He is gone, a man I both loved and hated, the roller coaster of emotions that have been coming at me has been overwhelming at times. Finally sitting down and cutting the pipe, letting the ink flow, seems to be my only way to process. So here I am…… […]

As I Process the Loss……

Back In Black Mal in a Black Suit 2017
Everything is madness, the fury of the storm But then the destruction all but ends and nothing is the norm I can’t take the silence, the calm it makes me crazy, the normality makes me ill The insanity it feeds me, but i am more than worthless when everything is […]

Still (poem)

“It is better to Burn Out than Fade Away” Click the Lips to see all the other Sexy Sinners     This is the First post of 26 posts themed Last Incantations.

Fading Away

Originally I just meant to do this piece on our newest cane. Of course being a quiet morning with just me and the items set up to do a few photos I forgot to close the door. Far be it in our house to put down a clean sheet, blanket […]

Pussy and the cane

Photo courtesy of Exhibit Unadorned Welcome to Elust 99– The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust […]

E Lust 99

The room was little more than a place to sit for the one giving the report. The bluish light was a reminder he was back home on the system spinning around the blue dwarf. Klax sighed as he took his spot. Debriefing was never pleasant. He could feel the probe […]

Final Report

Matrurbation Monday Meme Banner 4
Grudge Fuck Saturday   I had arrived home late on a Thursday night. The necessary background to this tale is there were roughly 24 hours earlier that week spent doing wonderful and kinky things with the Temptress.  For the 10 days prior to that though the Blonde had literally paid […]

Grudge Fuck Saturday

Nothing says the end of summer like my white buns and fading tan lines.on my thighs  

Summer Buns

Candy caught her breath and stepped out onto the veranda for a quick smoke. Her naked body shimmered luminously in the lights of the city. I admired her free spirit as I joined her while still wearing my pants. She looked down and smiled as she exhaled through her nostrils […]

Sweet as Candy part 2