusted friend she could confide

Becoming inpatient with his lack of advance she put a hand on his thigh

His stirring and shifting was encouraging to her, at least he was male

Her advance made the crowd a most displeasing, her desire a deep well

Leaning to her he asked if she would like to get some air, he was hot

Running her nails all the way up the inside of his thigh she said why not

Outside the chill of the air ignited her wildness, she passionately kissed

She shocked herself, never before had she ever acted like this

Walking to his Ducati throwing a leg over it as if about to ride off

She felt her thoughts betray her wishing it was her he now sought

Brazenly walking up she asked to join him tonight, he smiled devilishly

His smile pushed her will to the limit never before would she believe

Leaving with a would be love, off into the night no plans for the morn

Wrapping her arms around him they drove off, she felt so warm

Finally a spontaneous thing from her, not planed or calculated

Her friends all said she needed to get out and let herself go free

They went a few miles to a side road, he stopped and looked at her

Explaining that he lived there and wanted her to make sure

After all some things can’t be undone he whispered in her ear

Never before had she wanted something so much she was clear

The path was twisted and in the light of the moon is was romantic

The appearance of a mansion sent her mind into a wild panic

She had heard that there were some well off men in town partying

Pulling up to the front he stepped off as the rest seemed like a dream

His movement was like a liquid flowing through empty space it seemed

He held out his have and invited her to tonight become his queen

She flushed at the offer he laid at her feet, as the butler came

“Tonight the great hall” he said to the gaunt butler “light the flame”

A handmaiden emerged out of the shadow her skin white as milk

Her instructions were to take the lady to dress before the meal

Not a word as she led the way up a path to a huge bedroom

Not a single light but the light of the seeming ever bright moon

Then a flip of the switch and time came back to the now

As if she had stepped back centuries in time somehow

The closet was opened to her as she gasped at the bounty

The master will be waiting miss I am here to see your dressed

You may chose but I suggest something modern and playful

He had decided for you to be the queen this is all for you

What kind of man was he her mind now raced, but then elegance

A black dress as if made for her, velvet and so sweet it fit

The handmade smiled as they made their way down the steps

Then at the bottom off to the side graciously she slips

Turning he smiles, “Ah I see you favored my favorite dress

Elegant and simple” his words entrances as his hand caressed

Touching her face she felt herself go limp in his strong arms

She couldn’t help but surrender to his powerful charms

She saw the table set but no food on it as they approached

Then he took and around her throat placed a beautiful broach

The picture that could have been her but from long ago

Suddenly she felt her sanity return and she went cold

In a strange place she barely remember getting there

Suddenly she felt him pull her head back by the hair

Soft licks across her skin then a flash of pain, she screamed

She was floating across the expanse of time it seemed

Next real thought she was on the table he had a knife

Sliding it along the inside of her thigh, he called her his wife

The butler placed a goblet to collect the life giving wine

Handing it to the handmade she took a drink sweet and divine

The butler took his sip before it was passed to the master

He drank it down as if it couldn’t be drunk faster

Then leaning down whispered those words that curse or release

Do you want to live forever or just be the meat at our feast…


Kelly out of control…

The storm passed but the dark clouds still lingered above

Nothing left but a hollowed out feeling no hope, no love

A hunger burned, consuming her till nothing else mattered

Trying to fill her belly she drank milk that instantly clabbered

Violent seizures shook her threatening to rip her apart

Victim to the night and the absence of a beating heart

She felt for her pulse as panic took over, wildly screaming

Falling to her knees let this only be a dream she was praying

She knew her fate was sealed for her now in a nightmare

She looked again to her rescuer letting her hand play in his hair

Then a flair of anger, balling her fist and pulling him inches away

“I swear that you will regret making me one of you and will pay”

Her words a chilling threat but no real power they held

For she was falling further into this dismal pit of hell.

