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“I don’t care if your world is ending today
I wasn’t invited to it anyway
You said I tasted famous, so I drew you a heart
But now I’m not an artist I’m a fucking work of art”

(s)AINT – By Marilyn Manson

Nude Self Portait of Male done in an oil painting effect

As a rule I see my self as an artist, a creator, and anything but the art itself.

I struggle to be the creation, the subject, the exhibition,

This meme forces me to challenge that vision

Male Nude in Gray Scale

This shoot started out as an attempt to shoot a series that featured me, and my body

in poses I had seen created by female models (bloggers, photographers, etc) over the summer months of 2017

To see what happened to my very male form.

Male Model Shot to nude and ini a way to appear to have an hour glass shape

It was not a way to challenge gender, simply to see the outcome.

Could they be Sexy, Seductive poses for a Man

And I learned that at the correct angle my broad shoulders and narrow hips

can have a little bit of an  hour glass shape

when I’m the fucking work of art


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