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Photo courtesy of Rebel’s Notes Welcome to Elust 90– The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust […]

E Lust 90

“The job changes you” was a phrase that first really rang true the day after the U.S. elections. I was passing through the Philadelphia airport on my way to California and surrounded literally by weeping adults. Distraught over Clinton’s loss. Truth be told i believed Clinton to be not a […]

The Job Changes You

When we last left our power exchange scene Lord Raven was in peril tied and blinded and at the mercy of Alice who was given control for 24 hours… The sliding sound stopped. Before I could think too long about what the sound might have been I was encouraged to […]

The rest of the 24 hours

Cold like a knife cutting into the flesh makes visible the mortal breath All who have tread the path of life seek more but find only death Reality colder than a thousand nights in the tundra forever remains As there is but not to do that lick the wounds and […]

Cold like a knife

Sometimes time alone with just the two of us is hard to get, so when Alice and I knew we had an upcoming weekend together we were excited planning for it. We had been talking and teasing for weeks prior to this time for just us. Smirks and comments about […]

24 Hours

Robert said he hates you, but he’ll try to explain. I wish you would leave me , true joy would be never having to see you, anywhere ever again. You are cold and your are biting, Filled with a hateful frigid chill Every time you chase away the one I […]


4 days in the life of Malflic I try to share interesting events, perspectives or funny stories here.  This is kind of a little less varnished but reflects a single day in my life both work, relationship, and socially.   I only work Half Days 12:30am i wake up after […]

4 Days in the Life of Malflic

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I can feel the spiral drawing me in. Can’t change the dates on the calendar yet again. One day i’ll hit bottom & simply won’t bounce. Trying not to destroy things with every last ounce.   I’m not smiling, I’m silent, i’m drawing back and wanting to be swept up […]

Spiral Again

  Friend and Love = Words and Meaning It never donned on me until the other day that much of the world uses words differently than i do.  It was both an interesting and troubling revelation.   Take for example “friends”. Apparently to most of the world that means something […]

Friend and Love

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Indescribable Pleasure   I do not relax, I do not get to escape…ever. I do not lose control or just let go. Yet I did. There are those (not so) rare occasions when I want to get lost for a few hours; but lack a companion with the same desires. […]

Indescribable Pleasure