Sometimes when everything else is said and done.

The lust quenched, her submission complete

There is something peaceful, deeply connecting, and amazing

if you just step back and watch her breathe.


So I sat there admiring her every breath

she had been beaten, Used for my pleasure,

driven to orgasm mercilessly over and over again…as a “reward”

then covered in wax, one slow drop after another,

from belly, to breasts, and thighs,

then back again.

during n inhilation wax on the Tempress's body

All that was left to do was sit there as she floated away,

lost in her own thoughts, or swimming in the bliss of nothingness,

and watch her


Sinful Sunday

Only the Tip

Only the Tip


This for me is a very uncharacteristic picture.   After all my idea of a good cock shot usually includes a rooster and is done in jest.   Yet as part of what I seem to have taken on as an unplanned challenge this year for Masturbation Month I decided to do something that was new. Take a picture early on during some self indulgent moments.  But for now it’s only the tip…maybe things will work their way into other things from there.

Male Penis Tip during Mastrubation

I’ll be the first to say that sometimes the best thing about art is that it makes you uncomfortable.  I’m not so sure that hold true when it’s you that are the subject, artist, and viewer but none the less.

Sinful Sunday

Vacation Mode

So this was taken before departing and is being posted in abstentia.  Sure i was in vacation mode.

Mal is in vacation mode and reclines on the couch before flying out


So while the girls were finishing make up and dressing. Deciding on mail colors and styles of braids. It was after the insanity of packing, outfit selection, make up sharing and countless other issues i didn’t have to consider.  I just laid on the couch drinking coffee and watching sports high lights until it was time to begin my pack mule routine.

They would make lousy nomads but who gives a fuck?  Not me i was in vacation mode!

Downward Back

Ok I missed the prompt last week…and this picture was a spur of the moment idea. Not at all what I had in mind but hey happy accident right?

A while back there was a request for  a shoulders pic, so you get that plus a little back and peek of butt.

Mal's shoulders and back

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Sinful Sunday

Chasing Summer

Runners calves - Mal's Calves post workout

It was an evening late last week and I had come back from my run.  The sun wasn’t as oppressive, there was a breeze that didn’t feel like it came from a blast furnace.

A long early fall shadow of Mal during a twilight run

This past week a twilight 10k in sweat pants and a sleeveless shirt.  The first long pants of the season.  The sun is setting so much earlier each day.  The 40 foot shadow as I chugged up a hill reminded me of a Halloween monster. Maybe my spirit animal is a long legged freak with short arms and huge hands.

tan lined ankles after a summer of running

After countless hours in the sun using SPF 50 even my natural olive skin looks a bit white ib contrast to the bits and pieces that have been catching the sun’s rays.


So if you happen to need me… know I’m not much of a winter guy.  Instead I’ll be dreaming about doing the surfer thing; chasing an endless summer. Though it’s unlikely to be caught in which case. The reality is its roughly two months until rubber underwear season.

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Sinful Sunday