Clutching her stomach bent over she cried in pain again

That’s when her worst nightmare started to begin

The door kicked open, flames spewed in from outside

She recognized the insignia, for a second she felt pride

Then the reality sunk in as he was here to destroy

Running for the back she was flung to the ground like a toy

Still weak from her transformation she was knocked out

Somewhere in the dark there were screams and shouts

Coming to an eerie silence, blood was all over the place

Looking across the battle torn room a semi-known face

The blood matted his hair down but those eyes so calm

His hands shook as he looked back it was all wrong

He should have rushed to her holding her bringing comfort

Feelings and thoughts so confused it was so hard to sort

A head rolled down the steps, seeing it she broke and wept

At last the best an undead could do, she knew she was next

The bodies that lay on the floor testament to the warrior

The world fell away as life came to the greatest of horror

He stood hobbling, the crimson streak now visible on his thigh

His blade griped firmly as is lay flat against his protective side

“Daddy” she cried “help me” her pleas made tears in his eyes

Having lost his wife and sons to the undead breaking he cried

The tears fell to the wound and the sting cough his mind

Knowing it had to end and there was not going to be a better time

“I’m sorry” he whispered “I must end the curse forever”

He drew back, ready to strike then his resolve failed

Regret fled as she leapt, attacking with the power of hell

He stood for a second amazed as through the air she sailed

She pinned him to the ground, eyes burning red with lust

“Daddy” she cooed “time for me to put an end to your trust,

I want you to be my first” she licked her lips as he fought

But she was more than a match and she got what she sought

In his fight for his life she was forced to break his arms

He just lay there no longer able to bring anymore harm

Then the memories of the lessons in the circle and the pain

Hours and hours doing nothing but run, fight and train

A twisted smile crosses her face as she takes his hand

The backward till the tips of his finger to his forearm bend

His scream such a delight, sweet music to her now evil heart

Death comes slow to those who have left a painful make

Jumping to her feet at a sound behind there stood her master

He looked at the carnage about and then the floor, “faster”

His words such a dislike for her, she wanted to make him beg

She took her finger and drove in into the wound on his leg

The wild scream of pain as she dug into the muscle till the bone

“Remember Daddy all the times we were hiding and alone?

You deigned me the chance to have a family now I have chance”

She stood a spun around as if doing some kind of dance

The falling to the ground laughing she crawled over to him

Her fangs grew and so did her need to let her feeding begin

With his neck bare and ready for her as she tipped his head

She let her fangs slowly sink till they did fully embed

The pulsing of the artery just a flick away, her first kill

“Kelly” he croaked “fight it; fight it with all your will”

It was too late for that as she forced down ripping in

The explosion in her mouth massive as it began

Gulping each forceful jetting pulse, she grew in power

As he faded away strange how it started to grow sour

Pulling back she let him fall free, a small trickle all that was left

As he breathed his last then to the worms was made a gift

Revenge looked on and liked the power she and taken on

“My dear now you truly are a part and here you forever belong”

She could still taste the blood and wanted more it was not enough

She wanted to get her fill as she fell into the power of the lust

Running out the door she saw a light and went for it

There on a park bench a bum feeding pigeons did sit

She walked up behind so quiet like a shadow in the night

He never saw her and had a chance to feel any fright

She ripped him open and sucked him dry in seconds

Then tossing the body aside as more blood beckoned

A corner with two ladies looking for work, so tasty

Oh the one with the full red lips, not the sick and pasty

Swaggering across the street the ladies adjusted their pose

“Get lost bitch, this is the corner for the seasoned hoes.”

Kelly chuckled as the pasty one showed her bare knuckle

In a flash she was on the ground her knees gave way and buckled

A flash of movement and her neck snapped, tossed to the earth

Flopping and shaking like a fish fight death for all it was worth

The red lipped beauty now stood looking on in fright

As Kelly approached she didn’t resist or put up a fight

Kissing her full on the lips, those so full lips red as blood

Then to the ground she went with brutal a shove

Only a small cry of fear as she fell, the Kelly pounced on top

Tearing off the trick’s shirt exposing her milky skin so hot

Slow licks across the flesh catching the bra in her teeth

The fangs razor sharp had no problem cutting out a piece

Nipples stood erect in the night air, their dark rings tempting

Kelly continued with her wicked little licking

Going across the tummy that cause trimmer from inside

Then stopping at the top of her skirt, end of the free ride

The material seemed to explode as she was now exposed

Kelly so hot for more than just blood finally chose

Her nail a sharp as her teeth cut a slit, the air hit her

Cutting open her pants to allow her toy to lick her

Such hesitance at first then Kelly made an obedient slave

“Please me or find yourself in a shallow grave”

