For the past three months I’ve been trying to get out and be social. Really I have! Admittedly I went into sort of a non-kink life frenzy shortly after missing Lewbaricon in St Louis this past spring. My travel routing which is a big part of my typically insane life changed leaving me less time with established frequent party and kink stops and more dammed business stops. In June the Chesty Blonde’s dad decided to show up from Florida with less than 12 hours notice

Foiled Again – I was so close to the Rope ...

Hemp vs MFP Rope Bondage Pod Cast Art 30
Malflic once again finds a reason to get out his rope bag and pseudo justify buying more new rope the he actually doesn’t need. Still he convinces the Chesty Blonde to play along as he tried to answer the question for the ages when it comes to bondage…Hemp vs. MFP rope. It’s more fun than science as he reviews six tied he conducted on his willing partner and the perceived differences that natural fiber rope gave him as the rigger and the Blonde as the stunt bunny DuJour . Over time Malflic who is only human became distracted by his sexy partner who was set on seducing him into non bondage related activies before he eventually tells of how he introduced a series of nibbles, kisses, pinches and smacks into to the process along with nipple clamps and sex toys.

Rope Bondage Hemp vs. MFP

In this Episode Malfic cavorts shamelessly with one of his favorite Mistresses, the Sultry Little Viking Mistress Victoria Christiansen. Who he insists on calling Miss Victoria. The recording took place on a Friday night and in between the back and forth verbal jousting that is as insightful as anything he tells the story not only of his friendship with Victoria & their relationship but the impact it has on one of her lovers. As always it’s loaded with the request amount of dirty words and innuendo laden dialog the show breaks rank from being heavily scripted to a real conversation and back again all while poking fun at Malflic as he laughs along with that dirty little chuckle of his at the insane lifestyle choices he’s made.

Playing with Miss Victoria’s & Her Play Thing

The return to podcasting after a very long break Malflic, The Chesty Blonde and an assortment of friends are back to catch up on the life and times of just another set of suburbanite kinksters, their stories, lives and an explanation of the hiatus. Plus a reading of Malflic’s Short Story Bunnies and why I kind of hate holidays that explores why bringing him home to meet the family might not be his kind of thing.

The Demon Returns