Grudge Fuck Saturday 4

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Grudge Fuck Saturday


I had arrived home late on a Thursday night. The necessary background to this tale is there were roughly 24 hours earlier that week spent doing wonderful and kinky things with the Temptress.  For the 10 days prior to that though the Blonde had literally paid no attention to me sexually or otherwise.  Whether intentional or not is a matter of perspective. 



After the fact and a nice welcome home with lovely sensual sex a few nights later after a few days of being persona non grada after a few glasses of wine and being out with friends she curled up against me and woke me for sex.


Frankly i have grown tired of sex being a late at night after thought and even more so of always being on her terms and her preferred manner.


I was not in the mood to be accommodating,  i didn’t want to “make love” a term i despise more than most others. If we were going to do anything i was simply going to fuck her without all the other pleasantries.  My hand reached between her legs. They went from slightly apart to closed tightly. A common non verbal signal she would like other attention paid to her.


The room pitch dark, she was naked and i was not. That night no sex was perfectly fine by me.  So as i moved my hand up the top edge of her closed thighs to the spot where the day old stubble of pubes ened there must have been somthing in my touch or lack there of or my gaze even in the black of the night that indicated my intention or lack there of.  


The stand off lasted a moment maybe two before she arched her back and opened her legs urging my hand back towards her pussy.  

Before she could, purr, moan, or make a request two fingers had passed between her lips and plunged their entire length into her with put any preparation, pomp or circumstance. A slight scream escaped her lips part in pain, as she was not overly wet and part in surprise. For five pumps in and out of her later though lack of wetness was not a problem. So i added a third thick finger with in a minute or two as my knuckles pounded against her and my fingers filled her pussy over and over again.


She tried to kiss me. I denied her. And instead pinched her nipple as cruelly as i could until she stoped and turned her head away. Moaning in pain, moaning in pleasure, knowing that while certianly not the encounter she had in mind it was the one she was having.


I looked at the clock and then went back to fingering her roughly. No pauses, no playing with pace or depth, no consideration of clitoral stimulation other than when my knuckles crashed into it with each rough insertion.  


Seven minutes later while catching her breath after an small orgasm i would readjust my body postion. A knee on each side of her head and put my mostly hard cock in her mouth. Using it solely for my pleasure as i fucked her mouth, my pace, my depth. She was a receptacle of my lust nothing more.


She tried hard to suck me off as my hips pumped into her face, and many times it may have worked but having had a few orgasms in the days before, and  additionally having cum massively hard twice more earlier in the week allowed me total control.  I was not going to orgasm until i was completely ready…and i was not even close.


Once again i would reposition myself and on the first thrust drive balls deep into her absolutely soaked pussy.  The next little while i would spend fucking her hard and deep. Cock buried inside her., legs spread wide, then leg pinned back, the closed and pinned back. She would moan, and arch, beg with body language and sounds for me to change how i was fucking her, to do so in a way thar she would be able to get off on.  


I could feel her desperation to cum building. And know her well enough to be intentionally denying her, no attention to her breasts, even a little would have put her in to ecstasy.  No clitoral stimulation, not a hand on her ass, not even a kiss, a nibble, or a wispher. No hints at my only pleasure just a hard cock in a wet now well fucked pussy.

“Make me cum” she  finally pleaded. “MAKE YOURSELF CUM” i growled back. This is not part of our game, it is not an answer i had ever given her before. I could feel her embarrassment in the silence. I did not care and continued to drive my cock deep inside of her, to the very edge of the tip out and back in again.

“Please” she asked. I remained silent and according to the green light on the clock a minute later she had a her hand on her clit, rubbing furiously and in a matter of seconds moaning quite loudly in orgasm. It did strike me how badly she needed the release and how ibtense it must have been. She is usually much more on the quiet side.

She would become greedy and rub her self off to powerful orgasms several more times in the next few minutes. Each one soaking the sheets and my cock even more.  Releasing her legs i pulled out, grabbed the towel from  the night stand unceremoniously wiping down her thighs and cunt then with one deft motion and a hand on her hip “helped” her into a face down, legs spread insanely wide ass up postion. I guided her one hand to her pussy “no” she murmured, and then pinned the other to her lower back.

Three pumps in and i withdrew,  dried her sopping wet pussy again and my cock then began fucking her in earnest, hips slamming off her ass, my thumb toyed with her exposed asshole, pressing onto its surface lightly but never penetrating it.


She would moan, she would plead and she would again lose her inhibitions and make herself cum with the very hand she had pleaed for me to not place on her clit.

Eventually my desire to simply fuck her hard, a deep, and well would satisfy my frustration with how things had been of late and for far too long.

Sweat running down her back, both of us panting, and nearing exhaustion i would wipe her dry and reposition her one last time. Still face down, arms by her sides, legs together ass pressed back toward her heels.

So tight, so much friction, this time my thumb pressed inside her ass, my cock againg sliding through her. She was squeezing it with everything she had. A few moments later i would explode inside if her, it would trigger her to one last orgasm of the night.

Slowly pulling out and collasping on the bed she curled up next to me. We slept that way for the first time in over 18 months. Intertwined and perhaps only a handful of times in the past 3 years had we been even remotely close to touching during our slumber.

It was  unexpected and the perfect ending to the hardest grudge fuck with her i can remember.Matrurbation Monday Meme Banner

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  • May

    Wow that was a hot fuck – i love to be fucked – making love dosn’t really work for me

  • Kayla Lords

    One of my kinks is to be used with little thought to my own wants and needs so from that perspective, this was very erotic to me. That being said, I can imagine not really caring about the other person’s needs when they haven’t considered yours in a long time and having that grudge feeling..and yet, from the ending, it seems you both got something you needed from the entire experience.

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