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So I started out last year with goals both personal and for the site. I did a mid-year update and figured might as well end on the same note. There will be another post in a few day looking ahead to 2013 with what we hope to accomplish here in the coming 12 months. All in all it was a good year for us here at the site. We added new writers in Lord Raven, Ignored Dad, and even columns by own daughter Diva. Alice King who joined me over a year ago gave me not only inspiration but the ability to focus on other things here on the site. We saw our page views and number of regular readers grow as well which is nice and something we very much appreciate. While writing to share our loves and adventures is fun just amongst each other is fun the exhibitionists in us like the folks who look in on our perversions and even participate from time to time.

One Minor Demon Concludes The Year of the Apocalypse in ...

Theoretically in the United States we separate church and state so along those lines a few minor announcements. For years has been the primary outlet for my writing, erotica, and lifestyle pieces. It’s not only my intention to continue that but grow and expand it. Sadly in a way how we live is not necessarily main stream. I know it’s shocking right? So in the grand American tradition of separate but inclusive this site will stay what it has always been pure fun and debauchery. Since publishing my novel (which seems all consuming in promoting and marketing) I’ve decided to launch as a separate author site

Keeping the Kink & Erotica Here Plus New Things Malflic

Please join me in welcoming Lord Raven to the site as a regular contributor. LR comes from a diverse kink back ground and took a somewhat more traditional route than many of us myself included into the kink community. He began as a member of a house and transitioned both his interests and role over time. LR offer you his skills as both a talented writer but brings new kink based interests and style of play that are quite varied from my own. I hope our reader will enjoy, learn from and if the itch needs scratched maybe even try some new things.

A New Flavor of Kink on Malflic as I Extend ...