A Painful Predicament 4

A Painful Predicament.

There is the perfect rope scene performance, there are the high skill artful rope tops and then there is the reality for folks like me.  Rope is about what i am doing with my partner. Not every tie flows perfectly the first time and often i will re do part of something mid scene for safety, function, or other reasons.

This was one of those as the  Sexy Little Temptress had each leg tied into a futomomo.  Not a great one but a functional one. Then drawn back to her chest  exposing her pussy… and more fully to me.  It was a very immodest position I had placed her in.  And it was beautiful to admire as she waited for what was going to happen to her next.   In part with arousal and in part maybe just a hint of trepidation.


This of course can be wonderful fun no matter what but add in a pair of wicked nipple clamps that have been set to an evil level of intensity then tie those cruel little clovers and  the chain they’re attached to off to her legs.  And have it set so a little movement pull and feel like hell. and just a hair of change above that in her legs position will pull them off her nipples without any mercy.

Sure she can move the painful rope on her legs away from her chest to get a little relief. But then she pulls the clamps off.

For a bit of added fun insert her very beloved Lelo, set it to medium and then watch her try to work it in and out of herself with her body motion while the rope bites into her legs and the clamps tugged cruelly on her sensitive and tortured nipples.

It was only the second time i had put her in a predicament scenario. Much as was expected her need to cum won out and she took the pain that required as the first clamp was pulled off. She shook and moaned in release driving the vibe and its clit stimulator to its deepest possible depth inside of her. Rocking her hips front to back and in a circular dor the friction and sensations it caused. The second clamp was taken off by me rapidly and with out warning as she fucked her favorite sex toy by now wildly thrusting her hips as much as her bondage allowed..

She was still so determined no mTter the price and worked her body onto the vibe again and again. Ropes marking her legs, each thrust a bite around every wrap against her delicate skin.  She will take and even  put herself through an extreme amount of pain,  her need to cums always seems to win out.


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