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Intro Back Door Man – An Anal Sex Odyssey


It’s Kink of the week time and Anal sex is the topic.   With that in mind This could have been several posts because it is such a vast topic for me so I’ve labeled the sections of it. Although there are references to toys in parts of it this is primarily about the use of my own cock in the act. You can partake of some or all as you choose. Some are serious others not so much and like so many things in my life let’s start with music to get us into the groove.



Music about Butt Fucking


Let’s begin in earnest with “God’s Loophole” by Garfunkel & Oats. The first time I ever watched the video was in the American Airlines First Class Lounge at Heathrow. Lil had sent it to me and Diva. Because my family shares a love of the same sports teams, jokes about religious nut jobs, and overt sexual references if nothing else. I hummed the entire flight to states.   For the record I would so love to fuck both Garfunkel and Oats in the ass but in different positions but we’ll get to that later


Darling come here Fuck me up the” and every man and woman in the crowd bounces and yells “ASS” with religious fervor of a true believer. Things like this is just one more reason I love the Lords of Acid.   And in some cities they yell “Rear”. Same intent, better rhyme scheme, but lacks the pure primal sexuality of a good vigorous fuck.


“Hey, all you people that tryin’ to sleep
I’m out to make it with my midnight dream, yeah
’cause I’m a back door man, the men don’t know
But the little girls understand, all right, yeah” – The Doors, Or Willie Dixon, or Led Zepplin.


I am very much a backdoor man in both the misguided sense of the teenage interpretation of the lyrics being about Anal sex, or the possible blues musician meaning of having an affair with a married woman. And on a good day maybe I’ll be her back door’s back door man. Who knows? That would be a double bonus and Mal for the win!


“I’m drunk
And right now I’m so in love with you
And I don’t want to think too much about what we should or shouldn’t do
Lay my hands on heaven and the sun and the moon and the stars
While the devil wants to fuck me in the back of his car” The Only Time by Nine Inch Nails


Keep reading this one will make more sense.


Kari, Leslie, Lisa, Taylor, and Katie – Half of My History with Anal Sex


Kari the first person I ever fucked in the ass. She was the one that suggested it one hot night. Until that point it was merely the stuff of fantasy and porn films. Anal sex wasn’t god’s loophole back then it was how aids got spread by homosexuals…or so we were told. So with some help, and a little extra KY on my spemicidal lubed Trojan condom I did my best bad jack hammer impersonation and fucked her perfect little ass like the once in a lifetime magical prize if felt and seemed like.


Leslie holds the distinct honor of being the only person I have ever had anal sex with (involving my penis, fingers do not count) in an automobile. In this case it was in the back seat of her mother’s 1980’s something econo box in a remote parking lot of a state park where her dad was the game warden and right around dusk. Yes I was young but even now all these years later when I hear the line “and the devil wants to fuck me in the back of his car” I think of her fondly. While true it was also in many ways a precursor to how my life would go. After we finished she would drive to the other side of the park to pick her father up from work and go home for a family dinner, I would drift back into my own world driving a Huge Dark Blue Limo like Chrysler to a party. I had not yet graduated to being driven in such a car.


Taylor was where My “Tall girl” problems began in many ways and anal sex was no exception. She was mostly legs and taller than me (I was a blonde curly, fluffy, cunt hair just shy of 5’11” for reference, with age I’ve probably shrunk)> Bending her over and fucking her was a challenge to begin with, Doggie style worked with the legs wide enough and pelvis tilted just so. But for anal Taylor on top worked best. And it was fun to watch her slamming herself up and down on my cock, the faces she made, an occasional glimpse of me sliding into her, the way her etched abs would contract. No complaints. Tall girl problem solved!


Katie – loved it in the ass. Ok in fairness she loved it pretty much everywhere. She was more of a “watch me type” and in fairness that was a large part of our dynamic. So she would love to fuck herself in the ass with toys. And of course I’d be only happy to watch her do so decked out in a corset and heels, probably with glowing red butt from a spanking I had just given her.


