Fifty Pieces

Twenty-five red twenty-five blue at the beginning of the game fifty total lay on the board, strewn about now. The game is over as Jen stood looking in disbelief. The battle of the minds for who would be victorious over the others body for the day. The little shudder of anticipation and excitement that ran along her spine also ran to her pussy as she felt the wetness start.


“Do you remember your safeword?”

She shook her head yes. Jack grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled her head hack as he roughly pushed her against the wall.

“What is it you coy little bitch? Say it!” he growled

From damp to an instant flood. The sharp jerk and forceful way he tossed her around. Jen’s knees felt weak as his hot breath was in her face and his words forcing her to fight an involuntary orgasm.

“Popcorn” suddenly her knees buckled as the wave hit her. She knew he could make her cum at command but now he made her cum saying her safeword. Her head spun as he gave his wicked laugh.

“Spectacular, I have you under my full control.” Jack said with his signature sinister smile “Now let the real game begin.”

He didn’t let his words sink in to mess with her head like normal. The new blade he got just for this scene hooked into the back on her shirt, with a pull it split the back open. Jen gasped as the material fell loose then her shorts were quickly treated the same. She was left standing in just her undergarments.

“I know those matching piece are a bit pricy, so I will give you the chance to take them off before I do it for you.”

He started counting down from ten. Jen took a moment to recover but stripped quickly, no way was she losing her newest set if she could save them. As she slid off her panties, her precarious situation made it easy for the rope to be wrapped around her. Jack subdued her quickly as she was easily hogtied. Her not so gentle landing on the floor made her gasp as now she was helpless and a bit concerned. This was one of his impromptu scenes and she had no idea what to expect except he was going to do whatever was in his devious brain. Lashing her around the arms he was setting her up for the most thrilling and terrifying moment of her life.

Checking the ropes and making sure each line was tight he was ready finally. The sound of some kind of motor behind Jen made her shudder. This was totally new, she had seen him watching the fucking machine videos. Suddenly she had visions of her body spread out immobilized as the machine abused her wet pussy. She shuddered again in excitement, her juices now leaking out and over the freshly waxed lips.

The click of some metal piece hooking into place sent another shudder then the motor sound again. Suddenly Jen felt the ropes tighten as Jack checked to make sure each was secured. Her body now lifted off the ground just a few inches at first testing the rigging. A few minutes later she was swung around toward the banister her breath coming in ragged gasps as she was lifted over the edge and hanging above the floor downstairs. Slowly lowered down Jen she was at the edge of panic and excitement. Stopping her just a few feet off the ground she whimpered as Jack walked down the steps.

“So like how I rigged the place?”

Her mind was already spinning as he gave her a little push. Intelligible mutters as she swung back and forth for a minute. Jack stripped his pants as she watched wide eyed taking the blade he cut the rope the rigger had shown him. Jen fell a few inches into the final position the rope spreading her legs wide as he got into position. It didn’t take long before she was moaning and crying out in bliss.

Before Jack unloaded in her the timer went off, he lowered her to the floor to finish with her. Untying the ropes such beautiful marks had bitten into her flesh. He took her right there on the floor.

The rest of the evening we spent playing other games but it all started with those fifty pieces. It was a win for both of them.

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The Highlights

Sitting next to her running fingers through her hair, the crimson streaks in stark contrast with the blonde. Her pale skin glowing in the soft hew of the moonlight. The cool night air caressing the bodies as looks of deep desire gaze into her blue eyes. The mind began to wander as leaning down to kiss her soft lips the sudden scent of strawberry lip balm.


The first kiss holding her at the airport last Christmas, she trembled in the grip like a lost puppy. Pulling her in close the powerful strong arms wouldn’t let her go as hungry lips connected with hers. Holding her as eyes locked and her fears were quelled.

The row that started later that evening in the bar when an inebriated man tried to make a forward and inappropriate advance at her making her feel uneasy. There was an attempt to be polite but when he called her a cheap whore that was it, a right cross sent the drunk sprawling. Unfortunately he had friends. Later that night there were laughs about being fought over for her honor as she dabbed antiseptic on the numerous abrasions.

The first time there was a sexual release, out in the open of the roof of the old cathedral. The stars shown so bright, nipples stiff and hard as savoring licks and kisses made moans escape those soft lips. Bodies dancing in the night with passionate embrace. Wanton lust laid bare as if it were a sin, taunting the gods to leer in jealousy.

Months that passed, growing closer and more brazen, sexual escapades that were tantamount to open pornography for all the world to see. On the train, the bus, a taxi and any other public place any dimly lit hiding space could be found. Passion ran wild, even amuck many would say, depravity grew and wilder and darker passions began to be explored.

The first gang bang, arranged for the safety of all involved of course. Five additional bodies writhing around and taking pleasure in the night. Masks protected their identity while condoms protected them all. The torrid day after as the hunger for more consumed her. The lust for something even more exciting and dangerous, the sexual beast driving her was in heat desperate to be sated. Even as she spoke of darker desires it was easy to see the rabbit hole went all the way to the bottom of depravity.

The short skirt barely covered her ass, a midriff shirt exposing the bottom of her ample supple breast. Leering eyes burning in fueled lust, consumed what was offered and still wanted more. Any that were brave enough to ask or show the fortitude to take it, she freely allowed them to have their way. The safeties were off as the signs of her newly found extreme sexuality often ran down her thighs. The beast was ravenous and there was none that could quench it now.

Vile and filthy sexual encounters in the truck yards and rail heads now, blue collar and no collar alike enjoyed the lithe blonde that presented herself to them. There was nothing of the timid insecure lass that trembled at the airport, she had been freed into her realm of cravings. She was free of the oppressed small town that had held captive the longings. Now brazen and shameless, fire in her eyes that was but a spark of the fire that blazed in her flesh.

Her reign of turbulence left a wake of charred lives. Lovers now professed their undying desire to quell her wants. Attempts to fill that void in her that was only a firebox, consuming all that entered as they powered her drive down the licentiousness tracks.

