Final Report 8

The room was little more than a place to sit for the one giving the report. The bluish light was a reminder he was back home on the system spinning around the blue dwarf. Klax sighed as he took his spot. Debriefing was never pleasant. He could feel the probe connect to his nervous system as the information was extracted. It was all he could do to sit as still through the stinging feeling as the “painless” system generated a report from the scout. Of course it was always broad strokes, the fine details Klax would have to fill in in just a few minutes. Now the part he hated the most.

The wall in front of Klax lit up as his head felt like a swarm of angry bees was unleashed in it. He could hear the questions form in his head from the council as they wanted to know more about this distant world.

“Yes I was able to successfully intergrade into their neural system, they have barely tapped into their potential so I was able to also retain the subject’s memories. I was able to proceed as he would have normally and observe their interactions undetected. “

“Yes they have two genders for procreation. That took a bit of getting used to. Apparently they have some form of trade and barter system between the genders. Or possibility a ritual they preform before engaged in the act.”

“Yes I was able to engage with one from the opposite gender that I inhabited and begin the act. I was recalled before completion so I do not have data on the end result.”

“I was able to learn and perform the act through their vast in depth information system. They call it the internet, and archaic digital storage and information exchange system.”

“No I only had time to explore a basic exchange, the currency I gave to the female was for a single engagement. There appears to be a much more advanced ceremony called a weeding or wedding where the male makes a contract to give over his earnings to a female for the ability to have her as an exclusive partner”

“No I said they might possibly have different flavors. I did not have a chance to taste each type. I assumed that they have what they call vanilla chocolate and cinnamon flavored flesh. That was a mere random thought and observation. That being said I was able to bring pleasure to the one female with what they refer to “eating out”, though no flesh is consumed. I found it very intriguing and would have liked more time to explore the act further.”

“No I do not think it is required for their procreation, rather it is just for pleasure.”

“Yes I believe they would make an excellent breeding stock, they are obsessed with the act of mating, like I said their data was extensive on the act and different styles of mating.”

“I doubt they would make a good labor force, they are susceptible to various forms of common radiation. Their physical and mental capacity are substandard for the universal academy standards. Though they could be trained for some of the lower tasks. Also they require vast amounts of rest.”

“My final recommendation? I thought there were going to be more studies.”

“I see, then my final recommendation is a harvest and keep a breeding stock population on the home world. It would also be a place of leisure being able to slip into their form and experiencing their mating practices.”

The screen darkened and a door appeared. Klax exited and Doc was waiting. Klax looked toward his longtime friend the Doc.

“How did it go?”

“Like I kind of expected. Do you think they will let me keep a pair as pets?”

“Why would you want to?”

“Don’t tell anyone but I really kind of enjoyed their mating practice.”

“Ah I see, but we stopped doing that over five thousand years ago, look at how far we have come. Oh did I tell you they need a new medic for the exploration team to the far side of that galaxy?”

“No you didn’t Doc. Are you going?”

“Oh no, it is much too dangerous for one of us immortals to go. Just because we can live forever doesn’t mean we can’t be killed. I presented a case that you and I could have an offspring that would carry both the explorer and medical genes.”

“So what did they say?”

“For us to report to the creating lab as soon as you were done with your debriefing. I’m so excited, this is the first time genes have been crossed in a millennium, aren’t you excited?”

“Yeah Doc.” Klax said trying to hold back his disappointment about the debriefing.

They walked to the wing of the building as Doc rambled on about his excitement of being included in the exploration program. As they got to the lab a panel flipped down. Each of them put their hand on the appropriate place. A quick stab and it was over. A warning appeared that mixing of different genetic level types would result in an inferior reproduction. Doc typed in a security code a couple minutes later a whirling sound and a door slid open. Out walked a fully formed being.

“Hello” Doc said as he checked a few reading on the board.

“Hello, I am Laxdo, I am ready to begin my mission.”

Klax kept his thoughts to himself. This defiantly was not as pleasurable as the inferior species he had just doomed. A pang of regret hit him as they walked down the all toward the mission room…


Tom felt like he was in a dream starting to wake up, the beautiful woman he was having sex with wouldn’t have been his first choice but she felt amazing, in fact he was about to…

“OH MY GOD!” then a loud yell.

Tom release a torrent of cum deep into the woman and pumped into her till every drop had ben milked from his cock and balls. He let loose of her and felt his head swimming as he knew he would wake up any minute now.

“Oh Sugar I normally don’t let men fill m like that. I hope you don’t mind but I will defiantly have to charge you for that.”

“Charge me!” Tom laughed

Any minute he knew he would wake up, this was all a wonderful dream but the woman just kept looking at him her face now starting to turn into worry.

“Are you feeling Okay Sugar? You’re not looking so good.”

Tom felt a wave of nausea growing.

“This isn’t a dream?”

“Sugar this isn’t a dream, but don’t feel bad a lot of men have regrets after they spend time with a professional. Did you have a wife or girlfriend that you were trying to not think about?”

Tom remembered his wife and their four kids.

“What have I done?”

“Sugar you just had a good time, no need to get upset. Let’s just let that accident at the end be water under the bridge. Okay?”

Tom got up and walked toward the balcony, he could feel the cool night air caressing his skin. He closed his eyes and tried to relax. Suddenly the wind was rushing by.

Back in the bathroom the green light blinked. The beautiful woman pressed it as she slipped into a shirt.

“Report!” came a harsh voice from the glass

“Everything is fine here. No need for worry.”

“Will the, what is it called? Ah yes human be a problem?”

“No problem, he is sleeping and has no memory of the events at all.”

“Excellent we will be by to pick you up on the roof in the morning. Out!”

She walked to the balcony and looked down, twenty floors below there was a bent and twisted figure lying on the pavement with people gathered around as the rescue crew arrived. She smiled and carefully avoided stepping on the anit-gravity plate she used to dispose of him. She picked up his car keys he left on the table.

“One more night of enjoying this form, I know just the bar to go to…”

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