Embossed effect of Malflic in a suit adding a dark gohst like Effect 11
I am a thing you can not see I am a thing that should not be You feel the fear though I’m not there Cry out to god but Evil is what’s truly everywhere All your secrets, no need to tell you sins conjured me from the depths of hell […]

The Devil in Black

My Johnny Carson Period   For those of us old and American enough to remember Johnny Carson. For those not he was the late night TV king in America for decades. And like many old men he had become stale, predictable, and out dated trading on the past right up […]

My Johnny Carson Period

Thick Dildo Soup Can A la Wathol and Sex Toy Photo Edit 1
Mal Gets Jealous   It is funny i really do pride myself on not being possessive of friends or individuals i am involved with. Yet i am not perfect.   In fact i go out of my way to try to understand and be considerate of what the others my […]

Mal Gets Jealous

Cupcake tie with red hemp Rope breast bondage 22
It’s Prompt Weekend and the prompt is red. And Since i have decided to be a festive fucker this year what is more festive than cupcake (breast bondage)? And of course the unedited version is festive as well Click the lips to see see all sorts of sexy visions in […]

Wrapped Up for Red

Malflic’s Guide to Surviving Thanksgiving   Happy “we murdered the indigenous people and stole their land day” for the record referring to Thanksgiving as such is a little too honest for most Americans; not just the mouth breathers who want to make America great again.   So on that happy […]

Malflic’s Guide to Surviving Thanksgiving

Sinful Sunday Lips logo 20
“I don’t care if your world is ending today I wasn’t invited to it anyway You said I tasted famous, so I drew you a heart But now I’m not an artist I’m a fucking work of art” (s)AINT – By Marilyn Manson As a rule I see my self […]

Artist as Art (Times Three)

Alice Getting Her Butt beat with a thick leather strap 15
A Series of Actions Shots of Alice Bent over and taking 50 hard licks with a thick leather strap. It was close to Mal’s Birthday and like all good sadists gave her the opportunity to get a Birthday spankings from him. He strapped her bare bottom full force for all […]

Hard Bare Bottom Strapping

  He is gone, a man I both loved and hated, the roller coaster of emotions that have been coming at me has been overwhelming at times. Finally sitting down and cutting the pipe, letting the ink flow, seems to be my only way to process. So here I am…… […]

As I Process the Loss……

Back In Black Mal in a Black Suit 2017
Everything is madness, the fury of the storm But then the destruction all but ends and nothing is the norm I can’t take the silence, the calm it makes me crazy, the normality makes me ill The insanity it feeds me, but i am more than worthless when everything is […]

Still (poem)