Back at the cathedral, a confession as her body shook. A last wish and desire, the ultimate rush. No longer able to be appeased by mere human cravings. Begging eyes as she had set this evening in motion. Again with the first as rage, pain and anger fill to the overflowing point. An allowance had been made, a flashing thought to give what she crave. The flash of the blade in the full moon light. A spray and a final kiss. The ultimate release reached for both.

A final look as the wind viciously whips, pushing apart the lovers. Now standing on the berm as the blue and red lights bounce off the surrounding buildings. A glance back as the crimson surrounds her body like a velvet blanket, at last she is at peace. A plummet down, the last step to join the lover forever in the wild passions that is to be found there.


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Twelve Ball

“Twelve ball, off two rails and in the side pocket.” I said with confidence


Jen sneered “You don’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of hitting that shot.”

“Care to put a wager on it?”

I don’t know if it was the beer or just my usual stupidity. I had walked in with $10 and my cue stick, just another weekend hustle. I hoped it would get me enough drinks to forget the pain of her and what she had done. I ordered the first beer and watched who was playing where. I saw the Milligan boys who knew better than to play against me so I let them be in their corner. Plus start something with them and I’d have to deal with half the bar. Many of the people here were related somehow, the rest of us just came to drink and shoot pool.

As I continued to nurse my beer I felt the hot breath on the back of my neck. The chills raced along my spine and arms as I slowly turned to see who it was. My stomach turned and I felt my brain telling me don’t walk, run to the door. No warning as the hand grabbed my face, pulling my close. I knew I was in for a world of hurt this time. There was no use fighting, I let go in surrender.

The honey colored curls that fell roguishly over those sea green eyes. That perfume that melted away any willpower I had left like a hot knife through butter. The blood red lips that dripped with the sweetest poison with every kiss, and nails of a matching color that had run tracks through my back and torn out pieces of my heart and soul so many times before. I was now in the clutches of the nemesis of my willpower and common sense. My brain finally snapped on as she let go of the first kiss, her teeth tugging my bottom lip.

“Wh…what are you doing there.” I stammered as my head stopped spinning.

“I got off work early, I figured you would be here.” Gods even her voice had an effect on me, it was something between frustration and anticipation. “What are you planning tonight? Some hustle or are you looking for some real action?”

“I was going to shoot a few games and head home.” I stammered

That hissing snicker, like she knew why I was there. She leaned in close as I leaned back. I felt her tongue slide up my throat.

“What’s wrong baby, scared of playing sweet little me?”

I was doomed and knew it right there. I could feel my cock swelling as well as heat rising off my body. I hated her for knowing how to turn me on like that. Her hand grabbed my balls.

“Shall I rack ‘em or do you want to?”

“I’ll do it, we both know you cheat like a bitch.”

Her laugh caught me unexpectedly, and it made a few others turn to look at what was so funny. I broke free of her grip and set up the table.

“Eight or Nine ball?” I asked

“I’d rather be playing with your two balls.” She said with an evil smile.

I swallowed hard as I set up our first game. Nine ball it is. At least then it would be a challenge for both of us.

“What are the stakes for tonight” She asked as she assembled her cue stick.

“What do you have in mind?” I crooked, my throat dry as cotton.

“Best of nine games, winner gets to do whatever they wish.”

“Deal!” I said, sure I could beat her

She took a swig of my beer and winked. Prancing around the table she stroked the stick intentionally being lude. Setting the cue ball she looked up and winked. The crack of the balls colliding has always been an aphrodisiac for us both. The chill along my spine from that sound and watching as the nine ball spun toward the pocket on her break. I watched it fall as I felt like I handed my soul to the succubus once again. I stood froze as she walked up and grabbed a handful of my hair in her hand and pulled me close for a kiss. Her teeth grabbing my tongue and she bit. I could taste blood as she had caught the tip of my tongue. She let go and ran her hand along the inside of my thigh.

“Oh I can’t wait to taste our blood mixed again.” She growled into my ear.

She set up the next rack for me to break, it was on. There was no holding back as we both played cut throat and dirty. By the time we got to the ninth game a crowd had gathered watching. As she racked our last game she looked up and distracted me with her tits as I set the cue balls in place. Kneeling at the other side of the table she traced her tongue over those red lips slowly making a couple of the guys watching groan in wishful lust. I knew as soon as the stick hit the cue I was fucked. The balls cracked and rolled leaving her so many choices as she chalked her stick. Pure evil temptress that she was she ran her tongue along her stick as I could feel my cock throb in agony inside my jeans.

Shot after shot she ran the table till it was just my balls and the eight ball left. She knew it was show time for her. Sitting on the table she leaned back and just for the fuck of it she spread her legs open as she lifted them. Her wet naked pussy just under her short skirt on display for everyone to see. She giggled as she took the shot. The eight ball twisting across the table like it was possessed by her madness too, stopped just a breath away from the pocket. Pure evil glowed in her eyes as she jumped off the table and sashayed over to me.

“Good luck stud, I have such vile plans for you tonight.”

It was game time, I ran the table that she left full of boobie traps, the eight ball being the biggest of them all. In a few minutes it was cut down to just the twelve balls and the eight. The Twelve ball lines with the eight ball so I had no shot.

So here we are again

“Twelve ball, off two rails and in the side pocket.” I said with confidence

Jen sneered “You don’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of hitting that shot.”

“Care to put a wager on it?”

“If you make it you get anything you want. If you miss I can do anything I want and still have you.”

There was a no-nonsense look in her eyes as she laid out her terms. She had been planning this for a long time. I agreed knowing my soul was on the line. A perfect shot as the twelve went right where I called it, I almost started to gloat then in horror watched the cue balls drop into another pocket. Jen walked behind me and ran her nails along my arm.

“Scratch,” she sucked in her breath “Oh I have you now…”

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The Package: Caution several triggers

He opened the package that arrived, there was a note and a DVD. The note was enough to make his mouth go dry and hands begin to shake. He closed the tray that he put the shiny disk in.



I know you told me to never go out with strange men alone. I wish I had listened.



