Curious Curves
Eyes of an Angel with a Mischievous Grin Three Drops of Magic with 6 Drops of Sin Tell me you love me, tell me you don’t Do exactly what will as you tell me you won’t Conjured and Dancing with Fire and Flame Embrace the addictions, feed the monster again […]


The first opening tinny strained notes of “It’s Dark” took me back to my youth. Visions of the hot summer mornings of 1987 as I woke up next to Miss Last Night in a vodka induced haze to the sounds of Alice Cooper’s Steven from Welcome to my nightmare flooded my mind. Thirty Two Seconds later the moments later nostalgia left as the pulsating synths kicked in. This wasn’t memory lane it is the year of the alleged apocalypse and this might just be the sound track for such an event.

Review of Titans – For the Long Gone

If forced to pick a religion other than Atheist I would and often do freely admit that I “worship the Lords” as the song goes and pretty much also subscribe to the “Fuck the rest” theory. If forced to name my musical Pagan deity of choice it would be Praga Kahn. When the Lords announced two summers ago they were going to tour again I literally rearranged my life to see them. For me it was the second coming all the thumpers in the flat lands had been waiting for thousands of years to occur. The only difference is mine included Fetish models and leather pants.

Deep Chills Leaves Me Humming Along

The Man spun around and in a direct but not overly threatening way said “isn’t it funny how you can just feel eyeballs on your back?” I looked him in the eye. “Sorry man but I fucking love your shirt. It’s so cool.” He looked at me trying to decide if I was just saving face for being a dick but gave me the benefit of the doubt for the moment. “My First Wife gave it to me, my current wife says it’s trashed and I should throw it away.” I blurt out “No way, it’s too cool I’d wear it until it falls apart”

A Yuppie Fuck meets a Tarnished Soul and an Unlikely ...