Not Hit but Miss 2

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Not Hit but Miss

Recently i was asked what i missed most about her when we are not together. Which in truth is not very often at all.

It’s funny because i believe there was the assumption the answer would be something sexual or kink related. And sure i do miss those things but until later they never even crossed my mind.

“Her curled up next to me, especially at night” i stated plainly. Like it was so obvious that the fact i had to say that out loud seemed asinine.

When someone really expected me to say the way she makes me cum ,or doing some evil thing to her. Or leaving her in an exhausted shaking puddle on the floor. Such a seemingly harmless answer shocks them. It is both plain and true.

So what i miss most is “normal”, pure, a socially acceptable, and not darkly erotic. It is however deeply personal and intimate. The conversations over coffee, stealing away into the sun for an hour or two. And how she curls up with, next to, or on me.

And i know those are things she does for me because i like and in many ways truly need them.


This Post is the sixth post of the “Last Incantations

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