Sometimes when everything else is said and done.

The lust quenched, her submission complete

There is something peaceful, deeply connecting, and amazing

if you just step back and watch her breathe.


So I sat there admiring her every breath

she had been beaten, Used for my pleasure,

driven to orgasm mercilessly over and over again…as a “reward”

then covered in wax, one slow drop after another,

from belly, to breasts, and thighs,

then back again.

during n inhilation wax on the Tempress's body

All that was left to do was sit there as she floated away,

lost in her own thoughts, or swimming in the bliss of nothingness,

and watch her


Sinful Sunday

Pretty in Purple

It arrived in gift wrap as black as my soul

With red wax and red ribbon like Hell’s fires below

The teasing the torment, the torture, the pleasure, and pain,

She was naked and nervous; it’s all part of their game

The first pass went round and she tentatively smiled

while he tried not to knot things, not meant not to be knotted for little while

Purple Electric condict bondage rope tied around a a wpman's calve

It was wicked and sinful and wonderfully fun,

until he untied her legs and told what still was to come.

with a hmm and a buzz his hands went to the rope

she was doubtful, and capricious until she felt the first little jolt.

it shocked her, it was shocking,

the demon he cackled and smiled,


Of course She was pretty in purple all the while.

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Sinful Sunday

Note:This was from the first time I had played with a Violet want. 

A detailed write up of that will be out later this week

Andy’s Worst Nightmare

“Sex is more exciting on the screen and between the pages than between the sheets” – Andy Warhol


Mal in a Mohawk and Warhol esque picture.


A while back I was Rough. Perhaps in many ways I’m Andy’s worst nightmare. An aging Anarchist, a graying Punker, older angrier, and as the meme ragging on Henry Rollins says a “much earlier bed time”.   Even worse I’m a nobody who believes sex in real life is infinitely  better than between the pages; If you’re doing it right.  And just may be the only thing truly worth living for.♥


Sinful Sunday

Hope and Books

Hope and Books.  Both can be a day dream or an escape.  A path forward to places, ideas, and knowledge we could not otherwise obtain. My youngest will soon to be 18.  She is very much her father’s daughter. In an academic setting she has been writing about sexuality, art, and politics in an unabashed manner for several years.  She has followed an extremely nontraditional path.  The Blonde and I are both very proud of the young woman she’s become.

Below is a sample of the text books from her fall university term. Her courses include Gender Studies, Human Sexuality, the impact of religion on politics and culture, and of course an honors level class on what else but the importance of Harry Potter.  At the risk of being controversial (yet again) I can hear choirs of family members damning me to hell again for allowing such a course of education. That Choir can fuck off. Proudly I can state she picked her own courses.

Maybe there is hope for the next generation. That the world will move towards being more open.  That the fanatics and zealots won’t win that day.  That they will go back to their holes and less than crowded places of gathering and perhaps the rest of us will be less repressed and judgmental because of it.  That differences will not only be accepted but appreciated.  That everyone; but women in particular will be far more free and less controlled.  That maybe if if my kids view the world through an open lens they will help others not raised in accepting and open environments to do the same.


So the optimist in me thinks Hope and Books might just be the right way forward.

It’s also very reassuring to know that I’m not the only one the thought police may show up for.


Gender and Sexuality Studie Text Books

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Sinful Sunday



What I Hide

We all have things we hide, I am the Queen at editing pics or simply refusing to post pics of certain parts of me. My face for one will never be posted (for many reasons)



This is a well poised pic and yes includes something I normally do not post, my pussy. Yes it has been posted before however with something else included, covering it or otherwise obscuring the overall view. Men have Penis issues, women can and do have pussy issues. I know I often compare myself to others, including porn stars.

Now for what I truly hide, my true body issues. I am not young anymore. I no longer have the body of a 20 something. I have had children and multiple surgeries and from that I hide what bothers me the most in our posts here.


I refuse to hide anymore, this is not because I need pats on the back however because I see hiding it allows others to see it as an issue in themselves as well. We are so much more than our looks! So much more than a few scares or saggy parts!

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Sinful Sunday

Nothing Is Different But Everything’s Changed

“Nothing is Different,

Nothing has changed,


Blue Skies - Malflic's view out his airplane windo June 2016

But Nothing will ever

Be the same.

A luxurious empty chair ion a posh hotel lobby

I don’t know my face

and I don’t know my name


Mal's Leg in the dim light of the night

But Nothing is Different

and Everything’s changed”

Written by Malflic Circa 1992 But fits more than ever. All photos from 2016.

A Starbucks Coffe Cup, an i phone, and two empty chairs for nonexistenet friends

The story these pictures tell is open to your interpretation.

This months prompt is “Change” was picked by Jade.

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Sinful Sunday