The auto play started the show for him. He heard his daughter laughing as she was hanging out with a few people. At first it was all from across the room, the person was filming her from a distance and she seemed oblivious. Several one minute flashes of her life in various party scenes. Then he gasped as she was surrounded by a bunch of guys, each one with their cock out. She was on her knees then started sucking them off, the voice behind the camera suddenly cut in. “Oh my looks like daddy’s precious little girl is a college whore”

The next scene she is at the bar but the camera is much closer. A brief negotiation to do a suck off film for $200 and no one would see the film, it was just for his personal collection. Then she was walking toward a van got in and ripped open her shirt. She giggled and bounced around as the camera drew closer. Licking on of her tits and teasing the man holding it, she batted her eyes and said she was ready to party. A bright flash as she crashed to the floor and the scene went black.


The couple minutes of blank was just to let him start to come to terms as the next scene started. Megan was in a dark filthy room with just a cot and bucket. Her eyes were covered in duct tape, she was gagged with what had to be her panties. Other than that she was naked and her muffled cries could be heard. A moment later the door opened and a man walked in, his face covered with a mask. He snatched her by the hair and drug her out the door.

The perspective change as she was taken into the next room. Several men were waiting with what appeared to be seating off to the side so others could watch. There was a muttering as a door opened and people took their seats. The lights were set so their faces couldn’t be seen but as he watched Megan’s father felt his body tighten knowing his daughter was going to be abused. He wanted to stop watching but couldn’t bring himself to turn it off.

The “show” started as the men lined up and her gag was removed. Without a word said she was strapped to the table and the first man walked up behind her, another to her face. A moment later she was being invaded by both cock as the men pumped into her till they came. Her grunts and cries came around the cock being thrust into her mouth. One guy held his cock down till she struggled and thrashed about. A buzzer went off and he pulled out. She gasped for air.

Megan’s father felt his own cock growing despite it being his own daughter. His pants now wet with precum as he watched each man abuse her then the lights went down. A few minutes of blank scene till it came back with Megan tied to a table. Each man now walked slowly in a circle. They all had a blade in hand and when a number was called one would walk up and cut her. Each cut was to her breast, then another round as they cut at random. The final round the first man walked up and cut her nipple off and shoved it in her mouth as she screamed. Blood now started to run from the table and drip on the plastic covered floor as the men did their part.

The last two were called at the same time. One to her head and one walked to her side. A countdown began as the one at her head removed his mask and looked into the camera. Megan’s father felt sick as he saw his son’s face now holding the blade just inches above his sister’s throat. The other man started when the count got to 5 and sliced into the flesh between her legs and cut out her cunt. As he reached into her flesh to pull out her cum filled fuck hole the brother slit her throat and she shook and gurgled till she finally was still.

Looking into the camera the son said “Dad I know what you did and how you turned my sister into a whore. Now she is at rest, you can go to hell”

Megan’s father hadn’t heard his wife walk in the room, she spun his chair around as his hard cock was in his hand. In a quick stroke she plunged the blade in his crotch and twisted it. He couldn’t scream because of the pain but with a turn of her wrist she emasculated him and took the cock and shoved it in his wide open mouth. She laughed while he bled to death then fell to the floor.

The son walked in and laughed. “Too bad for him we found out what happed to Megan for her 18th birthday.”

Mom laid back on her dead husband’s corpse and pulled up her skirt.

“Come here and give momma some loving” she said.

Attending to the Details

Authors note: this work was written on June 6th as part of making the best use of a day dream.  In many ways it surprised me because while naked women , or women in general tripping my trigger is certianly nothing new the mix of CMNF and submission through service to him turned out to be really hot to me in a way I would have never expected.
She is there waiting for him. Wearing nothing more than heels.  The room is dimly lit with the fading warm light from the summer sun through the sheer curtains, the scent of fresh lavendar fills the air and dances across her every inch of her sweet tanned skin. When she widens her stance her thoughts can’t help to drift to what might occur; and those thoughts very much excite her.
He is sure to only be moments away at this point. Having given her adequate notice of his arrival.  Her thoughts again drift to the possible; to how he may enjoy her. Though devour would be a more accurate description.
The size or the room dwarfed her, standing there waiting  steps inside the door so as to be his first sight upon entering. Waiting to be his escape.
Mean while 40 stories below he slides out of the black sedan with his usual grace.  Followed by the others who clamor for his attention. Who court his favor, but all day his thoughts have been of her. Standing there, naked and aroused waiting for him. She is his retreat, she is his escape, and she is in his thoughts far more than he will ever say.
The followers follow, the advisors advise, and his closest circle swarms. And he is as “switched on” as ever, a dark horse but not far below the surface he is swimming in lust, and knows that in mere moments he will be drowning in her eyes, and brought back to life by her touch.
The elevator opens, he smiles and parts company. His ears pop as it rockets skyward, leaving the posh hell that is earth, and like a demon raised from the depths of  hell to the hiegjts of heaven he walks down an endless hallway to find his paradise.
The door clicks and the last hidden hints of her arousal become completely obvious even with a passing glance.  His eyes do more than glance, the drink her in entirely as she walks slowly towards him.  Part seductress, and part a hint of caution, of not wanting to scare a wild andand potentially dangerous creature.  He catches every movement.
She pauses and kisses him. Soft and sensual, so very full of promise. But first she must attend to his details. Her hands start at his waist and run slowly to his chest. Then reach inside his left breast pocket, she removes a phone, presents it to him he unlocks it and she powers it off. Then spins slowly holding his gaze strides away from him and places it on the valet across the room. Returns and repeats the process again with his other breast pocket. He loves to watch  her walk. He is going  to have her, and she knows it but exactly how remains to be seen.
After repeating the process over and over retrieving, keys, wallet, cash, and his omnipresent lip balm. She again kisses him and takes him by the hand to lead him to the bedroom.
 Still naked, still unsure of what he has planned she undresses him. First his suitbcoat, then one shirt button at a time until the eases if from his shoulders.  Afted puttin it in it’s place her hands caressing his body as she kneels and unties his shoes. Removes them, then unbuckles his belt, unbuttons his trousers and lowers his zipped.  His cock already aroused she frees it. His motion indicates that after just a minute or so of pleasure.  Back to the task at hand, attendingbto his details.  She finshes undressing him. Then with the same purpose and sense of perfection redresses him.
With a final kiss he is ready to go again. He pauses leads her to her closest. Hands her black lacy thong. A matching bra, and a one piece short dress.  “Prefect. You’ll be coming with me”
This time he kissed her, deeply and lustfully then everbthe gentlemen took her by the hand and retraced theirbearlier steps.
Again she tended to his details retrieving hiswatch , wallet,  phones, and glasses one by one. Her stride elegant and enchsnting as her dress swayed with each movement. Finally with every one of her required actions completed she again kissed him andbstepped back waiting for further instruction.
“Oh there is one more thingbthst needs cared for.” She paniced, her mind raced. She was certian everything had been perfect for him.
He sensed her concern. Stpped into her and pressed her against the wall. His hand deftly moving under her dress and sliding in and out of her rapidly and right as her breathing changed.  “Don’t worry i’ll be fucking you properly a little bit later.”
With drew hia hand from her, kissed her roughly and then in a gentlemanly fashion led her out the door swimming in desire and alreadyblooking forward to later.

