Black capital M on a red back ground - M is for Malflic 2
The Scene that Almost Never Happened There is a saying of “Be careful what wish for” In this case Alice wished for a short lexan cane and a strap that she instantly learned to love to hate for her birthday last year. With that I had promised her a well […]

The Scene That Almost Never Happened

Close Up View of Alices' Red and Marked Bottom after getting a spanking with the Lolipop paddle by Daddy 24
Alice got a Series of LONG overdue spankings including several for her birthday After which she had to pose in her pretty new thong for pictures of her red and sore bottom with the Lollipop paddle used for her beating.   Click the Lips to See all the other Sexy […]

Alice’s Birthday Spanking from Daddy

Tied to a chair for a forced orgasm scene with a wand vibrator 1
Not Really Human   “You can’t write if you can’t relate Trade the cash for the beef for the body for the hate And my time is a piece of wax fallin’ on a termite choking on the splinters”   Loser by Beck   “I am the jigsaw man-I turn […]

Not Really Human

Tied to a Chair Alice in Rope Bondage 12
Before Riding the White Knight The office chair was put to “good” use. Click the lips to See All the Other Sexy Sinners

Chair Bondage 2

Tied to a chair for a forced orgasm scene with a wand vibrator 12
Alice Rides the White Night Which is the name of the new dual purpose vibrator and electrical toy That Lord Raven Bought Her And Mal decided to use without mercy after tying her to a chair. Orgasms come at a price…exhaustion at the very least. Begging doesn’t help…it doesn’t hurt […]

Alice “Rides” the White Knight

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Fingering Her Slowly She likes it hard, she likes it fast, and she likes it at times more than a little bit rough. It sounds like a song lyric but when it comes to penetration and sex sometimes rock lyrics and a woman’s desires are easily confused. In this case […]

Fingering Her Slowly

When the Cheering Stops; I am alone   You are like a 7 year old on a travel soccer team, who is also enrolled in college classes, and has three playdates a week (not that kind you fucking perverts, stick with the analogy) along with thirty million other scheduled things. […]

When the Cheering Stops vol 763

A long over due caning and a first time just the 2 of us….. Click the lips for more Sinful Sunday

Just the beginning…

All alone for a weekend of much needed peace and quiet, Madeline watched the approaching storm. The clouds twisting and making various designs as the lightening flashed on the horizon followed by thunder rumbling low in the distance.  As winds pushed by the encroaching storm cooled the air the first […]

What a nightmare

The cute little pink ribbons trailed down the pig tails as she walked with her arm wrapped tight in his. Her head resting on his shoulder, such a cute couple. It was easy to see he was her support and guiding her as they went. The noise around made their […]

So Blinded