My Johnny Carson Period 3

My Johnny Carson Period


For those of us old and American enough to remember Johnny Carson. For those not he was the late night TV king in America for decades. And like many old men he had become stale, predictable, and out dated trading on the past right up until the point that he decided to quit.  And in those last months he gave no fucks, did bits he liked. Had on the guests he wanted and broke from his own mold.


It was brilliant and highly entertaining.  In the end he had found new fans who were sad to see him go. I have entered my “Johnny Carson Syndrome” period.  


For a few years i’ve been censoring myself. Writing more journals than posts because i might upset this person or that.  Not publishing things because of this or that bull shit reason.


So i have decided to be done with my past, once and for all. To say what i think and feel not with malice or to cause harm but because it is actually what i think and feel. Besides most of it is funny. And all of it will be a true look inside the electric circus that is my life.


And if you don’t like it? Fuck you!


Ladies and Gentlemen the ride has left the station. Please hold on to the bar.

This post is number 5 of the “Last Incantations”

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