Battle of the mind

Fallow mind, hollow images floating through the mist of thought

Intense emotions that jerk at the well of tears, down they are fought

Faster and faster, spinning images, whispers for times near and far

Blending into a lake of surreal life that is dangerous wade out to far

Ilk of past misdeeds and sins of the father like and oily coating

Sticking to the flesh as in the calm moment gently floating


Stroking through trying to get to the shore so rest can be found

The tar of confusion starts to churn and drag me down

A lashing tail of a creature that lurks in the depths strikes blindly

Pain unexpected causes recoil in the limb as I thrash wildly

Teeth now latch on, the venom of memories injected into the flesh

Numbness spreading slowly as wild fighting makes a pathetic splash

Little by little making it to the shore of sanity till at last the shore reached

Laying gasping, baked now in the blinding sun, now sinking in the beach

The wet sand of realities that shift under the weight of a still body

Strength drained from the battle to get to shore, I sigh, yes I am ready

Laying in hopeless filling the void fills the mind taking me captive

Dragging the sun no long bakes as the cool refreshment is placid

The oily sheen leaches out the poison as dark images spin again

Ever trapped in the tug of war between a beginning and the end

Fallow mind, the seeds of impurity slowly growing for the dark delights

Images of blood and violence grow and soon seep into my heart

Longings growing from the darkest places, so many shadows faceless

Flesh blood and lust move about like tributes to be taken so helpless

The Void

Fill the void or so your told
Quench the thirst and strive for more
Empty the pit, pitch black to the core

Yearn for everything just to feel
Feed the need and cry for more

In your head is where you lay
Passion and pain both the same

Light the fire, melt the ice
Nothing else would suffice

Electrified to feel alive
Just to fly oh so high

Crash and burn
As truth is seen

Time to pay for your misdeeds

All to feel something more
Than mere numb to the core

As you face the void and
Remain empty evermore

Into the Void

Eye Spy Games

Better left unsaid
or so they say

As trust decays
so they lay

Seeds of misdeeds
take root in the debris

Secrets on display
to those who observe

The blatant display
of the game

All just a ruse
to fill a void

Of missteps
and regrets

From the one
that walked away

Picked the quickest poison
pushed the button

These deeds can not
be undone

Fallout the least
of your concerns

As containment fails

Trust poisoned
at the core

All for secrets
left untold

True Image

The Meeting

Come to the wooded line, that was all it said
The note left for her to get into her head
A shiver ran along her spine as she stood now
In the dew of the night, in her evening gown


His eyes glowed with delight as he saw here there
Hunger grew as the breeze tossed her crimson hair
Waiting as she shifted, now testing her growing nerve
Now to see if she would enter the place few dared

The gravel now gave way to the soft grass at her feet
Her shoes now removed as she walked soft and sleek
A temptress in the moonlight gliding toward the place
A look of hunger and want painted on her face

His heart raced as she walked to the place she was told
He was delighted to see one come that was so bold
The blanket under the tree to lay her on in their embrace
The place he now scurried to once again to kiss her face

The snap of a twig as her heart leapt to her throat
Anticipation of this night made her dance and float
Knowing his embrace was what she craved so desperately
In his arms she would find the depths of eternity

His arms could not wait as he grabbed her quickly
The hunger in his body raged as she submitted willingly
Her body his as she melted into his embrace
His hand now firm and tender as he lifted her face

Kisses fell upon her lips as her body melted into him
His nails tore the clothing away as he would begin
Naked she stood in the place he commanded her too
On his knees her legs now spread for the view

A ravenous tongue now delighted in her sweet taste
Mews of please escaped and were etched on her face
His intrusion now entered as her body danced for him
She was lost in bliss as she felt the slithering enter in

Pulsing and swirling in her most needing places she cried out
Her hands now fell to his head to hold herself still upright
The bark of the tree now pressed on her flesh digging in her back
Sounds of pleasure echoed in the woods from his lusty attack

Her body trembled as he lay her on the blanket to savor
mounting her soft flesh his warmth became heat to devour
His first thrust she yelped then melted as he took her hard
Pumping as a wild stallion charging into battle hard

Eyes blazed with passion as she felt it begging deep inside
No stopping as she wailed a banshee’s haunting cry
She released her lustful soul as he took her deeper still
Her eyes widened as she felt his throb and his filling her

Another wave took her as her body went stiff and she screamed
The world started to fade as she felt herself fall into a dream
His fangs now deep in her throat as he drank deep
Taking her into him as she drifted into forever sleep.

