Sweet as Candy part 2 6

Candy caught her breath and stepped out onto the veranda for a quick smoke. Her naked body shimmered luminously in the lights of the city. I admired her free spirit as I joined her while still wearing my pants. She looked down and smiled as she exhaled through her nostrils making her seem more like a dragon lady that was hungry to devour me.

“You know that no one can see us from here right? Plus if they do I doubt they would protest seeing both of us naked together Sugar”

I could feel my face grow flush as I took her words as a recommendation and let my pants fall to the concrete balcony floor. The cool breezes ran across my naked flesh as it was refreshing as well as exciting. It wasn’t long before I felt my cock standing up ready for more. Walking up behind Candy I put my arms on either side of her and held onto the rail my cock pressing against her supple body. Her soft moan of approval as I pushed her legs apart with my foot and my hard shaft slid between her legs. I could feel how wet she was as I slowly rocked my hips her legs now back together trapping my cock in place.

The world seemed to disappear as I just rocked with her trapping my cock between her legs. She shifted her position and leaned forward I could feel the lips of her pussy teasing the head of my cock with each movement. Her moans grew as I kept hitting her clit suddenly she shook and moaned loudly. Her bucking shifted me enough to feel my cock just at the opening of her soaked pussy. Slipping the head in, she just leaned over and bit my arm and pushed back into me. In a few pumps I was driving deep in her. Looking down as the moonlight accented the differences of our flesh. I let loose of the rail and grabbed her hips, her body shook with each thrust as I rode her hard. I was getting even more excited by the slapping sound of our bodies in the night air as sweat poured off my flesh. I could feel my own orgasm start to build again. My cock swelling as I was about to flood her body with my hot cum.

Suddenly a white flash and a loud buzzing sound.

“Ok he is coming around, it looks like the test was successful.” Said a woman nearby

“Sir can you hear me?” a male voice loudly said “Sir can you hear me, if so shake your head.”

I was disoriented and very confused. Bright white lights glared down from overhead. A hand shook my shoulder as the sight and sound came pouring back in.

“His vital signs are elevated but it seems like he is otherwise doing excellent.“ another voice from across the room announced

“Sir, lieutenant, can you hear me.”

“Yeah sure, I can hear you.” my voice sounded so different now.

“How was it sir? Did you really go there? What was it like?” The woman asked in rapid fire questions.

“Give him some time, we didn’t even know if we could send his consciousness like that.”

“Yes Doctor.”

A few minutes passed as the doctor just watched. Finally he reached out. I jumped for a moment. His long thin fingers unnatural for the form I was just in. he pushed a butting and suddenly there was a release of pressure.

“So now that you should be somewhat adjusted how was it? Was the link a success?”

“Doc, It was like being there for real. I could feel everything.”

“And how long were you there for?”

“Days I think, I was on something called a business trip.”

“Did you meet up and breed with a female?”

“I was about to before you pulled me back. They are very different in how they procreate, the females exchange currency with the males for the opportunity to produce offspring. I found it exhilarating but disturbing at the same time.”

As they walked down the hall they talked about more of what the Lieutenant had learned.

“Really? You kidding me?”

“No sire, they like to outside in special breeding coves. They don’t mate indoors, I promise every living areas I saw had a place for them to go outside and mate. It must have something to do with the moon needing to shine on their flesh or something.”

“Well it sounds like a more interesting trip than going to one of the hologram rooms here.”

They both laughed.

“You got that right Doc…”

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