Sweet as Candy 3

“Come ‘ere Sugar.” Her soft deep sultry voice was as hypnotic as her tits were as they all but fell out of the skimpy outfit she was wearing. She walked toward the bedroom, her flesh glistened in the light with a few sparkles from the body glitter. The scent of coco butter hung in the air as she stood in the doorway waiting for me to get off the chair. “”Come on Sugar, let me help you forget all your worries and what’s going on. Let Candy help you take you feel extra good like a real man.”

I met Candy, or more accurately she met me at the hotel lobby bar. Her thick island accent seduced my mind as her mahogany flesh tempted me with exotic delight. I had come on business and was in desperate need of some pleasure now, and Candy knew exactly how to push the right buttons to make me want to spend my evening with her being a part of it. We had a drink together as we negotiated, she was firm on her position and I knew fair trade when I saw it. One hundred American per hour, no tying her up or leaving scars.

“How much for all night?”

It was already late as she looked around the bar.

Five hundred and you buy me breakfast when we wake up. How about that Sugar?’

I hesitated for a minute. She tipped my face toward her and gave me a kiss as her hand stroked up my leg. It seemed like a moment before we were in my room. I placed the money on the table as she locked the door.

She walked to me and unzipped my pants pulling out my cock and stroking it till I was erect. Her nimble hands felt so good.

“Stop or you are going to make me cum!” I moaned

She smiled as she stroked me off. “Sugar I told you I will make you feel like a man, I am just getting this first tension off. Don’t worry, there is much more to come baby.”

As if on cue my body jerked and I shot my load, it landed on her arm. The white a stark contrast to her soft skin. As she finished the last few strokes I smiled.

“Now that I have taken the pressure off your other brain you want me all night or is that enough? I stood and kissed her deep and passionately. No warning as I ran my hand up her thigh as I found her wet pussy. My fingers rubbing her and massaging her clit. It only took a moment before she started to moan. I held her as I just let my fingers work her wetness. Her body stiffened as she gripped my back. Her nails threatening to shred the shirt I was wearing. She let out an animalistic howl as she shuddered and shook. As I held her I put my hand under her chin and lifted her face toward mine. Her eyes were filled with lust, matching my own desire. As she started to relax she let go.

“MMM Sugar. It had been a while since I have been with a man that had magic fingers and took care of my wants. Let’s see how long you can last.”

She walked toward the bedroom and turned “Come ‘ere Sugar.”

I followed her as she turned to look around the room I pushed her onto the bed, her legs still on the floor and I held her in place with my hands on her knees. Kissing up on leg then the other higher and higher till I could smell her sweet sexy musk. She was Candy indeed as my tongue ran across her sweet outer lips. Her hands grabbed my head as she pushed me back for a moment.

“Sugar,” She said catching her breath “I’m here to take care of you.”

I smiled “This is just part of what I want Candy so relax and let me enjoy.”

She sighed and laid back, pulling her skirt up higher so she could spread her legs open more. Used a pillow so she could look down and see me as I placed on hand on the side of my head. She understood and both of her hands guided me as I started licking and kissing her sweet pussy. My fingers spreading her lips open as I worked her clit with my tongue. Fingering her wet opening as she gasped when I sucked and nibbled on her clit. My low growls started and I could feel her tense and her grip tightened. I stopped as looked up.

“Show me what you like Candy.”

She pushed my head back down, she cooed and whimpered as my tongue and fingers worked together. Suddenly she bucked off the bed for a moment and her legs locked tight around my head. Her hands let go as she clawed the sheets and reverted to a language I don’t know but the meaning was understood. I kept my tongue working as best I could my head caught in her grip. A flood of her juices covered my face and I could feel them dripping from my chin as I was feasting off her raw primal energy. It was heavenly bringing her so much pleasure. Breathing was difficult as my tongue kept working her clit over, her strong legs held me in place. For a moment I felt panic but then if this was how I was to go out what a way to go indeed. When she forced me off I was dizzy and seeing spots. Her body still writhing and squirming on the bed as she was starting to recover.

Breathlessly she muttered something that made me smile

“Sugar you are the devil with that tongue, you could make a woman fall in love with it.”


To be continued…



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