The fearful thing now licked and lapped till Kelly purred

Then the power of the night made it all a blur

Her orgasm coming she forced herself down harder

The poor thing tried to fight for air but had nothing to barter

Kelly screaming and wildly slamming her wetness down

Smashing the life out of her treat as demonic bliss was found

Kelly looking to see if there was anything left hissed in disgust

Such a squander, to waste such a treat to please my lust

The sound of a crowd and the thump of a club near by

The fire again lit in her hungry eyes…

True Image

This thing called Darkness

What is this heinous thing called darkness that you speak

A demon that come out of the mist to torture and freak

An oaf that lumbers and smashes around all that is good

Or an assassin killing the radiance leavening death and blood

Is it something all together different that robs the peace

A leavening to be feared in the loaf of life like a wild yeast


The child who is rocked to sleep by his mothers loving hands

One day finds a beast peering from the fogs of far off lands

Saliva drips from twisted jaws like blood dripping from a blade

The lad frozen as he sees the thing crush the once beloved maid

Once sure hands now shake as the crimson drips on the floor

His breath taken, his heart falters, he turn and run to the door

The thing gives no chase, it need not do a thing but wait patiently

 It took hold in a venomous bite that was never felt tenuously

But rather harbors in the dark spaces of the mind, festering

Weeks become years as the lad grows, destiny sequestering

Finally the day come, the man now grown faces off the beast

To the death he roars as the charge is bellowed in his grief

It goes unanswered, just the glowing eyes in the dark room

A charge, the sword finds it mark bringing the beast to it doom

The shattering of glass unexpected as the mirror now breaks

The glowing eyes now a thousand as a single piece he takes

Seeing the reflection he knows it is a face he has seen before


He turns again and runs once again blindly toward the door

A misstep sends him headlong into the blackness he fears

The beast is upon him, the hot breath waiting all those years

The blood now stains the floor in the deadly room once again

He reaches for the sword and pulls it where it sheathed within

The liver not spared as the black blood now flows free

It won’t take long for the damned soul to lay under the tree

The rush comes fast as the life drains away just a quick

He sees the lass who kissed him that day on his bare neck

He feels the lust grow unable to curb it in time he acts

The ripping of the dress, the patience for her he lacks

Her tears as she begs for him to stop and let her live

He cannot hear her as his blade takes all she has to give

Her gurgling sound better than the squawking from before

His once love now nothing that a quickly dying cheep whore

Before she fades he thrust into her again his cock released

He is transformed from a lad into a soulless ravenous beast

Her fight gone, her breath is too, her body cools on the ground

He will not be deigned what he has claimed from the thing he found

Thrusting harder and harder again through the night till sunrise

As he awakes to a sight that takes him by total ghoulish surprise

It was not a nightmare as he has had all those years he feared

But the drink and power of mans lust that was released unyielding

Her body cold and bent, tattered on the earth now hidden shallow

Left to be a part of the field that for years has been laid fallow

A tree grows that he must walk by as he passes by that place

An apple that grew from the seed that had fell from her soft face

Torment and tortured no one knew his darkness had taken seed

As each year it grew and he couldn’t stop his monstrous need

Traveling to cities as a business man he did his deeds and left

A whore in each place screamed at the blade before their final rest

Now his eyes dim as the inn keeper walks in at the sight

The poor lad a good man now at rest, he won his last fight

The cold earth takes another as food for the worms

An apple placed on his grave as a pale face look and turns

Only the ferry man will know the truth of his haunted life

As the soul it taken across the river for the damned’s delight

There in the screams he will be cut to pieces but never die

As his once lover now in his pain finds relief in his eternal cry

So what is darkness you ask me once again, I smile as I know


knife_play_by_petitchatperdulady horse


It is something that is beyond words, it is in the shadowy soul

For one it is this and another that, but in the end it is nothing

But the thing we hide from the world for the shame it brings

A shame not brought on by what we feel but by the world’s ways

And knowing the rejection if the secret leaked out to the strays

This is darkness, a creature that stalks innocence and devours

Leaving nothing but a shell of the goodness that once was ours…

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The last party

A quick scream but no one heard as she was forced into the van

Her strength for naught as she was over powered by the man

A cloth took the sight for her eyes as she was secured quickly

No idea what was happening as no words helped her presently

Down the road they rumbled another stop, another captive taken

Back to back they were secured, as the cold shudder of fear began