Lisa (yes I know I changed the order) loved sexually themed multiday events. One such four day weekend was “All Things Anal” where she was only allowed play that involved her butt, no attention or stimulation of any other part of her, not breasts stomach, ear lobes, or pinky toes.  So not a single graze of her clit, or so much as a light breeze on her pussy was allowed. This is where a few other firsts for me occurred it was the first time I had anal with anyone without a condom, and would also be the first time a non-manmade lube of some type would not be used.

Sunday began with her trying to work my erect cock while still sleeping into her ass while we laid in bed. Of course as I woke up I didn’t stop her, instead I drove an unlubed only slightly moist cock into to the hilt as soon as possible. The weekend finished with her kneeling, knees on the bathroom floor, ass spread wide and waiting, torso across the bath tub, breasts hanging freely and moving with each thrust, head down and all but buried in her hands. She loved regular PIV fucking this way too, and I never asked why. Add in me literally pounding her relentlessly in search of one last orgasm of my own after a very sexually active weekend.   Of note is she is also the first person I ever had played with a butt plug with, and the first woman I ever saw in person put a toy (and it was fucking massive) in her own ass.


Positions for Anal Sex

Tried a bunch, as a general rule Doggie style from behind is great no matter their height. Shorter women I love her bent over something for Anal and it tends to be a more primal and harder session of fucking. Taller women get to ride the ride their own way…on top. I am more torso than legs. So bending them over for Anal has never worked well for me.

Fun Fact – I have never done anal with the woman on her back and in some contorted balled up yoga/porno position to give me access. I wouldn’t say no to it but I also not a bucket list thing.


A limited Number of PartnersAnd Statically Anomalies In comparison

I have only fucked roughly 10 women in the ass with my cock. Remember there were some very hazy wild youthful alcohol filled days. OK months bordering on a few years in my life so give me a 50% or so margin of error. So in that way Anal sex for me is the rarest of treats. It is the most common sexual act I have had the least number of orgasms from. Including PIV, Bj’s and Hand Jobs as the other “common” acts. Maybe not an unusual stat.

And being a numbers kind of guy this is where it gets interesting. I’ve only had PIV sex without a condom with 4 people. And I have had my fair share of partners so let’s call it about 3-4ish % of my sexual partners. Give or take of course since I don’t really know the actual number. Yet 20% of the people I’ve fucked in the ass I have done so without a rubber. All but one of which was at a time when the act was considered taboo, possibly dangerous and at the very least risqué. Those two people represent half of my non condom PIV total as well.


Sticking with the numbers a while longer 8 of the 10 here are or were dancers in the theatrical (musicals and ballerinas) or big University dance team sense. 60% of which would be “Tall girls” meaning about my height or taller. All of the ones I used condoms with you could have seen on a professional stage or a Televised football game. Which is interesting in the fact that if I expand it to my over all partners there are only a few more that would go on that list.   Although admittedly many more were in the arts in some way or another just not to the same level. Lisa said her only sport was “being a world class cocksucker” and I believe that. The Blonde was an athlete in her youth and hates to dance. Those two being the bare back partners. Now back to the Butt Sex!


What about your primary partner Mal?

She is not surprisingly the person I’ve had anal sex with the most and at one point it was a semi regular part of our sexual diet. It was 60/40 on which of us would intimate it with her being the 60. She is the perfect height at 5’7” for any possible positions for the act. Though I do prefer her on top or doggie style for it rather than bent over a table, chair etc. Literally that is probably the only time you will see me write that I don’t prefer someone bent over. Please try not to die at that shocking admission


She has “lube issues” in general meaning she tends not to be a fan and prefers more friction in all her sexual acts. I like a bit more slip and slide at times so short of publishing lube reviews with a his and hers perspective there would be little consensus on the topic.   For the record no matter the act her favorite added lube is salvia, mine for anal sex (and toy insertion) is a modest amount of sliquid.


