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Edouard Manet (1862-63) Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe (Luncheon on the Grass).

So Midnight at the Oasis has decided to do an Art Twist Meme. And well I’m a sucker for anything that lets me reinterpret a classic; in this case Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe (Luncheon on the Grass) through my own lens which I am theming “A Modern Affair”. I highly recommend clicking and zooming on the pics.


“A Modern Affair The Minimalist Interpretation”


A Modern Affair Features Two headless men in suits and a naked woman coverd in wax.

“A Modern Affair A Classic Re-Imagination”

Art Twist 1 A Modern Affair A Re Imagination

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The Devil is in the Details Here’s the Back story

The original plan was for me to convince a few female friends to dress in short black skirts or club clothes and bright colored heels, for me to be as usual in a suit then head off to a park freshly blanketed in snow to recreate a take on a picnic in the grass with the roles of women and men inverted from the original.  A white blanket of snow on a vast expanse dotted with our bold colors in contrast.  After all I am a whore and I know it, so why not lurk with women in a park.  Turns out after weeks of single digit temperatures no one was all that keen on being outside and the snow never arrived. Instead it was freezing rain and rain as the temps finally rose.  Fist thing of note I need more adventurous exhibitionist local friends. Second Fuck mother nature in the fucking neck! Rain after weeks of freezing my ass off.


Anyhow I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to participate so began contemplating what the meaning of modern relationships and their realities were for me. Drawing inspiration from some of “Life of Elliott’s” work I used the technology we all connect with and covet and my Temptress as a muse. Featuring of course representation of me in someway on either side vying for her affections. And in the modern interpretation one of my own suit coats, hotel keys, and a phone with a picture she took of a friend to represent the woman in the background of the original. After all good hotels are today’s parks in many ways.  Where we go to escape, to hide, to take a lover, to simply be somewhere that is not home for any variety of reasons.



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