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“And my balls are always bouncing, To the left and to the right. It’s my belief that my big balls should be held every night.


Big Balls by Ac/Dc


And with that sophomoric reference out of the way. Let us begin on my journey of being a weekend commando.


Once upon a time in seedy bars far far away there was a five foot ten kid that weighed maybe 135 pounds in spandex with bad long bleach blonde hair standing on a poorly lit stage every Friday and Saturday night.

Underwear caused several problems, lines in the spandex and something else to have to work around or take off when impromptu sex acts would happen.  And that particular guy got his dick sucked at a world record pace back in those days. Life was good and so began what has been a free ball Friday kind of life.

Eventually that kid found the weight room and evening attire moved to painted on leather (and more BJ’s). It was 1980’s Catholic Girls most redeeming proclivity in my mind.

The next evolution would be skin tight button fly jeans Neither type of trouser were helped or required under garments.

It just became habit that underwear was always optional on weekends.  Today (the day the post was written) is a Friday as I write this. I’m travelling in jeans.  And as free as can be under them. If I have to wear a suit that day boxer briefs get put on until I change, from then on thouh it’s all about freedom.

Now there are exceptions. Yoga and running shorts worn for workouts have a brief style liner built in. Before and after i am full commando. In fact there is a difference between yoga where pretty much every man lacks underwear before and after class and muscle heads at the gym who strut around the locker in their neon athletic boxers.


If i am headed to the ice rink to watch hockey in the late fall or winter i wear long johns under my outer layer. Not really underwear in the traditional sense.

Being commando has advantages…like being able to reply to stupid group texts and snap chats with a dick shot with a minimum of effort.  I am against unsolicited dick pics but consider them a morally valid response to moronic group communications.

And it reduces the amount of laundry which is eco-friendly and what I believe is all underwear should be abandon on weekends. Except if it’s a sexy or slutty pair of panties worn by a female companion for my benefit. In that case fuck the environment.


Being all D/S EEEE about it

Have I told partners to not wear panties on certain occasions? Yes, mostly under skirts and dresses so I had access to them for a variety of reasons without much effort. Most of the time it was pre planned. On occasion it was so baring them for a spanking or to make them more uncomfortable after one. But most often it was for good old fashioned fingering and fucking.



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5 thoughts on “Weekend Commando

    • Malflic Post author

      You have such a great collection of sexy panties there are no complaints here. Besides the come off easily enough and offer you very little protection during a spanking.

  • May

    love my man telling me to go out without knickers – no one knowing except me and him…
    Also always look at men ans try and work out if they are free to roam under their trousers 😉

  • sub-Bee

    And I’m straight back to singing ‘I’m freeeeee, free ballin’ *sigh*

    I do love the feeling of freedom, it must feel so much better when you have junk that’s normally restrained.

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