How to Ensure an Intense Experience in 5 Easy Steps

CMNF bedroom punishment caning

How to ensure an intense experience

  1. Take what was an impromptu bonus trip out of no where. One where the Top was planning fun and playful play and then poke the proverbial bear…repeatedly.
  2. Tell me  in various ways including a video link you are not afraid and do so in an open forum.
  3. Do that after asking for new hitty things and then all but dare me to “REALLY” use them on you. Again in a public way.
  4. Offer “payment” in various forms.
  5. Add videos of joyful bouncing on a ball when given details of the nee implements.

So in Top logic it is only fair to make sure that person knows what they have earned will be VERY memorable.  She was aleady going to get spanked…left sore, and marked. Which is fine, normal, and routine and desired by her really.  

However now it will be much, much more sore for far, far, longer, it is really going to hurt during, after and in a lingering way. It may very well sting; a lot. Like a swarm of bees. And the marks. And there bill be many will last and be a nice memory of how to ensure a good hard long session.

What that individual should ask herself in earnest is what besides her bottom will get beat this way, beyond a beating what else is in store for her body, and mind.  

And of course there is the matter of was it her mouth or her hands that got her into this mess? Maybe both really so maybe both need some “special” attention.

A friend recently made a reference to her poking the bear. And she could not resist doing so.  

Really it is just a case of becareful what you wish for because you might just get it. And  a whole lot more than a little and more than once.

Anyone who has been spanked again the following day on an already thoroughly thrashed bottom might want to offer her some solace, or condolences. Either way she has earned what is coming.


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