This didn’t happen to people like her, she was a nobody she though

As into the night they were carried to find an end to the rolling plot

Doors opened as out they were rushed a few fought, it was no use

Tossed into the grass before finally their fear was brought to a rescue

A voice from the past laughed as the pile of people struggling there

Blindfolds removed as they could do nothing more than dumbly stare

Welcome all to my hideaway. I thought it was time for a party again

Tents on the lawn had tags with names, each of the guests in shock

Tonight the one they thought was dead stood there and walked

A chill of the macabre in the décor as it was like a graveyard

Nightmare on Ethel Street
Wha’ppen / / CC BY-NC-SA

A rolling fog swirled in the midst allowing for a more sinister part

Guests changed into the costumes provided in the tents as instructed

If they did not the game that was to be played would be corrupted

A cheerleader in her skirt tailored to her gained weight emerged

The football star appeared next as the jacket on him now looked absurd

One by one the group came to the place they had been told to go

Unsure of the reason of their apprehension as there was an eerie glow

The host appeared, his thick framed glasses and pencil holder in place

He walked amongst them as a look of shock appeared on everyone face

A woman appeared from the shadow walking toward the football hero

He flashed a shy smile as she drew near, never aware death was so near

A moment later he screamed as he was repaid with a curse of the damned

His body into convulsions shook till against the wall it was slammed

All the innocence he had corrupted now ran like a stain onto the ground

Frozen the group watch as he fell into a heap of broken flesh to be found

The cheerleader with her now bloated self of years of self pity and hate

She was slated next for her meeting with the dark specters of fate

The thick hand that lifter her like a feather as her feet dangled and kicked

Her throat now exposed as she looked skyward her blood the beast licked

No time to scream, it feasted on her putrid life so ill lived in a time forgot

A fat misshapen once beauty queen lay eyes open to the ground to rot

The group began to gain wits enough to run, there was no escape for them

The host laughed out loud and each was picked off their transgression listed

As into the darkness they were cast with a dark deadly kiss necks twisted

Finally the last one standing as she was in the midst of the broken flesh

Looking in disbelief at the host as he came close enough to feel his breath

She knew that night he fell into her arms it was his heart he had given freely

Her head lowered as she remember the day at the grave he was buried

The bullet that tore out his chest a note that his heart had been ripped out

He looked at her for a moment as he kissed her passionately one last time

She felt her penitence as into her chest he ripped “this should have been mine”

Seeing her heart flutter in his hand as he held her close, the world growing cold

A whisper too late, a confession of fear as into the next world they were drove

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The Green Fairy

Mix the louche sir is you dare, letting the fairy play in your hair

Let her caress the nape of your neck and let loose all the cares

Soft sweet lips that kiss with woodworm tongue slithering soft

Temptation will cause the faltering of morals high and loft

Dolce she slides her way across the flesh into the veins so warm

At her breast she lays her lover’s head as they enjoy her charm

She whispers in the depth of the soul, breathing life in the mind

Making the cursed durst come from the shades and remind

Tattered pieces of shattered humanity, scarce still the depth of it

She plunges deeper still, digging bones from shallow graves of shit

Pile them high in the light, once buried and hidden, now in full view

She walks naked toward them, peering into the dark twisted hue

Hands emerge and beg to be pulled from the dregs, she reaches in

Each soul drawn free now released furthermore alive to live again

She pulls me to her side, her breath hot in my face as she speaks

It is in the mortal we survive but the flesh is paper and weak

A kiss again, the dregs now bitter as the ash burns my throat

Flames of passion formerly alive now dead as on them I choke

Taste the bitterness that makes the wormwood now soft and sweet

Treasure your love and your lover, let not the past ever again repeat

As things turn fire leaps and I see things that dare not be told in this

The green fairy draws me close and gives a deep haunting kiss

She takes a hand from the shadow and they dance together as one

Naked in the moon but I see all as if they were dancing in the sun

Muse and Fairy they seductive bodies glide like myst over the grass

They come close and take my hand and draw me to the crevasse

A magical place this pinnacle over looks as they strip me bare

I find myself in the music of the night dancing once more with them

A love I have know from time of my youth, share with a new lover now

Their bodies enwrap me, their finger glide over my soul as I am bound

Bliss to the known and unknown become as constant deluge

As I finally have found peace in the place of darkest refuge

Dare not feel pity or shed a tear for those who have not courage to live

Mix them a strong louche and dare them to the fairy themselves give

Wurzeltod / / CC BY-NC