The gift

Megan’s  foot ran across the side of his leg and his whole body shuddered. Her girlish giggle made the sweat pour from his hands as he tried to steady them and finish writing. No power in the heavens or under the earth could take his eyes off her chest as she stood up and leaned across the dining room table. Her lithe body now sensually walked around the only obstacle between them, a chair left half pilled out. The cotton candy pink colored nail ran up along his arm as chills ran along his spine, the shudders now caused him to crave more. His lust that he quelled for so long now threatened to take over as Megan leaned over next to his ear.


“Mr. Johnson” she paused drawing closer, her perfume soft and sweet. The smell of strawberry lips gloss carried her hot breath across the back of his neck. “Dave, you have been a bad boy, I see how you have looked at me for the last few years. Wanting but knowing you can’t touch.” Her voice in a mock pout.

“Megan please stop” his voice weakened as his throat was dry as the desert.

“Do you really want me to stop?” she cooed leaning over and swaying her plump young tits just inches from his face.

His mind raced to think of something to say but went totally blank when she pressed her finger against his lips and smiled a cute devilish smile. That giggle she made, the last of his resistance fade away. She pushed the papers that were on the table out of the way and slid her soft ass on the hard wood now straddling the chair Dave sat in.

“All the others I babysit for got me something for my birthday, but you didn’t. Did you forget?” she teased as her finger now traced along his face and over his ear.

Her nails ran over his scalp combing through the gray hair that showed on the sides. Dave looked toward the steps quickly, it was just the cat that had come down to curl in its favorite spot.

“Relax, they are fast asleep. I tucked them in hours ago. It was fortunate you had to work late tonight isn’t it?”

“What,” his voice cracked as he tried to fight for composure “what would you like for your birthday?”

Her eyes seemed to smolder as she licked her lips. Taunting him as she ran her hands over the flesh that had been so tempting. Her feet now on the arm rails on either side of him. Her hands ran down and lifted her skirt. Her pink panties revealed the wet area that covered the most tempting piece of flesh in Dave’s world.

“I hear you are good with your tongue. I want to find out for myself.” She said as her hand rubbed the material

“Who told you that?” Dave’s face now almost white now as fear of more than just his loose tongue was at play here

“I heard mom talking to the other women, it seems you have quite a reputation of getting the job done right. I want to feel that special tongue on me too. Is that too much for a girl to ask for her eighteenth birthday?”

Megan batted her eyes at Dave. That revelation was all it took, he reached with his hand and caressed the wet spot. The world be damned he was going to have what he had desired for so long. As his fingers ran over the material she cooed and leaned back. Opening her legs wider as he became intoxicated on her sweet musky scent. He pulled the material to the side slipping a finger in, the soft skin so wet and ready as he ran through the outer fold teasing her while she let soft mews of pleasure. His other hand reaching for the side of the panties pulling them down as she lifted her hips to allow them to be slid off. Dave’s fingers were not free to explore the soft pink flesh that was crowned with a soft reddish fur.

Dipping deeper with each little push he watch and listened as her body arched. His thumb now worked her clit running circles and over the top till he found the combination at made her shake with pleasure. Pressing another finger in, she squirmed even more as his fingered rubbed the inside of her wet pussy. Twisting just enough to hit the spot he knew should send her into orbit. His finger pressed against the underside of her pelvic bone. That was her spot too. Her whole body shuddered as her arms slipped and she landed on the table writhing oh his fingers. He kept the pressure going as she soaked his hand with her juices. As she began to catch her breath he pulled his fingers out and licked them.

Megan was breathless for a moment before leaning up and grabbing Dave’s tie.

“Now lick my pussy, taste me and make me cum on your face!”

Her voice no long the soft sweet temptress but that of the wild hungry woman in lust for more. This pleased Dave as he didn’t need to be asked, or told, twice. His hands dug into her soft hips as his tongue started licking and dancing on her soaked pussy. He was totally lost in the moment as he devoured every drop that ran out of her and now down his goatee. She grabbed his head her finger locked in his hair as he fucked her pussy with his tongue. Her moans now growing louder as she shook them came all over his face, her explosion flooding his face and onto the table. He looked up to the flushed young face, his tongue still dabbing the edges of her pussy. He knew she would be wanting more.

Dave woke to the sound of the alarm on the coffee pot, his face half glued to the dining room table from drool. A sound coming around the corner, he smiled for a moment thinking about his night. Then a sleepy yawn as she walked in the room. He tried to recover as the roller covered head and mud masked face appeared.

“Good morning, did you fall asleep out here again?” the sleepy voice said through a yawn.

“Yeah I guess I did.” He said

“You know the doc said it’s not good for your back. Anyway don’t forget I’ll be out of town this weekend and Megan is coming over to babysit. What are we going to do now? I will miss her now that she is leaving for college. We should get her something nice as a going away gift. What do you think?”