Taking her body now wrapped in the blanket soft
This was a beauty he would not just to the side toss
Laying her in the crypt of his lovers that too had fed him
Her beauty forever as the marble took her in…


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Ultimate Tool

Fear the ultimate killer of the free

Cower in the corner
Frozen and alone

Ignoring the reality
That we are all one

Divide and conquer
Oppress and regress

Illusion of choice
The ultimate guise

Follow the herd
To your demise

Chastise and shame
Those with free domain

Force to conform
The only tool you hone

Reality your true hell
As blind faith numbs you to the core



True Image

Malflic’s Death Metal Christmas

I’m not much of a Christmas guy so here is my blasphemous, and  of course irreverent take on the holiday. The faithful and festive are advised to stop here.


It was the night before Deathmas and all through  the house….south of heaven was cranking so deafeningly loud.  The singer settled in with a skull covered knit cap and thee little sluts all piled on his lap. The brunette was grinding and the red head was high as the dirty  dirty blonde reached between her thighs

There was fucking and fighting and the mid fuck dispute about which rockers were hung better when they took off their suits

In the next room the guitarist he fingered his love so furiously fast. The Marshalls were screaming from the sonic attack. He’s was all clad in leather that stank with his sweat and the smarmy tall bastard unknowingly made the bad girls all wet. So he stood there and fingered and shook and he picked. He played more King Diamond while some nameless girl sucked his dick. He didn’t know her and he couldn’t have cared as she bobbed and she sucked he rolled into some Deth from the Marty Freidman era.

With distorted arpeggios she worked away with illusions of mattering and desires to stay. But boys will be boys and guitarists are worse, next up was VoiVod, then Dio mixed with an ancient black magic curse. The room it feel silent, then a down tempo break, the choirs of hell still shook in his wake. The guitarist moved toward his Fx boards, she hung on for dear life as he played a Devils Triad followed by 6 dark minor chords.

Right then the drummer began just down the hall, a four count and kick beat for one and for all. The singer he chimed in with a guttural growl and bassist was passed out from one too many eight balls. Then out of now where Satan joined in, of course dressed to the nines and dripping in sin.
“Up volume, up chorus down delay and down you little slut.” The guitarist shook his Whammy like Eddie as he busted a nut. But Satan had just started and bassist he rose with a 5 sting progression that shook the block from their heads to their toes. The Popping and slapping and low frequency roars brought back from the dead some dark music lords.

Paganini appeared and he stood next to Page, and Jimi was next every inch of his body fully ablaze. The three shredded and shrieked with demonic desire when Morrison tried to break in out of nowhere with Light My Fire.

Elvis and Bon took off on a tear mixing Rammstien with Black Country Communion done with true Nordic. Then Manson showed up with Danzig in drag and Sid scrounged for drugs through the sluts discarded rags. Cash joined and now the party all but complete as Bonham and Moon took over the beat.
SOD echoed in Spanish of course, Then Lemmy punched Satan but had no Remorse. “Fuck Christmas and Santa be naughty not nice.” The devil he cooed “Play Iced Earth, NiN, Drink Fuck and fight”.

At that very moment but what should appear 5,000 true harlots over due to be here. They ran through a yard filled with cocaine that covered the lawn like a fresh Christmas snow. They brought the boys Jack, rubbers, Viagra, and of course some great blow.

You can have Christmas your way but this would be mine mixed with an orgy and some sparkling wine.

It Was Only a Kiss

It was only a kiss…

It was only a kiss, as the song said.
It was on my cheek at that, nothing sensual, sexual or lurid.
Yet it shocked me.

It was unexpected,
Innocent and filled with joy.
My heart jumped, pulse raced and just perhaps
It was all so unexpected that I suddenly felt young again.

And maybe somewhere deep down,
Hidden and unacknowledged
I had wondered what it would be like to have her kiss me.

But it was only a kiss.
There will never be another like that one.
Yet I will savor it.

three fourteen

 Darkness is my closest friend, and that is always when the voices come to talk with me again. Coldness is so comfortable like a lovers kiss yet when i think of you it often has the familiar feel of loneliness and her cruel caress.

Silence is all too often so very misunderstood and sanctity a frail facade that may be leaving me for good. Addiction keeps me company when the others they all fail and with absolute certianty she’ll guide me to a sacred spot in the poshest part of hell.

Faith is for the faithful, and pleasure is always filled with pain, temptation is so often lurking in the functionally deranged. 

Love is for the lovers, the foolish, the dreamers,  and the damned.

And the demons are always supportive of any misplaced final stand. 

The distractions are illusions and the meaning mostly lies. So it’s in the darkness I feel safe,  insane, alone and some how still alive. 

And the metal it is glistening,  and the drink is all but gone, and the Sadness has decided that Apathy is now the ruling diety and decided to move on.

As the liars sell salvation, charletons sell pills, some sell our virtue for more dirty little thrills.  And it’s when nothing matters, and everyone is still that I can hear them laughing both in heaven and in hell.

The wind is singing softly, and desperation settles in. The decades lost to nothingness drowning in the sins.   And the wicked have all but faded as the righteous run and hide.

Slumber finally settles in as the darkness she begins to swallow me and the voices quietly say good bye.