Other People’s Kink

Weekly feature highlighting articles, video’s, pictures, and podcasts that we’ve found on the web and think you’ll enjoy.

  Malflic’s Pick Slow Dance by the Official Naked Nurse.  And after you’re done checking her out which is something I highly recommend here’s some food for thought.  She’ll be a guest columnist here at Malflic.com for our February Edition of Sexually Speaking where the topic will be Romance (Hey […]

Other People’s Kink January 2013

The end is near so I want to take a minute and ask you if you’re ready for the afterlife? Have you prepared your soul for the ever after? Well I have and in preparation I’ve laid out my best leathers for Dec 23rd. Packed a few latex and PVC numbers for the Chesty Blonde then burned all her flats and sensible shoes in a secret pagan end of the world ritual and then packed only slutty heels for her in the afterlife. Actually I might even take time to get my boots blacked. Now on to the real content.

Other People’s Kink The It’s Almost the Apocalypse Edition

Life’s been busy for all of us here but we’ve decided to take a few minutes and point out a few things we’re read relatively recently.     Lord’ Raven’s Pick Mastering the Dynamics of Sting and Thud (You’ll need to be logged into to Fet to read this one)  […]

Other People’s Kink V4

I has so much fun walking down memory lane a several weeks back that I decided to make this a Semi regular feature and let the world know what me and some of my partners in crime have been perving this week. Note I didn’t claim they were all posted this week but it’s just what we’re reading. If you’ve found something great, written something you want us to take a look at or are just a shameless attention whore feel free to share it with us.

Other People’ s Kink v1.2