Beat Red 13

Poking the Bear gets You Paddled on the Bare

Alice was bent over for a real paddling over her jeans with a heavy wooden implement.


real paddling over jeans 2

After being positioned and patted to know what was coming The board was drawn back.

real paddling over jeans 4

10 swats at full force with the big red paddle then showing off her bottom.

real paddling over jeans 3

then pulling them back up and bending back over for 10 more.

Poking the Bear gets You Paddled on the Bare

As she danced around filled with Endorphins and floating she wiggled her paddled butt at Mal one too many times. Poking the bear got her bent back over and paddled just as hard as before on the bare. Until she was beat red and calling out RED.


Sinful Sunday

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