Dave sat silent for a moment rubbing the raging hard on the table was hiding from his wife. “Yes we should, maybe I’ll give her something nice since it was just her birthday too.”

“Aww you’re such a sweet man. Well I hope she likes it.”

Dave smiled “Me too”….

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The Meeting

Come to the wooded line, that was all it said
The note left for her to get into her head
A shiver ran along her spine as she stood now
In the dew of the night, in her evening gown


His eyes glowed with delight as he saw here there
Hunger grew as the breeze tossed her crimson hair
Waiting as she shifted, now testing her growing nerve
Now to see if she would enter the place few dared

The gravel now gave way to the soft grass at her feet
Her shoes now removed as she walked soft and sleek
A temptress in the moonlight gliding toward the place
A look of hunger and want painted on her face

His heart raced as she walked to the place she was told
He was delighted to see one come that was so bold
The blanket under the tree to lay her on in their embrace
The place he now scurried to once again to kiss her face

The snap of a twig as her heart leapt to her throat
Anticipation of this night made her dance and float
Knowing his embrace was what she craved so desperately
In his arms she would find the depths of eternity

His arms could not wait as he grabbed her quickly
The hunger in his body raged as she submitted willingly
Her body his as she melted into his embrace
His hand now firm and tender as he lifted her face

Kisses fell upon her lips as her body melted into him
His nails tore the clothing away as he would begin
Naked she stood in the place he commanded her too
On his knees her legs now spread for the view

A ravenous tongue now delighted in her sweet taste
Mews of please escaped and were etched on her face
His intrusion now entered as her body danced for him
She was lost in bliss as she felt the slithering enter in

Pulsing and swirling in her most needing places she cried out
Her hands now fell to his head to hold herself still upright
The bark of the tree now pressed on her flesh digging in her back
Sounds of pleasure echoed in the woods from his lusty attack

Her body trembled as he lay her on the blanket to savor
mounting her soft flesh his warmth became heat to devour
His first thrust she yelped then melted as he took her hard
Pumping as a wild stallion charging into battle hard

Eyes blazed with passion as she felt it begging deep inside
No stopping as she wailed a banshee’s haunting cry
She released her lustful soul as he took her deeper still
Her eyes widened as she felt his throb and his filling her

Another wave took her as her body went stiff and she screamed
The world started to fade as she felt herself fall into a dream
His fangs now deep in her throat as he drank deep
Taking her into him as she drifted into forever sleep.

Taking her body now wrapped in the blanket soft
This was a beauty he would not just to the side toss
Laying her in the crypt of his lovers that too had fed him
Her beauty forever as the marble took her in…


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The ad read $500 for skin donations. Margret looked and read other ads for different jobs. She looked in the mirror and sighed, she was pretty enough but the thought of working at another restaurant for some sleaze bag manage that just wanted to offer her a position in his office for her made her stomach turn. She was let go from her last job because she refused to blow the manager in the stock room. It was her word against his and she knew she would lose in the end. The picture of her with her family on her mirror some days was all that kept her going. She didn’t want to go back, another failure in the small town. The ad seemed to draw her eyes back to it, it was vague but she knew it would be fast easy money. The knock at the door jolted her, she knew who it was and she was flat broke. The landlord was a kind old man but even he had a limit to his charity. He told her she had to pay him the money she owed him by the end of the week or she was going to have to move out.

Margret looked at the ad again and picked up her phone. A female voice answered, that was a relief. Maggie got the address and assured that it would be a one day deal. In and out the lady said, for that money Maggie would have sold her soul. With her ticket in hand she took the rail to the closest station and started walking from there. Her mind began to wonder what this was really all about. Her palms started sweating when she thought it might be some killer luring anyone desperate in to murder them. When she turned the corner on the street she began to look around. The row of nice offices with manicured lawn didn’t scream danger, in fact the large office at the address was beautiful with a white fence running around it.

As Maggie walked up the door opened slowly. For a moment Maggie almost ran for it. Her heart began to settle when the lady smiled as she stepped out to the front porch with her hand held out.

“Hello Maggie, I am Selina.” The lady said with a huge smile.

It took Maggie a moment to take the ladies hand. Mid 40’s lady dressed in a business suit with the strangest looking earrings she had ever seen. The skirt showed off her perfect looking legs but Maggie had never seen a woman so flat chested before. It was a shock for a moment as the thought of her being some high tech robot flashed through Maggie’s brain. That was quickly dismissed as the warm hand clasped hers and brought her into the entry way. The marble floor were polished in the hall as the decorations were impressive. Selina left Maggie filling out some paperwork while she went and got the doctor. Standard question, name, date of birth, next of kin and so on. Medical history was standard too as Maggie was still wondering what exactly the donation was going to be. Maybe it was for burn victims or kids. Maggie tapped the pen on the lamp shade next to her as she read the last line.


“Donors will not hold the clinic responsible for change of mind after the procedure is completed.” Then a line to sign and date.

“Please don’t tap the lamp shade, it is one of my favorites” a male voice said from across the room.

Maggie stopped dead in her tracks, the pen dangled loosely in her fingers as she looked at the man she could only assume was the doctor. His dark curls were wild like a young man but tinted with light grey on the sides with one falling loosely across his eyes that he would brush away occasionally. The steel grey eyes that pierced right into her as she felt her mouth go dry and her heart race.

“I’m, I’m sorry” Maggie stammered

“It is ok. Salina gave me the material to make that one, it is a rather lovely piece don’t you think?”

Maggie looked at the lamp other than the odd leather cover it looked like a normal lamp on a desk of any office.

“I guess so. Honestly I am not really an artsy fartsy kind of girl.”

“That is fine too, I guess art is sometime lost on youth.”

Maggie felt her face flush. Did he just insult her? Maggie just wanted to get her money and get out so she pressed.

“When do we get started?”

“Well first I am Dr. Stine. And we need to explain what we expect and answer any questions you might have.”

