A Drink with Death

Mal in a summer blue suit with a purple and white pocket square


My Life is strange, sometimes twisted, always a game

I’ve been here a million times,  made small fortunes, committed crimes

Of the heart, of the soul, of the flesh, in the company of the addictions we all know

I take to my streets, to find heaven, to find hell, to find where did all the other demons go.

Spend the spoils, swim in greed, the more i have the more i need.

Feed the lust, feed those needful things, let them love the swelling greed.

Past the park, up the street. The winds howled as i am freed.

The fearful fear, the bold go on, youth has faded and my smile is gone.

Counting things, counting sins, for a few minutes remember where it all begins.

At the corner, take a right on third, walk to the door to see if the past still is heard.

Silent as death, as still as still, nostalgia it starts to fill.

Me from tip to top once again, the past is gone but in these seconds i am young again

Skeletons in the closet, around the world countless times I roam.

Twisted and lost along the way but for a few fleeting seconds i am finally home.

Close your eyes, take a breath, if you look closely you’ll see death.

In the shadows, on that street, dancing down third with a pile of bones and broken dreams.

Across his face a stupid smile, i see him as he sees me. We head to Johnny’s of one last drink.

We drink to failure, and to success, to childhood dreams and lost innocence.

From the outside it all seems well. Then death takes his life and the demon takes his soul straight to hell.

About Malflic

Minor Demon, life long hedonist, sadist and general nerd. Women are my weakness and greatest addiction of choice followed by torrid love affair with coffee and caffeine. When not committing sins of the flesh I'm an unrepentant capitalist, avid reader, Star Wars, and B rate comedy movie geek.

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