Mals tan legs 14
I fucking hate winter. And this week in the great state of Misery it went from 70 to 21 degrees in less than 10 hours. So here’s my legs on the beach last fall. Which will have to do until I can chase an endless summer with my travels and […]


Edouard Manet (1862-63) Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe (Luncheon on the Grass). 7
So Midnight at the Oasis has decided to do an Art Twist Meme. And well I’m a sucker for anything that lets me reinterpret a classic; in this case Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe (Luncheon on the Grass) through my own lens which I am theming “A Modern Affair”. I highly recommend clicking and […]

Art Twist 1 A Modern Affair

Malflic Reading a book surrounded by candles, whips, liquor and money
You let her touch you.   It is dark, warm and i am leaving yet another overpriced  establishment that would give a vegan nightmares.  Meat may be murder but damn it tastes good.   “You let her touch you “ was called out in disbelief as the door shut on […]

You Let Her Touch

kink of the week banner 7
Intro Back Door Man – An Anal Sex Odyssey   It’s Kink of the week time and Anal sex is the topic.   With that in mind This could have been several posts because it is such a vast topic for me so I’ve labeled the sections of it. Although there […]

Back Door Man – An Anal Sex Odyssey

A Demon's Song - Malflic Playing Piano in a Gray Suit 12
“Eyes Like Her Mother’s Whiskey In the Sun Looks me in the eyes and says I’m the one. Live life like I’m under the gun I’d love to leave her, but there’s no where to run” Words by Malflic – One of the only songs I’d ever composed on the […]

A Demon’s Song

Picture of a rose garden with soft pink roses in bloom 1
I’ve not written about her before. It is in no way a relationship other than the fact that she and I inhabit the same space for roughly 180 minutes each weekend.   Sure we at one point after nearly 18 months rolling around in the same hot dark room had been “formally” […]

The Confusing Reaction of the Doppelganger

Just a set of wall hooks and their contents in a local kinster’s bedroom.  Floggers, and Bras, and Canes Oh My! This is wjat hides behind Raven & Alice’s bedroom door.  

Flogger, Bras, and Canes Oh My

water circling the drain
Circling the Drain – Introduction and pop culture reference.   I first heard the term “Circling the Drain” in of all things a Katy Perry song Lil was into years ago when she was a preteen. One of my not so secret loves if you were to spend time with […]

Circling the Drain

1979 w100 classic mercdes
There is a concept that I had never heard about until recently sometimes called a“Learned State”. At its core think of a train wreck addicted artist, musician, stock broker or whatever who works brilliantly in an altered if not intoxicated state. Odds are they learned their craft, honed it and […]

Learned State

Purple Deco New York Love Deco Elevator Image 2
Not Hit but Miss Recently i was asked what i missed most about her when we are not together. Which in truth is not very often at all. It’s funny because i believe there was the assumption the answer would be something sexual or kink related. And sure i do […]

Not Hit but Miss