“As long as you’re not going to kill me or harvest my organs or leave me scarred then I think I am ready.”

Dr. Stine looked at Selina then back at Maggie.

“Let us show you. Selina was one of the first donors here. She gave up her skin with very little scarring in fact Salina if you would be so kind.”

Salina removed her jacked and started unbuttoning her blouse. Maggie felt a cold sensation go through her as the shirt opened to reveal a flat chest that was skin with no breast of any kind.

“You see, I have a special touch, there is no scarring left. Her breast were causing her issues and I removed them for fee of keeping the skin for other uses. The lamp you see there is her right breast and the left was in the hall as you walked in.”

Maggie went from cold to panic. She could feel the blood run out of her face as she looked at the lamp again. The leather was in fact the skin that was once part of the woman standing there. Maggie got up slowly not saying a word as she backed toward the door. Salina buttoned her blouse and took a step toward Maggie. That was it, Maggie turned and ran till she got to the locked front door.

“My dear,” Salina began $500 is for just one side. He would gladly pay handsomely for both, he always enjoys having a set to work with.”

“You people are sick” Maggie screamed.

She almost didn’t feel the prick on her arm. A few seconds later she felt the room spin and her knees buckle as she fell into the arms of Dr. Stine.

To be continued…

Keven’s adventures begin

“I hear he is married, so don’t be such a whore Sandy”
“But he looks so cute and fuckable”

I turned the corner in the break room and it went dead silent. The two women talking suddenly frozen mid conversation. I had no idea who they were talking about as I walked to the cooler to get my lunch. I glanced their way as both women were looking my direction then they turned back to one another. The one that was introduced to me as Sandy was a little red in the face the other one, I think her name was Becky, was now with her back to me. With three weeks into the new job there was no way I was about to start having some delusion of grandeur I was the one being talked about. I just got my lunch and sat down and ate it quietly at the table by myself. The silence was uncomfortable till the two left a few minutes later.

A few weeks went by and I just kept mostly to myself. Factory work was not what I had dreamed of doing again but it paid the bills and the benefits were decent. I knew there was a bowling team in the winter and a softball team in the summer so I signed up for both. I never really was much into sports but it would be nice to get to know someone. That afternoon it was softball practice. The factory down the street had challenged our team to a little one on one and I was playing shortstop. The heat of the afternoon and evening was blistering in the southern sky. Finally we were done for a day. I walked to my car and ran into Becky. I know she said something but the sweat had made her white shirt stick to her chest and I could see the lacey out line of her bra. I was focused on her clinging clothing and tanned legs for a moment when I snapped back to reality

“I’m sorry, what did you say. I think the sun fried my brain out there.” I replied.
She giggled “We are going for some drinks, would you like to come with us?”
“Sure let me just check in with the wife and let her know.”
“If she want’s she can come along, it would be fun to meet her.”
“Um ok, I will let her know.”

The address was near where I lived and I asked my wife if she wanted to come with us. She agreed and I went by for a quick shower and picking her up before heading out with the “guys”. My wife likes to show off and be looked at, I don’t know too many women who don’t and this was a great occasion for her to let her hair down. When we got there the party was just getting started. I saw several people from our team in the corner and a pitcher of beer in the middle of the table. When I rounded the corner there were the rest of the team at the other two tables. There were two empty chairs left for me and my wife, one next to Sandy, the other next to Becky. The upside down of shot glasses in the middle of the table said this was the real party table, each person had already had 2 and when we sat down another round appeared. Oh no, it was tequila. I looked at my wife and she just laughed.

“You’re driving tonight remember?” she said
“Damn it!” I tried to act hurt but inside I was relieved. That could be a very dangerous thing for me.
“Oh party pooper, you can walk to where your place is from here.” Sandy blurted out

There was that sudden silence at the table again. Everyone looked at Sandy then at us. I could feel my face start to turn red.

“What? You know I know where you all live.” Sandy blurted out

Ok she might be right because she worked in the HR department but it just felt like she had been checking up on me. I let it slide and got a coke and for me and played it off. The rest of the evening went on with talk about kicking the other team’s ass, work and various other things that seemed like normal coworker talk. My wife pounded a few shots down and I could tell it was taking effect. She leaned over and whispered something in Sandy’s ear. The gasp and evil smile on Sandy’s face made me want to crawl under the table.

“Really? I would have never guessed.” Sandy said

I knew I was sinking fast here. I pinched my wife’s leg and she jumped. She looked at me and I could see her eyes were getting hazy from the drinks. She always looked sexy but when she was drinking she became a total slut, and I loved it. Sandy walked behind me and I saw her hand run across my wife’s back slowly, raking her nails over the thin shirt she was wearing. Oh damn, I knew that would send my wife into overdrive. Now Becky was getting to learn this “secret” as her eyes grew wide with a look of shock and a red glow starting to touch her cheeks.

“Now Keven keep our drinks safe, we ladies need to go powder our noses and get all pretty.” Sandy said as she grabbed Becky by one hand and my wife by the other and ushered them to the bathroom. I sat there waiting for a while, some of the others were calling it a night and headed out. When the ladies got back I could see a smile I knew all too well on my wife’s face and Sandy was very touchy feeling with her. Becky seemed very edgy and about to explode.

“Everything ok ladies?” I asked
“Oh just fine.” Sandy and my wife said at the same time.
“JINX” Sandy screamed

My wife looked at me, she knew the game she now had to be quiet till Sandy told her it was ok to talk. I was smiling because I knew she would suffer trying to not talk.

“I think we need to move this game to somewhere more private, what do you think Alice?”

My wife’s head looked like she was possessed as she wagged it yes faster than I have ever seen. Now I knew I was missing something. Becky tried to excuse herself to go home.

“Really Becky, come on it will be fun. You need to come with us.” Sandy said

20 minutes later we all sat in the living room. My wife still jinxed and Sandy was loving it. On the ride back to the house I asked what I missed, my wife “told me” but with her lips pressed shut. Now I sat clueless, with a rum and coke while Sandy raided the liquor cabinet and came back with the Patron bottle. Becky was just sitting there shifting in her seat across from me, I could see her trying to not stare at me. At one point she was biting her lower lip. That was so fucking sexy.

