I don’t get it. Is it really that suggestive a word? So I’m out surfing the web for a few fun songs and videos on a Friday Afternoon. Along the way someone sends me a link to a lurid s&m scene. Pretty cool. Another friend sends me a few of their home made Fetish vids…nice start. I watch my favorite rope maker rant. Read a little something from one of my favorite erotic writers but despite the distractions I’m still in the mood for something light hearted so I head on over to my search engine of choice and think to myself “Where do all the Porn Starts go?” So I find the ever clear video for Volvo Driving Soccer Mom. One of my all time favorite feel good tunes. Then again I like a healthy dose of sarcasm and Irony with my social commentary and need to buy another car so why not a Volvo.

Why Can’t you say Gang Banged?