Until recently the last time was over 6 years ago, on a balcony of a hotel overlooking the marina with her leaning on a railing overlooking all the other hotel rooms and boats and people coming and going stories below us. After sloppily blowing me which at the time seemed odd, she stood up and whispered “fuck me in the ass, before bending over and lifting up her long beachy skirt. It was not torrid, frantic, or rough, it was a nice slow, long fuck. Rare for us and anal. The post about the end of that dry spell is “Grudge Fuck Monday” a follow up to a previous post and has not been published yet. That one was not gentle as the title implies.


Ass to Mouth, Ass to Pussy and my sense of paranoia. Something about Anal sex and her at times she wants an instant a nonstop action change in the heat of the moment. Which prompted the (my) concern about things ending up where they shouldn’t. So we became very adept at adding a condom at world record speeds when going ass to pussy and removing/changing it again as the need arose. She would often come from one, when the insertion changed occurred cum again instantly from the other and then a few minutes alter want to switch back again. Something about that really, really works for her.


A few kind words about my anatomy

“I can’t believe every woman that fucks you doesn’t want you in her ass” nice words in the heat of the moment when balls deep in someone’s butt. Later that partner would expound on her views on why I had the perfect cock for anal sex. Not too big, And I am slightly on the high side of average in length, a nice thickness, ok I’d give her that, mainly because I like to think the same thing. And “the prefect shaped head, narrow at the tip, flares out evenly and gives nicely then the widest and hardest at the top of the shaft.” The last part should go on my urn when I die “Widest and hardest at the top of the shaft.”


As the old jokes goes, despite all that and the fact that I have a good one it doesn’t mean I don’t want a bigger one. Also people talk about the most interesting things in a diner over pancakes.



So you Freak what haven’t you done? Anal sex wise.

  1. I have never done a DP with me in her ass. I have limited DP experience so that may account for this one.
  2. I have always wanted to do a DP using a toy bot PIV and toy in her butt, and then the other way around with me in her ass and a huge toy in her pussy.   This became a bucket list thing for me a few years back and the state of my primary relationship and lack of other partners where this would be acceptable has made this stay on the list. Someday I may say fuck it. We only live once.
  3. You!

Before closing the back door a few humorous outtakes from my life

  1. I had a roommate at University to this day has the largest non-erect cock I have ever seen in person (literally hung like a horse) who was both socially awkward, anal sex obsessed to the point PIV was not even something he ever thought about, and a virgin that would dance around the apartment with no pants on singing “Fuck her asshole, HEY! Fuck her ass, Fuck her asshole!!! HEY! FUCK HER ASS!” endlessly to the tune of Gary Glitter’s Rock and Roll.
  2. A friend’s younger brother told his parent’s over dinner that I lived in “East Butt Fuck”. Which was something I would say quite often in my late teens when people asked where I lived. Apparently small children listened to me attentively. Who knew? They were not amused. They were less amused when asking me where I lived in trying to confirm the kid’s story and I replied “Butt Fuck Egypt”. Which btw is in the middle east so the theme held in my mind.
  3. A long term partner of mine for years ran the student health center at a major university and every week for years we played a game called “Guess what got stuck in their ass?” I had to guess the item, the gender, and their year in college. Hint, people lose A LOT of stuff “interesting” up their butts.   High schools should teach people about flared bases and safe anal toys. Also beginners should not do anal with a guy who has a huge cock and a PA unless you want to be torn to bits. For the record this was Pre HIPPA.
  4. Along those same lines some nursing schools still show X rays of things people lose up their butts and can’t get out without “assistance”. Vibrators and carrots seem tied for the lead.
  5. Upon reflection Lisa is the only girl society at the time had labeled “Slutty”. So it seems I only fuck “nice” girls in the ass.   There’s one to discuss at the next church pot luck!
  6. One of my friends often jokes about having created an app for an interactive vibrating butt plug device that includes “required service notifications”. An unsuspecting person then asked how it worked, what required services meant, and tried to find it on the app store while we were eating lunch. We are now considering developing such an app…excluding the “service” component.



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