“Do you mind Alice?”

Alice shook her head no, that was her favorite for special occasion. Now I was starting to get clued in on what was going on.

“Oh I am sorry Alice, you are unjinxed now.”

My wife gasped like she had been holding her breath the whole time. She started laughing, Sandy joined in and with all the laughter and tension we all just couldn’t help ourselves.

“Ok new game, we are going to play truth or dare.”


Oh fuck me, I thought. It always sounded harmless but if Sandy did her research I had a couple blots on my record from indecent exposure. I was always taking the dares because the truth often would have gotten me in more trouble. When she put my old empty absinthe bottle on the table and it started to spin I was at a loss. I was trapped now.

“Oh I found this bottle. It looked really cool and creepy so it would be perfect.” Sandy beamed as she was starting to slur her words.
“Yes that was Kevin’s first bottle of absinthe, he loves to drink that when he writes.”

Sandy’s eyebrow raised at the sudden learning I liked to write and the bottle seemed to want to stop on me.

“So Kevin, truth or dare.”
“Ask me the question first then I will decide which to choose.”
“What do you write?” Sandy asked
“I write poetry and short stories.” I said with a smile.

I got off easy as I gave the bottle a twist. It landed on Becky.

“The question is,” I thought for a moment “What happened in the bathroom tonight”

Becky’s face turned all shades of red.

“And what is my dare if I don’t want to answer.”
“You show me what happened.” I smirked
“Sandy and your wife made out after your wife told Sandy you two were in an open relationship and she liked women.” Becky’s face was crimson as she blurted it out

The other two looked at each other then at me. It was like two school girls busted. The sound of the bottle spinning now was the only sound in the room, it landed between me and Becky this time. Her face looked like it was on fire she was so red as she fumbled to think of a question. Then she suddenly blurted it out

“Would you show off your cock?”
“Was that a question or a dare?” I smirked
“Both I think” Sandy chimed in.
“Yes I would.” I said with a smile crossing my face

My turn as the bottle spun. It landed on Alice. Now I was going to bring out the ace. She knew it was no hold barred now with the look on my face and se gave a wicked smile.”

“Alice, what is your most naughty fantasy?”
“And what is my dare?”
“I will dare you to kiss whoever you wish in the room.”

Alice almost jumped over the table and pinned Becky to the chair. It looked like a cheetah taking down a gazelle it was so fast. Becky gasped and Alice pinned her back and moved in for the kill. I could see that smolder hunger in my wife’s eyes as Becky relaxed and let her start kissing her. I could feel my cock budging against the shorts I was wearing. Then Alice let go of their embrace and slowly tugged back on Becky’s lower lip. Becky was lost in the moment as her eyes were still closed while her breathing was ragged and hungry.

“Well WOW!” Sandy burst out. “So Becky it’s not so bad when a woman kisses you?”

Becky’s head turned back and forth slowly forming a slow no. Her eyes were glued on my wife and with no warning as my wife took her seat Becky got up and walked over and returned the favor. I was sure the game was over as Becky pinned Alice to the chair and started kissing her. Sandy got up and walked over to where I was. I was watching Becky kiss with a hunger and desire, she was not holding back now. Sandy kneeled in front of my chair and moved my hand that had been absentmindedly rubbing my cock, replacing it with her own.

“I hope you don’t mind me lending you a hand.” She said in a deep sultry voice.
“No I don’t not at all.” I said gasping as her nails ran along my thigh

Becky let my wife run her hands all over her breast and slowly pull up her shirt. I was enjoying my own attention as Sandy was now nibbling her way where her nails had just run. Sandy ran her hands over my cock and then pulled on the waist band of my shorts. I needed no more coxing as I lifted my hips for her, then she tugged the shorts down as my cock sprang free.

“Not bad, I can work with this.” Sandy said as she looked up with a smile.

As she positioned herself I looked and saw Becky and Alice had slipped to the floor. Alice had her pinned and was devouring Becky’s amazing breast. My view was very short lived as Sandy pulled the leaver on the side of my chair and it reclined back. As she straddled my face I could see she wasn’t wearing panties under her short skirt. She hiked it up as she got into her final position and her pussy was in, or more on my face. I gave a few slow licks testing the waters as her hand gripped my cock and began to stroke me. For a moment we played a little game of teasing cat and mouse then I felt her mouth take the head of my cock and I was loving it. I started to lick and kiss the beautiful lips in front of me. It took some work but I got my arm in position and was able to use my fingers to explore deeper into her wetness. I found a spot inside her that made her buck and moan on my cock, that moan sent me over the edge. I tried to give a warning but Sandy pushed herself down harder on my face and I was licking and using my tongue in her like a mad man. I could feel her gulp down my load then he rose up and really began to grind hard. She exploded soon after, her juices soaking my face, getting trapped in my got facial hair. I gasped for air when she finally got up and then looked down at me from between her breast. I could tell that look, she was just getting started good and I was not about to let her loose.

Becky and Alice were going at it, I could now hear their moans. Sandy looked up and cheered them on.

“Go Becky, damn it girl you can lick the hell out of a pussy!”

Hearing Alice’s mews I knew she was getting close, Becky must have been really giving her a workout with that soft pink tongue. I knew what I wanted, more of that wet pussy that was still hovering over me. My hands locked into her hips and pulled her back down to my face as I started slow licks, teasing and tormenting her while my finger now did slow circles around Sandy’s tight ass. Sandy was just enjoying it. Letting my tongue and fingers bring her pleasure as she moaned and sometimes pushed against my face. A sharp shriek and high pitch scream came from Becky. I froze not knowing what happened. In fact we all stopped.

“You ok Becky?” Sandy asked
“Wha…whaa…wow. So that is what an orgasm feels like.” Becky said panting and still shaking. “No wonder you are such a slut Sandy.”

We all laughed. We decided to stop our current positions to sit in a circle. Becky was still looking very bleary eyed as she sat up and didn’t move. Alice had her hand on Becky’s back for support.

“You are telling me you are 28 and never had an orgasm before?” Sandy asked. “Damn girl that is why you are always so on edge all the time.”
Are you ok?” Alice was a bit more compassionate.

Becky turned and looked at Alice, it was easy to see the lost girl look in Becky’ face. Alice just sat there rubbing Becky’s back and stroking her hair. It was easy to see Sandy was uncomfortable with the moment, she was a woman of action and always brash. I stood up and took Sandy’s arm.

“Come on let’s go and give them a moment. Plus I have some cool toys to show you.”

My Prize

It all started out as a conversation, we talked it over and I have been watching you for a few days now. Your curves begging to be mine, even though you don’t know it yet. The several times you have walked near me I can smell you, the smell of your hair, the perfume, I take it all in as you pass by. I imagine my hands locking into that hair and pulling it while I force you across the couch I see you touching yourself on at night. I know you leave that crack in the blinds for me to spy on your through.


Today I notice you dropped something then bent and picked it up. The curve of your ass pressing tight through the pants you are wearing. I can all but see the outline of your cunt, that hole begging for my cock to rape it, to fill it like only a man like me can. You turn and we lock eyes for a moment and I see your face flush like you read my thoughts, you scurry away off to your day as I walk to where you were standing. You smell lingers as I take it in. I will have you.

My day goes on as I prepare for the excitement tonight. The back window you left unlocked, I know it has to be for me. Like always it slides open easily as I enter the back room you seem to never use. Entering your bedroom I see the place I have watched you sleep, listened to you moan and whimper as you dreamed. This evening I am going to make those dreams come true.

That afternoon I hear you key in the lock, I have made everything ready and perfect for tonight as you walk in and pass inches away from me. The door closes as you walk in the main room and gasp. Flower peddles from the flowers that were in your vase now are scattered about the room. While you look around I open the closet and give you a welcome home hug as I lock my arm around your neck and growl welcome home lover. It only takes a few moments before the pressure makes you black out, I know you felt the raging hard cock I have pressing against your back before you went limp in my arms.

After few minutes you wake, the room now candle lit and you are bent over the couch. Your arms bound behind you, your legs tied apart by something you can’t see. As you look up you see me in the flickering light unzipping my pants and pulling out my cock. I love that look on your face as I walk up. I surprised you. The confused look is replaced by one of shock as soon as I grab the back of your head pulling your hair so you are looking me in the eye. You pleas to not hurt you make me laugh, I explain I am not here to hurt you, I am here to make all your dreams come true, starting with this one.

My cock pushes against your mouth, there is a moment you resist but a quick tug on your hair and the resistant mouth now opens and takes the length of my hard cock to the back. I like the warm feeling for your mouth as I fuck as deep down your throat as I can. I have dreamed about this for days as I let out my own moans and grunts before spewing my cum into your mouth. Oh gods yes that feels great and I know you had to swallow as deep as my cock was when I shot my load. As my cock still rests in your mouth I run my fingers through your hair, good girl. Now it is your turn.

I pull my cock out and walk around you. I can see you tremble as I walk behind you. You try to turn and look, to see what I am doing there is no chance of escape as I kneel behind you. Flipping up the skirt and pulling down the panties that blocked my way I lick my lips, hungry for your body. My tongue sliding between your legs, getting my first taste of that pussy you have been teasing and taunting me with. Tonguing and licking the outer lips I am excited to hear a moan escape your mouth. Next a gasp from you as I push a finger in. It is not long before I am finger fucking you with 3 fingers and my cock is hard and ready again as I stand up.

“Every whore like you wants this”, I growl and then thrust my cock in as deep and hard as I can. Your yelp is exciting. I know you love the feel of me taking your cunt and fucking you like a whore. My hand now on your throat as I fuck you deep and hard. I squeeze and release, each time you cough and gasp for air. You pussy juices now flowing as each thrust bring you to your tip toes. My free hand locked in your hair as you take the brutal fucking I am slamming you with. You cum, against your will, I know your body betrayed you, cumming when you didn’t want to. Your cunt feels so good, so tight and wet I can’t help but cum too in you. My second load shooting in you as I choke you again, your body shaking as you start to pass out again.

You wake this time feeling strange sensations, your cunt feels full like a cock in it but now your feel like there is something ripping your ass open. It takes a few minutes before you guess I have started finger fucking your ass while I put a large cucumber in your now dripping wet cunt. I love the whimper and yips you make as I work your body and stretch your ass open. Oh I know this wasn’t part of your plan but I just love fucking a whore in her ass, letting her feel that total degrading feel of my cock violating her in every hole. Slowing licking the length of your spine as I take my prize. Now that I am hard again it is time to take that ass and let you enjoy being raped in every hole tonight.

That nice tight ass can not resist the pressure as I push in. Deeper and deeper with each push till I stop, my balls resting on your ass cheeks as tears stream down your face. Pulling your hair and tipping your head back I lick them off. The start fucking your ass. It is the highest high for me as you go from ridged and struggling to relaxed and even seeming to like it. I can feel the cucumber pressing inside your cunt with each thrust in your ass. I add a little of my favorite lube so I don’t get chafed. As I ride your ass I also run my nails along your back, digging and pulling at the flesh, reaching under and pinching your nipples. It takes a while for my 3rd orgasm to build, which is why I save the ass for last. I want to make you remember the degradation I did to your body. Taking the candle that is sitting nearby I begin to pour the wax onto your exposed skin. I feel your ass clench as you yell in pain. That is when I shoot my load deep in you.

As I pull out I pour more wax and laugh. It runs along your flesh hardening like torturous finger. As you shudder I place a few pillows under you so you can’t fall back anymore. Your gasp as I pull out the cucumber is nice to hear, then I get out the flogger and smile as your ass get the spanking you deserve. Now that I am done I untie you and sit you on the couch, your sore body still reeling from the experience.  We cuddle as you pass out, safe in my arms and happy you pleased your new master and his dark fantasies.